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  1. Not real sure if I am replying appropriately - may have to get one of my kids to check my replies approach. Cheers Randell.
  2. Evening Brad, I went down but met some folks near there and it was dark by the time I had a chance to explore. I hope to get back down there in the next week or so. Cheers Randell.
  3. Thank you for your offer. Haven't been able to get out fishing for about a month. Hope to change that asap though. Cheers Randell.
  4. Used to love fishing as a young bloke, up around Mackay. Fished creeks and "outside" around the Islands off Mackay. Spent the past 40 odd years working my butt off. Health is not real good and I am having to slow right up. Getting back into fishing the past couple of years after being away from it the 40 odd years. Been using lures in the creeks around Logan down through to about Brunswick Heads. Looking at getting back into some bait fishing as well. Always enjoyed having a chat with fishermen/women, and look forward to meeting some of you folks and learning from you. (Thank you to Brad - "StraddieBrad" I think you said was your name on here, for highlighting your group, and encouraging me to ask to join.) Cheers, Randell.
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