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  1. 56-65 pound.usualy does it.. however after a fish sometimes its curled.. or pigtails so replace then. Also I found a few lures or rigs have just popped. May be due to rigs sitting for extended period and some salt on haywire twist section. one just popped on a cast, the other on a reasonable fish but with no excessive weight on the rig, beats me? il just replace wire more often.
  2. Hi all anyone had much to do with the Lowrance hook 4x small unit 150-170$ bought couple years ago. its got chirp and downscan. i fish usualy 20 meters deep. any settings of frequency I should be running. Basically for slow looking round or what’s under the boat. Fish wise mainly. I can see structure no probs. Just not sure on the fish finding part. Would you advise to split screen for both types view of downscan and traditional? what frequency etc.. any advice be appreciated. I usually just pick my spot anchor nearby and fish to see if they are there or not. However minimising my waste of time by seeing if they are around before anchors down would be good. thanks
  3. Yes and no depenending on currents pushing in close, cold greener water, forget it. fish rock off south west rocks goes well. Troll live slimy slow. One surface and one down rig or paravane. can be very picky on bait.. yakka last resort apparently. Whole bonito or Good quality rigged gar go well to. a mate even does well on those z man chatterbaits with a pilly on hook and a small treble in tail.
  4. Yeah rite. what coastal area do you catch them 150 mtrs? 1have caught 2 off cairns in 60-70 mtrs. On bottom. They looked bit different ( thin) to the more pelagic feeding ones. I let them go for advice and didn’t want to risk it. But hey I’ll take your word for it. What are you catching them on in that depth? That’s pretty cool. Are they big/small etc.? Are you targeting them in that depth? This is real interesting to me. Not just the usual I caught a trout in 30 mtrs.. cheers
  5. oh didnt realise they were old topics. They were at top of list in some categories. They seemed like genuine questions/topics. Ah just bored at work at sea so browse here. And thinking about fishing til i get home.
  6. If you want professional smoker for bugger all.. bout 120 -130$ NZ invention. Google SMOKAI. youtube vids etc.. top piece of kit. And it cranks out the smoke. Cold smoker. I put one on a wine barrel for a mate for bday, and put a hot burner plate in bottom to heat up the barrel chamber. To sweat the meat at end. Incredible piece of kit that can bolt onto anything, Old wardrobe, Keg, 44 gallon drum etc. There is also a specific adaptor to fit it to your weber Q BBQ. 35$ i think. So you can cold smoke and if wanted turn on low flame at end to get some heat into your product using the weber family Q. Just open the lid every now n then so dosnt heat up to much. keep at about 100 deg.Thats if you want to cook the fish through. Main thing with smoning is prep.. Bring home a bucket of seawater, then add handfull rock salt. and few TBSP brown sugar, Soak fillets (or wings and mac frames 4 hrs) Then the main part is to hang fish in a beer fridge 3-4 days until real tacky. So when you touch it fillet sticks to your finger until 10-20 degrees from vertical. This will result in minimal milky whaite stuff coming to surface of meat whern smoking. I smoke mac, and used to smoke jew frames, king frames when lived south. as they are quite meaty. then scrape off all the meat into a bowl, add sour cream,chives wholegrain mustard egg etc.. then mix bit of lemon in. Awesome on a biki with a beer. All the sawdust and other things is a trial and error. Sawdust is expensive so if you can buy a piece of wood you like a planer and a pillowcase goes a long way. Some things that add a nice flavour are burning on the hotplate or wrap in foil and put over the gas flame beneth your hotplate whilst smoking are teabags, lemon rind, lemongrass herbs.. etc
  7. If you ever catch a decent mac down deep, say bottom bashing they are usualy a stuffed fish, eating whatever they can.. ie small coral and reef fish. hence building up cigatera. A pro fisho gave me the heads up on that and said looking closely at them they look ragged. You can tell there not healthy. The more active fish that eat fusileers and bait species dont build up the coral poison, ciga as much. It is an accumulation of poison over time. up north i fish pretty shallow < 20 mtrs. and nowhere near the reef. i still let anything over 20 go. Even then i reckon you may roll the dice eating between 15-20kg fish. But no issues so far. There was a Hamish and Andy true story episode where some guys caught a big 20 - 30 kg job off south west rocks. They gave it out to a few people and they all met up in hospital that night. So its not restricted to right up north as they travel, To be on the safe side 15kg and below i reckon your safe so long as its not a deep water caught fish. like u got it on the bottom while fishing for reds. Clear as mud?
