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  1. Thanks. yeah, thinking of a new trailer and used boat. Went to see a "Mackay KRX Trailer" today they look pretty tough.
  2. We have just travelled in caravan for a couple of years. Now the van is up for sale and we are going to take off again with a trailer boat and a tent/swag. Im looking for people thoughts on what boat, size, what trailer ect My current candidates are Reneagde 420 or 440 with a Mackay off road Trailer. Im inexperienced with boats having only owned a Port-a-bote with 6hp so don't have much to go on! We will be using it mainly Northern half of Australia and often remote areas, so need something small enough to be nimble on the tracks and easy to launch anywhere. There are 3 of us, 2 adults and an 8 year old. We want to fish river/creek and get out to off shore islands and reef when the weather is good. I would like the trailer to have a decent payload to carry additional fuel, water, gas ect and ideally run on 16" rims. Keen to hear any tips from people who have done long trips with a boat Cheers
  3. Not yet been to NT, WA or Tas and only seen half of SA. We have stopped and worked for a 2 months or so a couple of times. We want to actually see the country. Met some folk going around the country in 4 months, seeing a lot of bitumen I reckon.
  4. Im currently traveling Australia in a van with my wife and young fella. Been on the road for 2 years. I enjoy trying out as many different styles of Aussie fishing as I can, which means im below average at chasing lots of different species using lots of different techniques. Potentially very exciting change coming up for us and will need the help for this forum. More later. Cheers
  5. only 10, its already 9pm, what up with ya!
  6. Chasing a travel rod in about 3-5. Budget is tight at the moment. Short list is Shimano Maikuro online $109, sea guides and no case Shimano Revolution 30% off $150 at Anaconda, so 100 bucks, feel nice and no case Samaki Zing Gen 2 at $160 with a case (and a free fishing shirt)! I have a zing bait caster which I really like but not used the others, any opinns on them? Cheers
  7. Thanks Tiotony Ill be down near Tully next week so will have a look, that was on my list. Hopefully I get chance to up for a look up the Gilles Range before we leave Cairns area. Cheers
  8. Hi All Thanks to "Andy Fishing" on youtube my Son wants to do an overnight "Jungle" hike and camp to find some sooties ect. Ive scoured the net for locations but all I get is "Google Earth is your friend" Turns out, Google earth is not my friend and I can't find anything with it. Im not asking for your secret spots but maybe a tip in the right direction, we are prepared to do the leg work. We travel full time and are currently in Cairns based and moving to Macaky over the next couple of months and will be in Mackay till February. Cheers
  9. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!