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  1. Have put them on ebay, they fetch some good money, good condition one's get anything from $150 to $250.
  2. I have a daiwa emcast sport 6000 that I generally use on it, if memory serves me right cost is about the $350 mark for this reel, as for the rod if your saying $499, that is about right, mine cost me $400 10 years ago. I'm sure you could find somewhere that would do some sort of deal, cash always talks, card doesn't as much. Just remember you get what you pay for, have pulled in some nice gummies on this. I do have a 15 ft rod and another reel thats worth less and it's no where near as good, still a good combo but not quite as controllable . Hope this helps
  3. Think I'll be wanting just a little more than $20 each, hmm see why they call you Norm the shark LOL. I'll be putting a black queen deluxe on ebay shortly, that should fetch $200 plus. Yes it's a totally different rod to the black queen as for the others, Bonnie Doon was a very popular rod for stream fishing, the Mansfield, well not that many around, not much info on it either.
  4. I have a 16 ft Daiwa Sensor and find it to be a great surf/beach rod, light weight and with the right real it's extremely well balanced. I'm over 60, so if I'm comfortable with it, most should be, comes down to personal preference.
  5. Thinking of selling some of my rods, looking for expression of Interest 1 x Black Queen 2 x Bonnie Doon 1 x Mansfield Will add photos on request, in good condition, will need minor work, eg black queen needs 2nd from top runner replaced, others need runner binding taken off and rewound, mostly minor items.
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