  8. I always use wire. And i still loose gear. Dunno how sometimes. All my line and leader and lures are smicko rigged. Not overdone i guess so still get bitten off. I use 5 - 8 cm of wire in front of my soft plastics. say 40lb. They go it no probs usualy. the wire is albrite knotted to flurocarbon. I also dont have dirty great big swivels anywhere. On my lures 15 cm of wire to a small/ tiny 2 way swivel that is tied to my leader.. no coastlock swivel. On my fishing gear that i live bait with or full pilly float i always use wire. But i also put 3 foot of mono after the wire to the coastlock swivel usually. If and when i do use coastlocks there a small size. Yes macs can be weary of wire..maybe more so down south compared to cairns. I dunno. They can be tough up here to at times. but keeping the dags and and thickness to a minimum, your rigs tidy your swivels small (as they make bubble trails especially when trolling) and your in the game. A mate swears by 150lb flurocarbon only for his livebait rigs. or lures. Reckons looses bugger all. Another mate uses 400lb piano wire on his wog heads trolling with gar on paravanes. no rod.. just chord on bungee. But thats cooktown. I reckon there not to cluey up that way. XRAPs at 27$ a pop.. id rather keep em attached with wire.
  9. I got sick of putting a baitjig over the side at 4$ a pop and then torn to shreds in seconds,,,so i thought there must be a better way. I try to get a northern species of yakka, But when the school macs are around or down south, the bonito.. your jigs dont last too long. So i made this. I use wire on mine due to school macs. The wire is then albrite knotted strait to mono 50 lb. I use 3 jigs on my but im sure you could go more. I use heavy gear i guess for bait because once one mac or trevally hit usualy more do. Anyway it may be of use to someone. You need : some nylon filament.. The stuff that goes on woghead lures for Spanish macs. (Good tackle shops should have this) Lumo sleeves 40lb single strand wire.. ( if your making yours no wire then you will need a thicker wire to put hole in nylon melt {see below}, then remove, then poke your mono thru) Hooks and mono of choice. a lighter too. and bit of braid. 1- pinch of filament, couple colours if desired.. then tie bit of braid around bunch and slide to within 1 cm of end of bunch.. the braid gathers it together to allow easier melting of mono filament strands. 2- Burn the end of the filament bunch to melt together.. Do a couple of times. and while still not hard poke a piece of wire thru the middle of the burnt glob of nylon. {make sure glob isnt to large that the lumo sleeve wont jam over,) 3- put hook on wire with haywire twist. I put twist around hook shank to shorten the distance. 4- trim a lumo sleeve to desired size and slide over melted glob, filament and hook end.. Draw eyes on with pernament texta if ur keen. 5 -trim filament to desired length 6 - make a rig with charter loop knots or alike. say 3 loops and 2 tag ends that one goes to swivel and other to sinker. 7 - Albrite wire to mono. and there u go.. If your not using wire just poke the wire thru the melted glob..put bit wd40 on wire so dosnt stick to melted nylon. then pull out wire once set, leaving a hole to poke ur mono thru and tie on hook. In these i put about 5 cm wire for toothys. and a mix of bluey purple filament and whit filament.. i trimmed both ends of the lumo sleeve to about 2-3cm total. Trim filament tail to size reqd.. i make long to begin with as it is easier to handle and burn. I reckon theyed make ok fly fishing thingys. Im not a fly fisho. I used this one night and instead of a lead i had a lucanus jig as the weight. Just with the boat bobbing a 8 kg cobia took the lucanus..Because the whole rig was sound and well made i got the cobia.. Later i caught 3 small barracuda on the jig that i kept alive and on dawn they were turned into spanish mackeral. Daylight has seen plenty of school macs have a go at it. anyway there easy enough to make. If you do make some post a pic to see what else people come up with for bait jig material..
  10. These are a good item. Save your line above the hook when reef fishing so your line dosnt get chafed Also help tidy up a rig, see diagram below. for when using 2 hook rigs in deeper applications they streamline it all and prevent twists, Hide your crimps, loops etc. Good for saving your rod tips when you got a few novices that try wind the swivel thru the tip. Put one above your coastal snap swivel However can lead to bite offs with mackeral or jackets as they attack the sleeve above your swivel. And i have caught plenty of mac tuna chasing the sleeve as you retrieve line to boat. They eat empty hook with these sleeves over your hook. I have also literaly put a small ball or bean sinker strait onto a hook and pulled into one of these sleeves. then you got a castable lure, or you can troll them for mac tunas, im sure aussie salmon or tailor would go em. I use them when the tuna are eating small fish, School macs love them to. Cheapest lure out there, Pack of 20 usualy 5$, Im sure 100 pack would make price per unit cheaper.
