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  1. It was a nice white fish, very mild, no muddy or strong taste. We just scaled and cleaned them, put some tomato slices, Italian herb mix and a drizzle of lemon juice, wrapped loosely in foil and baked for about 25 mins, until the flesh was opaque and flaked. Might try to fillet one next time. Lots of bones, but they are big and easy to pick around.
  2. We took our first trip out to Maroon Dam, but couldn't find where to fish from. Got a helpful tip from the fella minding a caravan park, who told us about this spot 2km or so down the road. Lotsa weeds and trees in the water, and I caught our first legal size bass! It's the first time we caught cookable fish, so these guys were taken home and baked in foil with tomato and herbs! Very satisfying. My partner caught a smaller (~15-20cm) bass and three similar sized golden perch. We even used the prawns we trapped last night at Cribb Park.
  3. Neat! There were stacks around nibbling the bait, but not being caught.
  4. Caught this little thing today - is it a baby bream?
  5. I've been fishing with bread in Bundamba Creek and the river at Kookaburra Park, generally with floats, and I've noticed things nibbling away at the bread, but can't see any actual fish, and nothing swallows it whole. What do you reckon it might be? I'm also using a floating cicada lure, wondering if I might catch one of the fish leaping out of the water. I haven't caught anything except when using prawns and a sinker to catch little catfish!
  6. I grew up in a family who never went fishing, and it wasn't until recently when my son got invited fishing by a school friend that I decided we should learn! With my two kids and my partner, I've gotten us some rods and tackle, and we're learning together! We have tried a couple of places around Ipswich, and are looking forward to catching different sorts of fish. I'd like to someday catch fish to eat, but maybe not in the local river. I'd also like to catch pest fish to help get them out of the waterways. Anyway, keen to say hi, happy to learn whatever I can!
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