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  1. I know how you feel, I'm having a few problems with my shoulder so I won't be doing to much for a while
  2. Oldie


    Troy tethered them in fresh water for a couple of days, he would bleed them [cut off there tail], gut and clean, he would score them like you do with pork, boil in milk, marinate them herbs etc, keep in fridge overnight, then onto the barby. Didn't taste to bad either. To much mucking around for me
  3. I'm a land based bait soaker, I called into the tackle shop near home a few weeks ago and had a look at the hundreds of lures on the walls. Some of the prices amazed me, I didn't pay that much for my car
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    Hi everyone, an apology, I joined this forum a while ago under the username carpie1. Due to health issues I dropped off the forum, we also replaced our computer and lost a lot of info. I rejoined the forum and I'm glad I did, my new username is oldie. While looking through the newbie post I discover I'm already a member. If anyone can remove or delete the username carpie1 it would be great. Sorry for the mix up oldie
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    Yes I have eaten Carp, Macedonian friends of my late father gave me some straight off the barby, not bad. The only problem is it takes about 3 days to prepare them for cooking.
  6. When my health started going down I sold and give away most of my coarse gear as well as a lot of good name brand rods and reels. I also sold my small collection of old solid glass rods, and reels. There was 3 old JW's among them 3 Alvey side casts a couple of Alpha center pin, Steelite side cast, Academy, a couple of old Daiwa egg beaters and a couple of very early Ryobi. My health has been stable for a while now. I have always loved my fishing, So back to the beginning I picked up a JW Black Queen, a JW Black Queen deluxe off Ebay "QLD" they were both new. The price including post was around $40, a few weeks ago my wife got me an Erskine Deluxe rod new only $18. The reels I have been using are Daiwa 1000 and a 1500 both would be well over 30 years old and still do the job. These days I mostly target the old mud marlin. Getting a decent carp on the light gear I use everything feels like a whale. Another oldie I still use when we go away is a Rex Hunt Shimano Out and Back Telescopic Combo with a Shimano IX 2000R Reel. This combo would have to be well over 30 years old. I have caught a few decent fish on it and never had a problem with the rod or reel. These days I go fishing to relax forget my problems and enjoy myself, if I catch a fish it's a bonus.
  7. There is a fishing reel museum on the net. But no rod museum, I have contacted Jarvis Walker a couple of times about old rods I had. I was told they no longer have records for there early manufactured rods
  8. Great video really enjoyed it
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    Thank's for the welcome ellicat
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    Hi Towknee, We live in Melton been there for about 12 years
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    Hi everyone I'm a newbie just signed up, my username is Oldie. That just about sums me up. These days due to health issues I can only fish easy accessible areas and mostly target the old mud marlin on light gear. K
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