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  1. Thanks Drop Bear. It arrived today. It's one of those jaunt tanks. Comes with bracket to fasten to the deck, which I will do. I won't be testing it this weekend. Too busy carting the missus and her girl friend to the wineries on Saturday up the Swan region here in WA. But the weekend weather is not great with rain anyway.
  2. Bought a new fuel tank with complete hose, etc. Old one seemed shite when squeezing the bulb anyway. Probably rubber bits clogging it up. auissie123, I will test once it turns up or when the weather is fine. Marine Warehouse do a good deal with full kit on E Bay.
  3. On the water again today as I got the go ahead from the great powers within the house hold. I'm thinking that it's fuel problem as this miss fire is so random. I say this because if it was electrical I wouldn't be traveling km's on the water and only the odd miss. Being an old boat and motor I will start at the fuel tank and work up to the carb. The primer doesn't work that great so it could be a fowling of sorts. Something is blocking? Fuel maybe the go so I'll look there.
  4. On the water again today to get to know this boat and motor. I have a small problem. It keeps missing a beat at random. Like it's completely turning off and on again. Did it numerous times at different speeds. Fuel starvation or electrical? Anyone here a problem solver? Note, I have done the carb kit. And I followed Dangar Marine's youtube video on the same engine. I have extensive carb experience like example, working on my own classic Renault 17 with twin 40 DCOE Weber's. So these Johnson carbs are easy peasy.
  5. Out for test on the water for the first time after a morning of getting it ready. Runs well and starts first time every time. Tweaked the fuel delivery jet a little as it popped and farted a few times. I'm ready for fishing. The outside hull can wait for now. As you can see the fuel tank is very faded from the sun. Replacement needed I think. This hull is a 4mt Aussie123 I would have said Westcoast Eagles colour. It was by accident DropBear.
  6. Finished the floor carpet and picked up the seats today. All installed and looking good now. getting there now. Last weekend I installed the kits for the motor. Carb, impeller, plugs and thermostat. I'll start it tomorrow and see if it run's ok. Fingers crossed
  7. Dropped them off to an upholstery place. Blue will be the colour. Actually the boat is getting a refurb. 2k paint just this morning in front of my spray booth. I will do the outside as well. great to deal with and full service kit and carb kit has cost me just $186 Location is Mandurah WA. We have the estuary and great coast fishing. Also will be taking this Stacer down south to Walpole and the Blackwood river at some stage.
  8. Hi aussie123 Had a look on their website. May give them a call direct. nothing on their site. Yes the boats engine is 1988 but in great nik. Compression good. Have a complete set of kits ready for service. Would be nice if Stacer had replacement parts for their older boats. We continue... John
  9. Anyone know about the covers on these seats? Can I buy them somewhere? Or replace the whole seat? The seat post system is the bees knees. But I don't want to change it because it's a seat post that is welded into the hull. Any ideas? Gards, John
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