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  1. Marris

    Advice to deckies spots

    Yes, as I had travelled 200k, I stuck it out. Will admit I was fairly silent most of the time. However as stated, I have had many good deckies, glad I haven't based judgement on one bad experience.
  2. Marris

    Advice to deckies spots

    Over the years I have had many good deckys, one who will never be invited again. He asked me to take him, claimed to be a gun fisherman. Our 4 o'clock start turned into 6 o'clock, didn't have any gear, so got some at a servo. Got the most expensive stuff on the display. When I went to pay for fuel, he told the chick I would get the bill, and he also got a burger. Ouch. Insisted on using my $800 reel, bird nesting to the point of cutting of most of the line. Did manage to get a couple of snapper.. Got home about 6 o'clock that night, and while I was cleaning the boat, he started cleaning the fish. Turns out, he cleaned all the best fish, "his share"? And left me the uncleaned rock cod, hering and wrasse, and $20. As he claimed to be a good decky with plenty of invites, I expected him to have a good idea what a 140 hp yammy would cost to run for 10 hrs, the $20 would not cover the tackle and breakfast he got, and he kept the tackle. Needless to say I was always too busy to take him again. After talking to other boat owners, turns out he was well known for his stunts. One bad one out of the number I have taken out is fairly good odds I reckon.
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