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  1. Some of the Fittings that I have gone with. Also Catch n Release system for Alum Braked Trailer. Rod Locker should be a fantastic addition. Plus large Divided Live Well Front deck and Live Bait tank at rear. HDS 9 Live, Hydrowave, Minn Kota 54Lb from old Boat with new base. Yamaha 60HP High Thrust with 6YC Multifunction Lever.
  2. Well today was the day, the new Quintrex Hornet Trophy 440 Side Console arrived today.Was able to sit in it and work out what extras and where they should go.Very happy with the Choice and will try and take a few more pics as it is fitted out this week.Yamaha 60hp High Thrust to go on tomorrow, then transfer the Minn Kota, Hydrowave and install Lowrance HDS 9 Live. Lots of other goodies and positioning of rod holders as well.Very Happy with the Lockable Rod Locker and can take right up to fly rods or 9ft.Huge Livewell up front and smaller down back with Pumps for both
  3. Getting Excited now, the Initial work done at Quintrex, pick up from Factory and delivery to Dealer Monday afternoon.Will be going to check where all the extras are going to be fitted at Dealers.That will be nearly a week and then to Advance Canvas for its Travel/Storage Cover.Will be another few days.But hopefully we are getting near.Should go well with the High Thrust 60hp Yamaha behind the 440 Side Console Hornet Trophy.No fancy paint jobs, just your basic white with a few standard stripes.They could not fit fuel filler on Port side and gone for full length of floor for Lockable Rod Locker.Hopefully have thought of what I need fitted up front.
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