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  1. Wow, they should not be shut down in the first place. Great news indeed.
  2. Great that when you can build your own rod, but components ship in to Brunei are not cheap and easily accessible. With my clumsy hand skill, I don't think I want to try (ship in all rod building items/components and later find out I am not up to the job ). Servicing reel, I still can manage with myself. But MAJOR service, I send my reels back to Perth one or twice a year (nice when have friends who work air crew n flew to Perth often lol.........)
  3. Good read for keeping fish to survive after release. But when go barbless, how to keep the bait intake to the hook? If sure will fell out easily when there is a strong current or wave.
  4. I still have my 12ft one piece surf rod (bought them in 2001 at Campbellsprotackles, Perth). I like them with the clear tip and wood butt section. Now use as back up rod, only things that need to repair is the guides, which I replace all with better Fuji guides when one of the old guide failed.
  5. Yes, I saw many anglers use them for surf in Perth as well. May be because of the "old school" style that why I never go and learn how to use one (which I feel very regret now). Yes, Alvey now are getting more and more expensive but the design and getting better comparing to 20 years ago especially the Elite and PowerCatch series.
  6. Hi Bear, I am in Brunei now, tackles here is not like in Australia where we can purchase almost anything we need for rod building. Also, tackle stores here is only small scale so most items need to order online. Even servicing reels I have to do my own (mostly learn from YouTube or Fishing Forum or Alan Hawk site).
  7. Unfortunately there is no rod builder here in my area, so I have to purchase the finish product. We also don't have much wild rain and storm here, so getting the chance of zap from lightning is very unlikely (finger cross)
  8. Finally got my hand on this surf rod. Quite impressive build with extra features.
  9. I should have learn to use Alvey when I was in Perth many years ago.
  10. Hi, Is there any different between the OLD Sensor Surf IZM comparing the the NEW Sensor Surf (2018)? The only thing i can see different is the shrink tube different pattern. Thanks.
  11. Wow, quite a few good rods n reels there but what are they doing on the roof of the shed?
  12. I apply this lube on the exterier of my reel when heavy fishing offshore. When dry up,it act as a good water repellant.
  13. That what I did for any new reel. Bought a Banax Mighty 5000X, degrease the factory old gease (not many was left inside from factory) with a WD40 degreaser and apply this to the main gear. Bought carbontex to replace the washer and lube with an "OLD" John Devitt Thereadline Lubrication.
  14. Hi Bear, Great, will use it to lube my carbontex then, before install into my reels.
  15. Hi, Found some OLD lubrication in my garage, I think is from the 90's. The lube seem still fine, not freeze up or turn color. Anyone have any idea where this lube is from and can still be use in today reels? Attach here some photos of the lube, price tag still attach but can't see the price anymore lol........