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  1. NIce catch and report there Tugger. Thanks you for sharing. The reds throats are eating well this time of year. Sweet solid flesh. Is there cabins at the caravan park or do you just up a tent etc. I too am paranoid about running out of power all that way out so I installed an auxiliary charging cable on my Yammy and charge both batteries independently whilst under way (whenever the motor is running) they're both charging a full rate - no master slave relationship like a VSR. I have no VSR (they clap out too often for my liking) and 2 battery switches to isolate or turn off each bank 1 for Crank and 1 for 140ah House supply. They are not linked and I cannot select both (on purpose) - but I carry 2 jump type cables with clamps 1 end / Anderson plug the other. If I need to hook up to a battery I just plug the plugs together and clamp off the good batt to the lower one and I can slave a charge into it bypass style. I haven't had to do it yet but set the system up and carry the items in case needed. So far so good. Happy to provide more details and pics if required at all. Enjoy your dinners. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the update. We had similar challenges with current and suits. Fishing in gear to hold the spot etc. I've changed all my gear upgraded rods and reels and using new sinker designs to combat the elements of weight and current drag to get fish into the boat as fast as I can given the fight and predators. But it looks like we all had a fantastic couple of weekends up at 1770 doing what we love doing. Currently planing April and May trips if I can get away and the weather calms down. Cheers
  3. Hell yeah. We find we improve our knowledge every trip for sure. What is your electronics pkg presently onboard out of interest?
  4. G'day Jon Great write up and take home there fellas. How did you find the current up further north than us and what about the suits. Did they give you much trouble. I believe the run from Turkey requires a 6k run north before you turn east. I have considered launching from there but was unsure about the facilities. I'll PM you for some details if thats OK? Well done, enjoy the feeds.
  5. G'day Drop Bear Yes I saw those 2 beauties in your avatar. Hopefully next trip I can square a few away. Having a T bone for dinner tonight for a change. Cheers Anglen
  6. "The Purple Lure"...? Dino - Nice haul and good to see a few coming aboard in the conditions. I often have found fishing best in same / similar conditions. Cheers
  7. A great image and thought provoking. The average filter feeder can process upwards of 5 litres a day as an individual in its ecosystem. When you multiply that by the thousands that are there you can see how a bay with a very healthy population of shellfish can clean itself up remarkably quickly - if they are left alone, not predated or interfered with etc. Cheers to BCF for the initiative - (did I just praise BCF? where's the stick....)
  8. Excellent wrap up there Luv-it. Some ripper fish too. Cheers
  9. J-braid (daiwa) and Neo flouro (momoi) works well for me. I've been testing tackle for years in all aspects of the sport and this combo is my go to nowadays offshore. Last Tues I did battle with a 200kg Tiger on J braid and Neo using a Gary Howard Sabre Offshore 15kg with a Tanacom Bull 1000. Electric from 65m to 40m. Manual battle for 20 mins 40m to surface. Cut the hook with him boatside. Re tied a new hook and landed a huge coral trout. If you have the wallet try tasline and Neo. Never skimp on string I've learnt - from bitter experience. Tight lines.
  10. and the Donkos for spoon. ...........I've just started packing and looking for a new WA....they understand polarizers. In all seriousness. Lets hope the season's a cracker and these young fellas can get a hold of their sh!t and play ball not ball bag. Go Newcastle.
  11. OK I'll bite. Newcastle Knig Kn Kni KNIG Newc NewKn The Knig Newcastle Knights That's my eight as I struggle with things! And NSW in Origin Yee Haaa
  12. I always take that electrolyte drink stuff. The fish jump in the boat chasing sweet salt water. I' don't mind it either. Fish jumpin in that is. Good luck out there hope you get a bag. Cheers
  13. I just thought I'd post an update. Bloody hell these trout taste good!!!!!!!!!! We ate lippers everynight on-board. The wife's off away this weekend and reckons I'll have scales by the time she gets back. I said don't be silly love. I'll just have a gut full of fish and a bigger brain again. Thanks for the ++ comments guys. I'll always have a spot for a keen fisho onboard so stay in touch even if I drop off the system due to other commitments and focus. I'm already planning my next assault as I want my Nanny!!! and so does Luv-It now he knows about them after our phone catch up today. Here's a shot of a Big Angry Trout. Nudged 5 on the scale. Thick, solid and heavy. Why do they go this colour from bright orange / red. Change of sex? Cave dwelling? Old age? Enlighten me trout whisperers. Everything's been cleaned up, filleted n cryovaced now. Only the coral cod had worm this time around which was a relief. The neighbours got a feed and the beers are flowing. Did I mention how good these trout steaks are??? with beers and sangria - now you're really jealous. Ok I'll stop it now. Cheers Anglen
  14. Ok so I made the effort to head to 1770 Friday night, with a view to fishing SSMT and having a look for myself re the weather impacts I had raised earlier in my post. I had spoken to Luv-It about a possible hook up n intro in and around Sykes area and was keen to do so. As it turned out we didn't get this opportunity. Perhaps next time. I also had a mate heading up sat to fish Sunday. Over all we had a good trip but missed a few good keepers, lost a few excellent fish to the suits (plenty around) and took a few good fish home too. We ended up with 7 trout, 1 cod, 18 Lippers, 10 parrot 1 moses n 2 husser plus 1 squid Conditions were poor (start) to good (Sun) excellent (Mon) to fair (Tues) Water clarity was excellent in shore and off with some evidence of turbidity in the deeper channels between reefs. A few stats (approx) Fuel Bris return (diesel) 230L (100km) Boat Fuel 95r 260L Water kms 290Kms Boat economy 1.1km (due to weight) Yammy F150 Vessel load 1.8-2T My mate had a good session wide off the northern reefs within the permitted zones with a good bag of Red emporers, Nannygai, Coral trout, Coronation trout, Cod and Parrots Yes 1770 did turn it on this past weekend given the weather effects of Oma passing. Given we both fished different lines I was able to answer some questions I raised earlier in my post and for that I am somewhat fish wiser. Till next time, HooRoo Anglen
  15. Yeah Luv-it I'm going to go up n have a look for myself this weekend too. Got a mate on board and plenty o fresh squid bait so off we go. I'll pm my details Cheers