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  1. Thanks mate, for the feedback I have mapped out a few areas and will be doing exactly this just been waiting for this wind to die down and this weekend looks ok for some exploring. Can the flats be fished in the low tide at all? By fishing the drop offs or really i should be focusing the efforts just on the incoming / higher tides.
  2. Hey All, I just moved up from Sydney to Victoria Point and keen to unpack the gear and get back into fishing, back in Sydney I mostly fished fresh water but grew up fishing salt and wondering if anyone can give me any tips on local areas where i can start exploring all a meet up to tag along. I have only fished with lures over the years and been itching over the last 10 days to get back on the water as use to fish every day back in SYD. I have a kayak as well but no boat ATM. Thanks Bryce
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