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  1. There are some lovely Bay Prawns to be had around the powerlines and towards Rocky point.. About to tuck into some. Plenty for everyone there as all were catching them. Unfortunately there are those on the water that just don't have any manners at all and cast there net right over the top of yours etc. But give it a go anyway.
  2. Fished the area around Jacobs well and Behms creek the weekend ,got a Bream and some Threadies but not much else. Dropped a nice Mangrove Jack so the area is fishing okay. Plenty of mossies and sand flies. Prawns seem to be the best bait and the first 2 hrs of the run in tide. You can get some good bait at the Gem and tackle. Buzzard..
  3. To reply to all those comments.. The shorts even saw a Test match at the Gabba in the 80s..It did taste not to bad ,succulent white flesh similar to a Ling or other Cod like species..When I hooked this fella it did not put up a fight at all as I thought I was dragging in a lump of weed. I know there are some of you elderly gents like me who have fished Whalleys gutter, that's where I caught this bloke plus a couple of Grunter. I am on my way to the Well this weekend.Leaving from Behms creek and try for some flatties or Jacks..Buzzard
  4. This Stargazer I baked on the BBQ and made up a curried prawn sauce as I did not know much about there eating qualities but it did taste pretty good but on its own  a mate said they were a bit rough. 



      Hi buzzard

      Sounds good, I am still yet to catch one but thanks for the advice/opinion. 🙂 

      Cheers Hamish

  5. I thought I would put this up even though it was a number of years ago. I caught this Stargazer while fishing for Flathead where I lived for some 22 years at Jacobs Well. It used to be great fishing there years ago but things have to change. I never heard of anyone catching anything like this since. Cheers Ya'll..
  6. Fishaman that is similar to the haul I got off double island point. Is that a Tailor I see in there?Well done...Buzzard
  7. Fished Peel the Australia day weekend let you fishers know Tuna were on the chew but the men in the grey suits were there also. Lost most of the tuna to bull sharks and the very fast blacktips. Unable to recover much in the way of Longfin tuna..
  8. To all you Fishers. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year..

    1. ellicat


      Cheers, Buzzard.

      All the best to you too.

  9. This was on my mates 25' boat but I believe they do run charters in that area. Next stop is the 50's off the Gold coast when this bloody wind drops...
  10. Ellicat the rig was a bottom basher Paternoster with about 12inches between sinker and between the two hooks but when there on like this you could use just about anything. There was a medium SOUTH TO NORTH drift .
  11. Here is a mixed bag of fish like Snapper ,sweetlip, tuskies, and pearlies taken about 8 ks off Double Island Point few weeks ago now. Weather was a bit windy but fishable. Used pillies and squid which they gobbled up pretty quickly so you had to be on your toes...
  12. Hey Drop bear..Are the Logan and Albert clubs looking for new members. I have retired and looking for someone to go fishing with..Cheers
  13. I fished Wivenhoe dam over weekend in between the storms we were not supposed to have. Only throw backs were caught and mainly Aussie Bass. We did get some large Redclaw which we cooked up and ate whilst holding the tent on the ground. I am saddened to hear of the Death of the Caretaker chap I was speaking to on Saturday during one of the storms whom passed away in a fire last night on the property. RIP old mate....
  14. Hey all. Has anyone fished Wivenhoe lately and what lures have been used out there. Might go out with my Kayak in 2 weeks as I have been overseas for a while. Great to get some info...Cheers Buzzard
  15. What is the fishing like at Hastings point this time of year. Going down in two weeks..I will take the Kayak as well..Cheers