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  1. Hi there, When last was the prop removed and has it got signed of corrosion around the brass sleeve under the nut you took off. If the prop has been removed a while ago one can persuade it with a rubber mallet by hitting it quite hard at the base of the blade, this sometimes allows it to loosen and then slide off tightly. If that does not work and the Lilly does then great. Props that have been on for long periods often result in having to be cut off. However I have found a product in S.A. called corrosion block that we apply to the top of the prop for a day or two and on regular basis tap it with the mallet and hey Presto. It a Canadian product and I am sure you guys must have it there. Use the corrosion block grease after cleaning the shaft to coat it before putting it back. Hope this helps
  2. Sorry only saw this today, did you manage to correct the problem. If not I can give you a helping hand as we deal with loads of these problems on johnson evinrude motors.
  3. Good day to You, The name is Rob and unfortunately I have been off line for a bit due to work commitments but came across your question. In South Africa that bracket is known as a steering pivot shaft collar it's the unit that attaches to the actual pivot shaft by means of two nuts size m14 metric. A good suggestion is to get a good stainless steel person to make you one as that will never suffer the fate yours has. However I will recommend that you check your hydraulic units slide that it's is moving correctly when the steering is being used and also when the motor tilts that it is not putting pressure on the collar resulting in that failure. Hope this helps. Good boating and right lines
  4. Thanks for the comment and yes it will be great to get to Aus and catch some of your great fish too. The one on the scale is known as a black mussel cracker here in S A it's an extremely powerful fish and can get very large up to 50 plus kilograms. That one in the picture is 38kgs. Have been off line for a bit so sorry for getting back to you so late. Tight lines
  5. No, the sensors should be well priced in Aus. But here in S.A. they are to say the least very expensive. I looked up your prices on the suzuki forum and they are amazingly cheap. However I do believe you are sorted and the issue is history. All you need to do is fish and fish. Enjoy your boating
  6. Well I am very happy to hear that the sensor is now correct. I don't mean to sound like I am doom and gloom but was the motor idled under load in other words in water or just with a hose pipe. I have just completed a job on a 175 suzuki today and experienced the same symptoms and did a similar process as your techs. Once tested on the water it was A1 good to go. So just a tip that we use here, is once you have launched and before venturing out take it for a run by ensuring it's firstly at temperature (running) and then take it from zero to hero for 2 minutes and repeat twice. Bring it back to idle as Fast as you can and then idle for 5 minutes should the motor run true thumbs up but if it drops it's revs and comes back after a short time you will need to have the sensor replaced. However I trust they have got it right and going after those fish sounds awesome. Hope you catch loads. Tight lines
  7. This should be an easy fix and with the systems we have we can do that via the computer. It's a little complicated to explain how but if the have the tech equipment should happen quickly. As for the fuel filters I am not sure if yours are still the paper ones or plastic. Will research the Aus motors and get back to you. Hope they get it right
  8. Hi guys, this motor issue has been niggling at me all this time and being a mechanic have gone and researched this issue. 1. The dying of the motor is normally the result of an over sensitive air sensor that regulates the fuel flow from high to low revs. 2. The high pressure fuel filter can also result in the problem should it not have been replaced, alternatively the vaporizer has not been bled properly. 3. The oil change that has been done must be reset. This is done at the control box by removing the dead man's switch and turning the key on (Not start just on ). Then within 3 seconds you need to pull the dead man switch out 3 times and this resets the oil change mechanism. Failure to do this can also result in the symptoms you had. The owners manual will explain that system to you. Hope this helps gents Tight lines
  9. Have to say that here in S.A. we have really ugly seas so very few of us venture out there without twin motor installations. It's frightening some days when both motors work I would hate to know what I would be like travelling back on one motor in our waters
  10. Thanks and I really hope you get the problem sorted as going fishing and then having problems with a motor will make me a very sad man. It will be something very simple I'm are so holding thumbs. Good luck
  11. Hi All, Thanks for the messages and just to let old scaley know that my Son lives in forest Glen on the sunshine coast I think that's right and my daughter lives in Brisbane. Arranging to come over in March next year and hopefully do some good fishing and meet as many of you as possible. Anyway good fishing and right lines
  12. Hi guys, Do your techs have the computer systems for these suzuki's. It is mandatory for them to run the engine with the computer as well as doing a fault check prior to servicing. Anything Barr a few small things will immediately show and they are then logged and fixed. Once this is done the motor must be loaded tested and checked with the computer. All said and done then that information should be logged with suzuki for warranty reasons. Four strokes are pretty much bullet proof but can develop their own issues but the right tech equipment will solve that. If it is a injector that will reflect and can be tested with the computer so just ensure the technicians have all that is needed. Hope this helps Regards Rob
  13. Hi there, my son and daughter live on the gold coast region as far as I can make out. However I will endeavour to find their exact places and let you know. My son is a mad surfer and not sure about his fishing commitments but is married to a durban girl and has blessed me with 2 beautiful grand children. My daughter has married australian lad and again am blessed with a beautiful grand daughter. Who knows one day I may move to Aus and enjoy your country as they do.

    1. Old Scaley

      Old Scaley

      Thanks for that, Robert.. Most members here are just up the road from the Gold Coast so if you are ever here on a visit I am sure one or more of us would be more than happy to take you out for a fish. 

      I know how hard it is having kids living overseas. I have a daughter in Canada and a son in Vietnam and often wish they were closer. 

      Cheers for now.

  14. q1Ok guys I have finally broken away from work and am listening to Rodriguez cold fact and am now about to upload a lot of photos enjoy and i will caption them in time. They include the misses that has been selective in what is portrayed. There are a variety and it is going to take time to list all, please bear with me
  15. Hi ellicat, This fish is known as a cob or salmon in S.A. and is caught at deep sea, salt water rivers as well as estuaries mainly caught on artificial lures in rivers and bait known as chokka and sardine combination. Great fighting fish in shallow water. Back to work Will chat again