  11. Heres my favourite fish recipe atm. Good for big flaky fish, like mackeral and cobia kingy etc. for say 4x 200gram pieces.you need put in nutri blender or food processor 1/2 mango, 2 mint leaves, few bits pineapple. bit fresh ginger and garlic... blend Then tip into a bowl and add some soy and oyster sauce 2TBSP each..and a squeeze of lemon and or lime. put your fish steak into a piece of foil each, (one per foil) poor in some sauce in each.. and add one kaffir lime leaf and couple bits of chilli to ur level to each parcel.. close foil and chuck on bbq or in oven i guess. eat with some rice and usualy i have asian greens with it. enjoy.. Its great
  12. Product: Pflueger Arbor Type: Spinning reel Colour Range: One size i think but its all you need Preferred Colour Thus Far: NA Price: 80$US Quality: GOOD however the paint coating corrodes off if not well cleaned and inox sprayed when left. Action: Fast spinning real that casts helllll far with small lures Experience: Over sized line spool, They look odd but man can you fire a steel lure. Even tiny ones when the tuna are eating neon tetra sized bait and spook on aproach. You dont need to get as close with these reels firing out the steel lures. Not the fastest ratio but with the large line spool dosnt matter retrieves quick. Good for soft plastics as big cast ability. I have 2.one is 6 years old and been Flogged. but still casts and winds no problem, drags still good. has caught countles mackeral 4 kg schoolies and spotties and a few up to 10 kg. barra, trout, Whatever.. I love it. and for 100$ Aussie cant complain. And you get 2 spools. one 20 lb braid. the other 30lb braid covers all. Pictures: Optional...
  13. Product: Halcom130 max Type: bibbles sinking lure Colour Range: extensive Preferred Colour Thus Far: Yellowfin, fusiler Price: 15$ avg.. bcf sales 13$ but hard to get the colors you chase. MO tackle have all and will price match. Best value for money lure out there and most versatile. Quality: Good to great all round but paint wears with mack attacks or usaul teeth attacks, However a tin of red and white sparay paint and you got a qantas red head when toooo smashed up. hooks mustad.good.. rings good halco ones. Action: fast, vibrates, sinks quick (like a lead.. they weigh 130 grams and often i get hit on the way down.) as in the GT below. Sometimes a mac will chase to boat and shy away.. Just open the bail and on way down swimming 7/10 times bang. Experience: A brief account. Most versatile lure i use atm.. Whether trolled at 8-12 knots for the trip home, Cast and retrieve. Drop and jig. I usualy cast and sink to bottom. then wind hell fast, pause, let dive,, wind pause... bang.. or have been real successful just dropping to bottom , lift one metre then lift rod up medium and slowly lower.. over and over... swims up and down So far best fish are 17 kg mack. 16 kg GT released,swallowed it whole 6 kg golden trevally swallowed it wholeand died. heaps of stuff would attack these. I get many school, spotty and grey macs on them ..Bad side they are so good i loose heaps to spinner sharks as they launch and roll up the line. Sharks love these things unfortunately. Great Aussie product. Cant rate them enough. Would like to try them in deep water one day. would be great for reef fish but would have the advantage of on retrieve to boat they are likely to pick up literally anything.. dogtooth macs, tuna. kings in deep water. As you can see from my boat I only fish coastal. Pictures: Optional...
  14. Avoid sydney.. unless you like leather jacket.And other assorted rubbish
  15. Well looks like everyones stumped. So I did alot of googling. The closest resemblance I could find was a Bigeye cigarfish aka Evermanns Nomeid Ariomma brevimanum . Apparently a type of drift fish that hangs around floating debris, jellyfish. Once mature hangs in the deep 600 - 1000ft. Then shallower of a night. Apperntly eats salps and plankton. (and squid as i found). They have been caught around Hawaii , cook islands, Phillipines.. I guess where ever the currents take them and the water seems warm. Well there you go. Doubt il ever see another.