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  1. Hope you manage to get back to it "Mighty Carp". Some monster Carp in the River Torrens I hooked onto and that was over 20 years ago. Some of those must be truly huge ugly grotesque fish by now! but they certainly fought well. When I was younger I had 651C5 and 550C1 reels I used for chasing Eaglerays of the local jetties and a MT8144 rod I custom made (651C5) and the other was a Butterworth 2 piece surf rod (550C1). Those were exciting times but nowadays I'm not interested in doing anymore and just want to catch a nice fresh feed of fish for the table. I have 15 ALVEY reels in my collection now. It started when I sold my 651 and 550 many years ago and just had to replace them. I'm like you with health issues but I want to get out and do some fishing this summer from the beach using one of the normal spool size 600C reels coupled to one of 3 x BigW Force Ten/FT1200 12ft 2 piece rods combos, cheap reels but purchased to low mount the 600C on using reel seat mount taped to lower part of handle. If I ever get back to it I will modify to take the cylindrical seats I purchased and it will then have dual mount low and high reel seats. An Alvey open runner is affixed to a section of 1/4 of PVC pipe that fits into the high mount real seat and works out really nice as can be removed. If I want I can mount the Egg beaters instead.
  2. That is probably typical, Companies these days it's all about making money for their share holders and have Zero interest in the history side of it.
  3. This is the only pictures I could find: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-Jarvis-Walker-glenelg-3-Piece-Fishing-Rod-7-Ft-8-inches-pick-up-kilsyth/113825545821?hash=item1a8087fe5d:g:WOEAAOSw8w9dF-Cx&frcectupt=true My brother has the actual rod I referred to and is restoring it now that I have returned it to him. He told me his has different length pieces but is essentially the same overall design. I'm pretty sure the name of the rod had come off as happens on the old JW rods over time.
  4. I eventually found it. It's a JW "Glenelg" rod. Seem to be very uncommon.
  5. Is it a 2 piece JW Clarence green rod by any chance? I have my father's old one here that he bought back in early 70s. Whippiest rod I have ever seen too.
  6. I'm wanting to find the name for a 3 piece Jarvis Walker rod circa 1975 ish, It is solid black fibreglass rod and came in 3 sections. Once piece was a reversible handle with cork grips. The idea was the shortest glass section connected in one end to form a very short boat rod or the two glass pieces connected together and connected into the other end of the handle assembly. It needed the reversible handle to do this as it needed two different sizes for the glass pieces depending on how it was used. I don't have the rod with me right now but I think it was about 7-8ft in length maximum. Anyone know the model name of this rod? I've looked around but can't see it on the Internet anywhere. Is there a Jarvis Walker online fishing rod museum anywhere?
  7. I think Snyder Glass are still going. Back in the day I made up a MT8144 blank and coupled it to an Alvey 651C5 deep spool reel. I don't know who made the MT8144 blank I purchased, was it Butterworth or Snyder glass? As for the line I'm pretty sure I purchased 1000 meters 30Lb Schneider spools. If I recall correctly the Schneider spools (circa 1980) were blue in colour and had a metal hub with compressed cardboard for the side flanges which were only about 1" apart. Even with some of the big Rays I hooked onto it never tested the full line capacity of the reel so in hindsight was overkill.
  8. I think I've spelt the name incorrectly and the correct spelling is Schneider.
  9. Back in the day the only line I purchased was Snyder. Now though I grab what is about if it has a resonable name on it and price. The BigW Jarvis Walker (JW) brand line seems to fit the bill for me. Basically I have to place my trust in a reputable brand name and I doubt JW would put their name to it if not good. It might be a re-branded line but as long as a reputable name is placed on it I'm willing to trust it.
  10. Yes, ordinary mono filament but the same method to determine usage would apply for any type of line although I suspect tolerance for error would be greater with braid as it is lighter line? The empty spool weight is 43 grams. I had posted my method for calculation but had stuffed it up so I removed it but I believe I have it correct now and will post it back later sometime. The 550C1 easily took the 450M of 25Lb line but could of done with 500M but it's ok though. I'm old school and have never used braid but I can see the advantage of it to cast out further and make sure some Mono line is used as a leader to take the casting shock. I've also read about braid cutting one's fingers badly which puts me off a bit.
  11. I was thinking of doing something like that. The 25Lb line spool is 450M, I intend to throw that on a nice old Alvey 550C1 reel so I'll be able to use that dispenser as the reference weight. The 550C1 should take all that line I think but if not then I can place the remainder onto a bobbin of some description and use it for making traces.
  12. I emailed Jarvis Waker this question, person answered but was not able to provide an adequate answer. Does anyone have an empty 12, 15, 25 Lb spool of Jarvis Walker Bulk line as sold by BigW and can tell me what the empty dispenser weight is in grams measured on digital kitchen scales to gram resolution? Reason I ask is so I can calculate line used/remaining before trying to fill empty reel spools to know if enough remains. I will also be able to calculate the amount of line on each reel. I have recorded the original full dispenser weight of the line so this can be calculated.
  13. None taken, I was just voicing my opinion, no more, no less. You stated your opinion and I have stated mine. I don't see an issue with that except we have differing opinions.
  14. Can't believe all the posts re specific rods. Just keep a loose line back to the reel so that the fish can take it before the hooks is set after the slack is taken up. Bream 1 (Charlie) says to Bream 2 (Fred), "Don't touch that, it's not a "Black Queen" rod! Danger Will Bream Robinson! Seriously guys why is this being made so complicated?
  15. These that I had ordered from eBay arrived today (Smart Black 25-Pack). They are quite easy to rig and remove and once rigged are unlikely to come off the line when tested with mono 15lb line. They are often out of stock though for this item in the eBay listings but have them in stock if dealing direct.