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  1. To all you Fishers. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year..

    1. ellicat


      Cheers, Buzzard.

      All the best to you too.

  2. This was on my mates 25' boat but I believe they do run charters in that area. Next stop is the 50's off the Gold coast when this bloody wind drops...
  3. Ellicat the rig was a bottom basher Paternoster with about 12inches between sinker and between the two hooks but when there on like this you could use just about anything. There was a medium SOUTH TO NORTH drift .
  4. Here is a mixed bag of fish like Snapper ,sweetlip, tuskies, and pearlies taken about 8 ks off Double Island Point few weeks ago now. Weather was a bit windy but fishable. Used pillies and squid which they gobbled up pretty quickly so you had to be on your toes...
  5. Hey Drop bear..Are the Logan and Albert clubs looking for new members. I have retired and looking for someone to go fishing with..Cheers
  6. I fished Wivenhoe dam over weekend in between the storms we were not supposed to have. Only throw backs were caught and mainly Aussie Bass. We did get some large Redclaw which we cooked up and ate whilst holding the tent on the ground. I am saddened to hear of the Death of the Caretaker chap I was speaking to on Saturday during one of the storms whom passed away in a fire last night on the property. RIP old mate....
  7. Hey all. Has anyone fished Wivenhoe lately and what lures have been used out there. Might go out with my Kayak in 2 weeks as I have been overseas for a while. Great to get some info...Cheers Buzzard
  8. What is the fishing like at Hastings point this time of year. Going down in two weeks..I will take the Kayak as well..Cheers
  9. Has anyone fished the Wivenhoe dam lately. Gonna give it a hit in a couple of weeks..Cheers

    1. Hey Drop Bear. Mate after years in the catering game and Whiting Caprice as a regular menu item people enjoyed the banana and the fish taste together. Have a crack at it mate..
    2. This recipe I used back in my Chef days. You need a Whiting fillet ,flour, bread crumbs, banana and egg wash. Method.. Slice banana in half and place it on the skinless side of the whiting fillet. Coat with flour then place in the egg wash which is a couple of eggs mixed together with a drop of milk added to the eggs. After placing in the egg wash transfer to the bread crumbs with a generous coating then fry in oil of your preference so the fillet is just submerged under the oil. Garnish your plate then drain whiting for a minute then plate up with lemon and a sprinkle of Paprika..Bon Appetito
    3. Gidday all. Have not been around for a while as I had a mild heart attack and had a stent fitted. Thought I was a fit 66 year old but alas it must have been the four foot bull shark that got my heart pumping to quick and the end result of it breaking the trace. I hope to get back to the fishing scene soon..Cheers all 

      1. Gidday Nog. Mate we were up there just before the Australia day weekend for a week and fished the beach and kayaked up the theolodite creek and fished with bait ,lures and soft plastics and did not see a fish up there. The beach was fishing okay on incoming but it was a pretty poor week..I've caught more fish in the Logan river.
      2. Hey there Drop bear.. Yes mate small Spaniard they were feeding just off the beach while the bigger ones were just out of casting distance which is the norm for me. We released all the small ones but there was plenty of nice Dart but the river and creeks were not fishing at all.
      3. Fished Woodgate couple of weeks ago for a week but the fishing was lousy. Few Dart off the beach with flathead and a few small Jack in the Theolodite creek after Kayaking up and down with lures and floppies.Very baron..