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  1. Thanks so much Benno. We are chasing muddies. Much sweeter! We might try Deep Water Bend. Ohh thanks on the fisheries officer tip. Might better label our floats. Yeah looking forward to better catch next time
  2. I have been crabbing every day in Scarborough. Off the jetty you can go out to the mangroves. I don't know what the area is called but you go under the main bridge connecting Scarborugh to Brissie. Anyway, we've dropped 6 pots 3 days in a row and literally caught nothing. We caught an eel, some toadies, two crabs that we had to throw back and we use to pull a few decent size crabs per pot. Our pots haven't changed, our bait is the same, but we are getting nothing. Is crabbing seasonal? Are areas suddenly been totally fished out? It's only a difference of a few months though since we last went out. Any tips?
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