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  1. So I see. WA is trying to farm these prawns aye, but wouldn't it be too cold?? Appreciate the replies tho!
  2. Appreciate the response man! I never knew that it was a different species haha. And don't worry I will never do such thing to damage Australia's beautiful nature
  3. Yea, back in Taiwan, these river prawns are seen farmed in the middle hotter regions; eventually it became a subcategory of fishing and became an activity called prawn fishing, its basically a pond with these prawns where parents can take their kids to have some fun indoors without the fuss of UV rays et cetera, then they can cook it on the stove near by. I love it, and I go almost everyday if I get a chance to go back; but yea, appreciate the response tho.
  4. Hello guys, I was just wondering, why don't I see people eating the giant river prawn - Macrobrachium rosenbergii - in Australia? I mean, it's a delicacy in the East Asia region, but why aren't people in Australia eating them. The most common prawn I see people eating is the tiger prawn, why? Does it taste better?? Thank you if you take the time to answer, but I am just down right curious as to why people don't eat the as much and only eat the tiger prawns. *Please note that I do know there are still people eating them, just not a popular option. And I want to know why.*
  5. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!