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  1. Cool ,glad to help
  2. Hi , yes just used couple of pool noodles from Kmart,$3 each, secured to wall with cable ties , and made slits to suit each rod , works good to
  3.][/URL here is a pic of my old rods , sorry I’m not good at posting pics
  4. Hi guys , Am interested to hear , if anyone here , has or still uses old fishing rods , the solid fibreglass type , and old side cast reels ,? There my favourite type of fishing rods , and the sort I grew up with and used on the Edward river , love to see what everyone has in the vintage type rods , or am I the only one who still thinks there great ,
  5. Carp koori

    Hi From Wodonga Victoria

    Thanks guys ,
  6. Carp koori

    Hi From Wodonga Victoria

    Hi guys , Found your site on the web . And excited to read everyone’s posts, I’m born and bred in Deniliquin nsw on the Edward river , fished deni, and mathoura , and werie forest , love fishing , last 5 years haven’t been fishing, due to anxiety and panic disorder, but now want to get back into it again , I love old vintage fishing rods ,mainly old solid glass rods , moved to Wodonga, and gave all my fishing gear away , so now am going to get back into fishing , just trying to find we’re to go fishing in Albury ,Wodonga area , if anyone can help , would be great , anyway hope to learn a few things from everyone, regards jason
  7. Carp koori

    Carp koori

  8. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!