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  1. Gidday Nog. Mate we were up there just before the Australia day weekend for a week and fished the beach and kayaked up the theolodite creek and fished with bait ,lures and soft plastics and did not see a fish up there. The beach was fishing okay on incoming but it was a pretty poor week..I've caught more fish in the Logan river.
  2. Hey there Drop bear.. Yes mate small Spaniard they were feeding just off the beach while the bigger ones were just out of casting distance which is the norm for me. We released all the small ones but there was plenty of nice Dart but the river and creeks were not fishing at all.
  3. Fished Woodgate couple of weeks ago for a week but the fishing was lousy. Few Dart off the beach with flathead and a few small Jack in the Theolodite creek after Kayaking up and down with lures and floppies.Very baron..
  4. Fished Woodgate but not much around. Dart, small Spaniards and flathead. Kayaked up the Theolodite creek and a few small Jack but very quiet. Lot of throw backs...



    1. I have been getting a few of these Jew type fish in the Logan whilst waiting for a shark hit. I think they are called Yellow Jew. Does anybody know?...


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      3. tiotony


        looks like a scaly jew, common in the gulf and we occasionally catch small ones in Cairns:

      4. buzzard


        Thanks for the reply. It looks like they are Scaly Jew. I just came back from fishing at Woodgate and asked around as they catch them there and they referred to them as Scalies. Cheers 

    2. Anybody  fished at Woodgate south of Bundaberg, going there in two weeks and never been there. What is the fishing like?..

      1. Has anyone fished up around Woodgate just South of Bundy. Going in one week and never fished there. Taking Kayak and Diving gear.
      2. This area is down past the Gem hotel about 6 ks and it is a man made rockwall. If you can put up with the tide and snags I have also caught beeam and jewies there. Good luck.
      3. Thanks Ray. I should have posted not to use Tilapia as after speaking to Fisheries I dont use it now but have substituted it with eel fillets..
      4. For live bait I use cat fish up to 8 inches in length or Tilapia. Never fails me. Fish the last couple of hours of the incoming tide...
      5. I have read Logan River Bull sharking. I fish this time of year for bullies and there has been a few of you post in the forum what is the best live bait?. Well I find that while fishing with the second rod for Bream or Jewies you hook a Catfish that is around 8 inches in length is great bait. Live catties never fail me. I did catch a good bullie on prawn last week with my Bream gear but had to ply it for some time as there was no trace and light line. Good luck
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