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  1. Cheers luvit. I'll hit that FB link up for sure. I have been using zerek 115g sinking stick baits. Numerous 4-5 inch softbaits on a 1/2 ,5/8 jigheads. Damiki metals. I might go down to bcf and pick me up a popper for something different. I will definitely be putting in the hours to get one of them over the next few months. Thanks for the help..
  2. Hey Chris. I start at the measured mile and jig all the beacons on the way until I have a variety of 20 baits or so.. The bigger the livey the better. I like to keep a half bucket of small baitfish to start cubing when the current starts dropping off also..Good luck.
  3. Thanks drop bear. Great thread. I've tried all of those methods with no luck. Maybe I just need to persevere. As for the Kingis and Cobia mate. I set 4 rods out with a variety of livebaits out. Yakkas,slimys,herring,pike, and garfish. Fish 50lb braid and 100lb leader. Fish any lighter and you will get smoked. I lost my first 10 fish because of that. The kingis are experts on getting you to the wreck or reef. Tides are the key. I like 1hour before and after the tide. Slack tide has been very successful for me. Can't decide whether I like high or low tide the best yet. Catch them on both. Anytime of day. Prefer days that are close to the new moon. As for location I have spots from tangalooma up to comboyuro point. Patience is important. Some days I may only get 1 shot at the school after fishing the whole day. But have had multiple quadruple, triple,and double strikes.. Hope these tips help.
  4. Cheers guys I'll try search for some threads. Trying to work my way around this site. Next trip I will prob try a small livebait , small circle hook. Light fluorocarbon. 100 metres out the back of the boat and try slow trolling it around the school. See how I go.
  5. Hi guys I'm new to this site. I have a 4.3m allycraft with a 50hp on the back. I've been fishing the northern bay for the last 4 months with great success. Plenty of big kingfish, jewfish,snapper,spanish mackerel, and managed a 30kg cobia last week. One fish I haven't managed to figure out yet is the longtail tuna. I've tried casting numerous softbaits,stickbaits, metals in all sizes but haven't managed a bite. Can anyone share any tips with me on how to catch these timid fish? I'm thinking they may be feeding on very small baitfish and that's why I'm not getting any bites..I may need to wait to a different time of year when they start feeding on bigger baitfish.
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