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  1. Nice fresh raw prawns , or nice fresh strips of yellow tail, lob out no sinker and let it drift away with tide. Lay the rod down with the spool in free-spool or the bail-arm disengaged and relax - guarantee you'll catch whiting, bream and flathead and even pick up the occasional crab. I'm of the attitude that I fish for relaxation, endlessly casting and retrieving an artificial lure is too much like hard work for me these day.
  2. A tinny would be fine for fishing in Lake Macquarie (chasing squid, whiting, crabs, prawning) , but for fishing overnight in the harbor (near the dropovers, or dykes, or Stockton or Hexham Bridges , or somewhere near Nobbys or Stockton walls for jew, or even chasing snapper near the headlands and inshore reefs a half cabin where I can get out of the rain and stay warmer is better suited.
  3. I hooked and landed some good jew pretty much where that nearest light is lobbing out towards that channel maker. Heading east past there the tidal flow is strong. Get a bit of an eddy on the corner of the (Stockton) where the wall bends, good spot sometimes there for jew on a runout.
  4. In my day, a few fav haunts ON the wall >> under The Tower (the old timber one - was a very good spot) >> flatrock ( before the port dumped those horrible granite boulder along the harbor side ) >> straight off the end (lobbed as far as you could either - out to the gravelly bottom) >> anywhere in the "shark hole". Yeh under Stockton bridge was OK for jew IF YOU were in a boat , not too flash from the shore. Carrington River Dykes were a great jew spot too, until the port corp get scared someone would stub a big toe and sue them. Anyone fishing for jew from the shore where the floating dock was (good deep water there now the floating dock is gone) , but I suppose it's a no go zone for land based fishos (accessing from the street). I guess I'll wait for next December or the next big fresh , a boat would be nice but not worth the expense for just me to fish from with the bag limits the way they are.
  5. Been out of action for a few years - don't ask ( rock fisherman since my teens on worse I did was a dislocated elbow , but I injured my knee in a slip stepping into the bloody shower at home !! and I've not been fishing since) .I've lost touch with most the old timers and regulars (snapper and jew specialists) I used to meet up / fish with and have a yarn with since I banged up my knee . Hoping to be break out the jewy and snapper rods, my trolley, and big alveys , now I'm getting mobile again, but it's bloody long walk from the car park to the Shark Hole or the end of Nobbys and if the snapper are no longer being taken from there I wont bother going. Similarly I'll give it miss if that ratbag pro fishermen is still running out a gill net along the entire length of Nobby's Wall on the harbor side , or if that other pro fishermen has dozens of lobster traps all the place from Flat Rock to the end of the wall. I don't like loosing terminal tackle or fish to gill nets or lobster pot ropes . So , any reports of good snapper or jewies still being caught by the regulars on Nobby's Wall in the last year or two ? I wont fish for jewfish from Stockton Wall , too many pests there who cast over you and too many people with sticky fingers ( I had my both my livebait pumps knicked one night while I was gaffing a good jewfish for someone else ).
  6. I have to say, I've never caught more bream than I did as a kid in the 60s using a cork handline with a bit of mono wrapped around it from the old tug wharves and horseshoe breakwall at Newcastle or from the old jetties at Nords wharf , no more than a split shot used to sink the bait. Back then my entire bream fishing kit fit my pocket ( those plastic 35mm film tubs were great for keeping some hooks and sinkers in mixed with some rice ).
  7. Time that practice was stopped IMO . We have plenty of local prawn trawlers who might like to fill the gap in supply and yes less chance of introducing unwanted deseases to our local fish stocks.
  8. Ever considered investing in a few prawn shaped squid jigs , visiting the local jetty or wharf , and catching your own ? This is the very best way to get your squid. Just drop them in big bucket with a bit of water in it and then take them home and drop them into freezer bags and freeze them (while they are showing the spots) and you'll have much fresher squid than you'll ever pick up at a coop or fish-shop or bait shop. This is what I've done to keep myself stocked up on squid (for whole baits for jew, and strips for snapper) since the early 90s. Plus it's great fun when you get onto a patch of squid.
  9. Fancy expensive gear wont make you a good fisherman who always brings home a feed. My advise to you : Setup 1) get the whippiest rod you can that will still lift the fish you want to catch (bream) 2) get a spare spool and load it up with 6lb mono (Maxima grey is very good) use this when fish with the old guy 3) size 1 stainless suicides for the hooks 4) sharpen those hooks 5) same rig as the old guy 6) same bait as the old guy fishing 1) cast the baited hook out with the very lightest sinker you can get that will take the bait to where the bream are , sometimes no sinker is the go 2) lay the rod down with bail arm disengaged (resist the temptation to have the tip poking up into the air) the bite and run 1) resist the temptation to pick up the rod or even touch the line when the fish is testing the bait - lots of fine fish are spooked by over zealous fishermen 2) when the bream runs with the bait , let it run , DON"T touch the rod or reel or line , lots of fish lost when fish only has the bait between it's lips 3) the fish will often stop running, he's now swallowing the bait, this is the time to engage the bail arm and pick up the rod , resist the temptation to flick the tip back to set the hook , often this only pulls the baited hook from the fish's mouth. I've fished for bream using soft plastics , and little poppers and the like, never caught bream as successfully as I have using bait. IMO artificial lures are more effort than they are worth when it comes bream fishing. Baits: whole raw prawns peeled raw prawns mullet gut chook gut strips or yellowtail cubes of mullet pieces of pilchard squid legs squid tubes (skinned and cut into strips) cuttlefish legs cuttlefish tubes (skinned and cut into strips) beach worms (sections , must be live) blood worms (must be live) pippies yabbies' (live) …. if the bait is not fresh , don't use it.
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