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  1. Ram horizontal mounts Part#: RAM-109VU I have one of these and it’s made viewing the screen heaps easier and fishing so much easier
  2. Lowrance Live 7” is a great unit and clear images , I have one in my Busta on a ram mount so I can swivel it when fishing They are a great bit of kit, afterpay is your friend if you can stretch your budget a little more
  3. I’m considering the DJI Magic Air , it has 3 collision avoidance sensors I think that will be the extra insurance against my all thumbs pilot skill They are a great bit of kit to check out waterways before launching the boat in new areas.
  4. ABU 10,000CL two speed on a 10’ Guts Butts Ugly , spinning, dead baits and live baiting for over 30years
  5. A dream trip , I would love to do this along the outer reef towing a dory of 5-6m
  6. Mackerel around Coffs Harbour , but it’s always a punt on the winds there. Kings , Salmon and Jews are around in Sydney Harbour around the sow & pigs reef and around the heads if you really like a road trip
  7. I’ve just started planning the refurbishment of the Kevlarcat with a few mates. We should have it done by march and this is on my bucket list as is the islands off Gladstone camping. Looks like a great spot 1770
  8. WAZA

    Diesel Engines

    I 4by around the country and sometimes can’t be too fussy when there is little choice. My advice is to install a second fuel filter and use an additive to be safe. I haven’t had a problem with fuel with this setup. Cheers Waz
  9. Gull Wing derivation Pongrass & a USA mfr went down this road in early 1970 Looks good with the extended chines , makes it compress air and water under the hull. It will ride softer like a Kevlarcat over chop.
  10. People get seasick on carnival cruise ships so hull design is more ride V stability at rest historically for trailer boats. Keep your head up and don’t bend over to study the floor of the boat for too long Try tablets, ginger, grazing anzac cookies and drinking water regularly while out. The more time on the water the more desensitised you will become to seasickness. If it’s the wife that gets crook , then just tell her the bigger the better and get a lot more $$$$ for budget Yes I haven’t helped much , but you could now get the boat you really want Cheers Waz
  11. Absolutely, working on the boat, servicing reels etc is for lousy fishing weather. It floats and moves so use it
  12. That looks great , my boat was fouled and has layering of fouling applied by the previous owner. It looks sh!thouse, so even a matt finish will be a huge improvement.
  13. I am looking forward to seeing the results of the soda blasting Hope it’s turns out a treat Cheers
  14. Great post Definitely get a plumbed live bait tank going asap , that’s my next project on my buster. Cheers Waz