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  1. Huffy26

    south queensland NPD

    Cheers drop bear. Is there other dams that you recommend to fish? Electric only is definitely a down side for me personally.
  2. Huffy26

    south queensland NPD

    Thank you!
  3. Huffy26

    south queensland NPD

    Hey guys and gals, normally fish maroon dam but I would like to give north pine dam a go. Some friendly advice would be great. Is t a school style dam? Fish the edges?? Any advice would be great. Thank you! P.s have finally caught my first bass Am officially addicted also wanna know what permit is required please
  4. Huffy26

    south queensland Tin Can Bay

    Cheers mate. I got onto some bream while I was there. Lots of people catching jack there at the moment but unfortunately I left that rod at home
  5. Huffy26

    south queensland Tin Can Bay

    Hey guys. Up at tin can bay visiting my family. Been pumping yabbies and using soft plastics. Not having to much luck. Any expericance or advice would be great. Hi tide today is at 1pm. And knowledge would be great. Cheers Daniel.
  6. Huffy26

    south queensland Twin Bridges

    Yeah mate it was a beautiful morning. Water was perfectly flat. No wind at all. I was using 10lb clear mono line with a surface lure that I was casting in shaded areas. I also had a 20lb mono line with a 1/4oz spinner bait I was throwing beside fallen trees and snags.
  7. Huffy26

    south queensland Twin Bridges

    Hi drop bear. Its out at Fernvale. There was just mullet jumping around everywhere. Was there from 5 till 8 caught nothing. Still yet to catch my first bass.
  8. Huffy26

    south queensland Twin Bridges

    Has anyone been out at twin bridges at all recently? Heading out there tomorrow at 4am for a flick in the yak. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
  9. Huffy26


  10. Hey guys. Went to colleges crossing and also to the kholo bridge. Used a handful of different lures. Range between diving and service lures and had zero luck. I want to try the kholo botanical gardens and out at Fernvale. Has anyone has luck land base fishing in these locations? I’m fishing between 4:30-6:30 In the afternoons. I won’t be throwing in the towel anytime soon just curious if anyone has had any luck. Cheers Daniel
  11. Huffy26

    south queensland Learning To Fish For Bass

    Go towards Ipswich way? Kholo bridge ect ect?
  12. Hey guys, just joined the group yesterday. I’ve been doing lots of reading on google on the best ways/locations/lures to catch the amazing Australian bass. I’m located in camira and have to do all of my fishing from land. Looking to buy a kayak very soon. Any locations/pointers or just little tips to help me out would be greatly appreciated. Zero idea where to go looking for them.
  13. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!