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  1. I think Snyder Glass are still going. Back in the day I made up a MT8144 blank and coupled it to an Alvey 651C5 deep spool reel. I don't know who made the MT8144 blank I purchased, was it Butterworth or Snyder glass? As for the line I'm pretty sure I purchased 1000 meters 30Lb Schneider spools. If I recall correctly the Schneider spools (circa 1980) were blue in colour and had a metal hub with compressed cardboard for the side flanges which were only about 1" apart. Even with some of the big Rays I hooked onto it never tested the full line capacity of the reel so in hindsight was overkill.
  2. I think I've spelt the name incorrectly and the correct spelling is Schneider.
  3. Back in the day the only line I purchased was Snyder. Now though I grab what is about if it has a resonable name on it and price. The BigW Jarvis Walker (JW) brand line seems to fit the bill for me. Basically I have to place my trust in a reputable brand name and I doubt JW would put their name to it if not good. It might be a re-branded line but as long as a reputable name is placed on it I'm willing to trust it.
  4. Yes, ordinary mono filament but the same method to determine usage would apply for any type of line although I suspect tolerance for error would be greater with braid as it is lighter line? The empty spool weight is 43 grams. I had posted my method for calculation but had stuffed it up so I removed it but I believe I have it correct now and will post it back later sometime. The 550C1 easily took the 450M of 25Lb line but could of done with 500M but it's ok though. I'm old school and have never used braid but I can see the advantage of it to cast out further and make sure some Mono line is used as a leader to take the casting shock. I've also read about braid cutting one's fingers badly which puts me off a bit.
  5. I was thinking of doing something like that. The 25Lb line spool is 450M, I intend to throw that on a nice old Alvey 550C1 reel so I'll be able to use that dispenser as the reference weight. The 550C1 should take all that line I think but if not then I can place the remainder onto a bobbin of some description and use it for making traces.
  6. I emailed Jarvis Waker this question, person answered but was not able to provide an adequate answer. Does anyone have an empty 12, 15, 25 Lb spool of Jarvis Walker Bulk line as sold by BigW and can tell me what the empty dispenser weight is in grams measured on digital kitchen scales to gram resolution? Reason I ask is so I can calculate line used/remaining before trying to fill empty reel spools to know if enough remains. I will also be able to calculate the amount of line on each reel. I have recorded the original full dispenser weight of the line so this can be calculated.
  7. None taken, I was just voicing my opinion, no more, no less. You stated your opinion and I have stated mine. I don't see an issue with that except we have differing opinions.
  8. Can't believe all the posts re specific rods. Just keep a loose line back to the reel so that the fish can take it before the hooks is set after the slack is taken up. Bream 1 (Charlie) says to Bream 2 (Fred), "Don't touch that, it's not a "Black Queen" rod! Danger Will Bream Robinson! Seriously guys why is this being made so complicated?
  9. These that I had ordered from eBay arrived today (Smart Black 25-Pack). They are quite easy to rig and remove and once rigged are unlikely to come off the line when tested with mono 15lb line. They are often out of stock though for this item in the eBay listings but have them in stock if dealing direct.
  10. Years ago I could never catch any Bream. I started reading up on catching Bream and everything changed. I used to fish the causeway In Port Adelaide (next to the old train line). One evening there were about 10 anglers there and it was only my friend and I catching Bream. We caught stacks that particular night. I think we were using Tube Worms for bait. The secret for my success was a running sinker rig. Cast out but keep the line lose to the rod. When a Bream picked the bait up and ran we could see the line picked up so knew something was having a go. Apparently Bream get spooked easily if they feel any weight and will spit the bait out. Not saying this is your issue, maybe they don't like your line colour? Try using same line as your father is using.
  11. The seller has not responded about the sinker slider query so I looked around for information elsewhere. The seller is also on eBay where I had asked the question. I see it's now out of stock in the original eBay link but was relisted. I decided to purchase a packet of 25 for $11.95 (Free postage). Then it shows as out of stock when looking at the listing again so appears 1 item per listing. In eBay search search for "Easy Ezy Ezi Rigs Sinker Runners Slider Fishing Small, Large, Smart, No Clip " then select the required item. Doing some research on these type of sliders many have patents which would explain why I can't find any cheap Chinese versions of it. The "Ez Sinker slide" look better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHOYyMXaue8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37IDrA6DXr8 https://www.rigrap.com/shop 3.99 USD for a packet of 6, and $29.99 for a 48 packet. Won't sell to Australia though. Seem pretty expensive especially once converted to AUD and you'd have to find an AU distributor. There are other types about but they all seem rather expensive. I will give the eBay ones a go when I receive them. They are bulkier but better price. Time to get a 3D printer?
  12. I should clarify that the idea is to avoid tying knots when out fishing if it can be avoided. The fishing rods are 2.1 meter telescopic rods that are very compact when retracted. A number 12 swivel has no problem in passing through all the runners, just not the clip part. The reel (cheap small spinning reel) could be left on the rod but my preference is to take it off when packing it away so yes the swivel needs to be passed up through the runners. I was going to pre-tie my hooks to small rings (split rings) then just clip on the one I wish to use but instead I will probably tie each rig to it's own snap (no swivel) and connect that to the number 12 swivel. The snaps I have are sold on eBay, search for "100Pcs Sea River Fishing Lure Line Connector Snap Cross Lock Snap Clip Tackle", $2-3 for 100pcs.
  13. This is the one I have asked the seller about but no reply yet: https://www.rigmastertackle.com.au/product/easy-rigssinker-runners-smart-ezy-rig/ It's not clear to me whether this fixes the slider to the line and only intended to adjust the fixed position. I need it to be able to slide
  14. Thanks Drop Bear for your welcome. Yes natang I could use a loop but I'm somewhat pedantic when it comes to loop knots and knots generally and trying to avoid those too. They are another place that weakens the line overall strength and from passed experience they tend to get tangled up with the hook rig. Nothing wrong with that method though and used it 48+ years ago. I've been doing some more searching on the sliders that are about and will post back when a certain seller replies to my query concerning the one they sell that I think may be suitable. More on this later. Thanks for your input so far guys.
  15. I'm just starting to get back into some fishing after a number of years. Years ago I always made up rigs to suit as needed and tied and snood all my hooks and was able to do this in the dark. I still make up my own rigs but because of these old eyes it's becoming more difficult so my preference now is to make up my rigs beforehand and use snap swivels to connect to make it easier. I never used any type of snap connectors back in the earlier days but nowadays I just want to arrive at the destination and decide on the rig I want to attach. I don't want to tie knots in the field if I can avoid it. I want the ability to pass a No 12 (or 14) swivel tied to the end of the line of the reel. Connect reel to rod and feed it up through the guides. The top tip guide is large enough to pass the swivel through ok but not the snap part. So I guess I would need to have a snap on each rig itself which is ok I think. The other issue is attaching a running sinker that runs down to the swivel. I want the ability to connect various weights of pyramid or star sinkers but have some arrangement where this can be attached using a clip after it's all been threaded through the rod guides (and removed at end of fishing). I have seen plastic guides where these can be attached to the line and have a clip to attach your sinker of choices but seems this has to be done before tying the swivel on but I did see one brand where the plastic runner has a slot and clips onto the line but I think most don't have this feature? So basically I want a running sinker coming down to a swivel which is then attached to a hook of my choosing. My hooks will be tied using say 300-400mm of line to a split ring. As I've not done a lot of fishing in recent years I've not kept up with the latest fishing methods and tricks. Hopefully I have described what I want to do well enough and see if any of you guys can suggest anything that might suit.