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  1. Hi Milpool That was my main issue as well, plus less chance of some light fingered thief nicking it from the roof racks when stopped while traveling. With kids stopping for a bite to eat goes from being 15mins to well over an hour most times, that's more than enough time for someone to underdo or just cut the ties and walk off with a rod. Mean's I can leave it all in a fishing rucksack in the garage if we go to the beach then just throw the rucksack in the boot. Kids can have a swim at Brighton Beach or we can go for a fish off the pier. I will let you know how it goes in Mid-Jan after it has had a good two week work out on holidays The Spook
  2. Hi Thank you MSB and Benno for the information, as the kids already have their cheaper bash and smash Rods. I decided to pop into the BCF weekend sale managed to pick up a Raider Travel Rod 2-4kg and 2500 Sienna reel cost me around $140, it packs down small enough to fit in the top of the roof pod and backpack. I will most likely find a small hard case to keep it protected when traveling. Now to decide on braid , leader, soft plastics and a landing net! Where is that search key... I will grab an ugly stik as well at some stage for bait fishing, but at the moment not enough funds for both.
  3. Hi I have read around a bit on this and another forum looking for a rod and reel combo for fishing on holidays. It will mostly be used in East Gippsland around Paynesville area for land based fishing of Flathead and Bream. Kids would like to do a little fishing on our summer holidays, I thought why not get something so I can join in as well. I haven't had a chance to fish since I was a kid. May also have the use of a kayak for fishing as well. My ideal rod would be 7ft /2.13m 2-5kg travel rod paired with 2500 reel as a decent allrounder. I would prefer a travel rod as driving to holiday destinations with a wife and two kids in a 2 door hatchback doesn't leave a lot of room, also means I can pack the rod and reel when visiting the grandparents in Tassie when we fly. My choices have also been limited by looking for something that is tough and can take some abuse. In all likely hood a pure graphite rod is going to get too many bumps and fail pretty quickly when trying to fish with two youngish children. Ugly Stik Rods seem to have a reputation of surviving some rougher treatment. I am a realistic parent as I'm sure the fishing rod will be used as a light sabre as soon as my back is turned . As with all things in life it will be a compromise solution, otherwise I would just buy a Shimano Raider Travel Rod or a Pfluger Transcendent travel rod. With the Ugly Stik been a bit tougher I may be able to get away with a two piece rod and manage to squeeze this into the roof pod on top of the car. When the kids get older and a bit more responsible then I can look to upgrade the gear if we all still enjoy fishing together. I'm looking at the following: SHAKESPEARE UGLY STIK GOLD Travel Rod 6'6''/195cm, 3-6kg line weight, 4 piece Action : Light/Medium - price around AUD $100 SHAKESPEARE UGLY STIK GOLD Spin Rod 7'0' / 210cm , 2-4kg line weight, 2 piece Action : Light - price around AUD $80 Could either of these rods be used with soft plastics or will these be just bait only rods? Would these be usable for my intended use of land based fishing with maybe some kayak fishing as well. ? If anyone has used either of these and has some feedback on them in use it would be fantastic. Thank You all for helping a novice out in advance. Regards The Spook.
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