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  1. Sorry Hamish. I was referring to North Beach’s boat, not mine. Sigh. -At least I bought a tube today to tow with the boat when I finally get it.
  2. Great news that your boat is nearly ready! I know the wait can be very frustrating. Almost at an end now. Enjoy!
  3. Another link. This time about prawning.
  4. GregOug

    Nrl 2020

    Yeah. Good luck with that Gad! Lol
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    Keep doing well at school Hamish, get a decent job, save 10% of everything you earn and you can have any of these boats when you get older cheers Greg
  6. Oh. And take a cast net.
  7. Not sure how far you are willing to travel from Airlie but there is a great bommie which breaks on low tide a couple of hundred metres off the eastern edge of Deloraine Island. Huge trevally, mackerel etc inhabit the area. Beware though, the current races past the bommie at times. Even if you don’t catch a feed a trip to Deloraine is worth just for the beauty and remoteness of the place. cheers Greg
  8. Thanks Junky.Some good info there. I already have some lever drag overheads in my kit bag. And I’m totally with you on jigging being too much like hard bloody work! I actually just bought a trolling board after reading an article Hamish mentioned so got to figure that out now. Lol
  9. That’s funny because I just bought 600m of Stren 10kg mono to put on my TLD10! Lol.
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    This looks like another one that might be worth considering if your in the market for a new boat. As with my previous posts about boats, not recommending it, never seen it, just posting it for members info. cheers Greg
  11. Thanks Ellicat. Much appreciated.
  12. Hi all, Just letting everyone know there’s a fishing, camping and 4x4 expo on tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday at the Redcliffe Showgrounds for those that weren’t aware. cheers Greg
  13. Hi all, Looking to buy a rod for trolling lures around 8-10 knots in Moreton Bay. I want something that is suitable for trolling for mackerel, tuna, wahoo etc. Any thoughts on strength of rod, line class, roller versus normal runners etc. And what size reel, and what line strength would you spool the reel with? Any favourite trolling lures as well. I like the rapala style in red and white myself. cheers Greg
  14. Probably not. Not enough brains.
  15. Probably a good time to remind everyone to be extra careful when boating at the moment due to all the floating debris that will no doubt be everywhere
  16. Just attaching a link to a short article about the Moreton Bay flush out after all the rain. cheers Greg
  17. Another thought. Do you own the house? If so, just fill the V with soil, compact it and get the driveway re concreted. Problem solvered. (pun on an old paint brand called solver).
  18. Mate. Looking at your diagram I would suggest some solid flat metal ramps. i have no idea how to sketch like you guys but just imagine two planks (one for each wheel) spanning the crevasse in your drawing. In other words put a metal plank over the V so that you have a relatively flat section to reverse over. Then chock the trailer wheels before uncoupling the trailer from the vehicle. The planks would obviously have to be strong enough to take the weight of the trailer and vehicle. But then again, after a few reds, I could be wrong. cheers Greg
  19. Thanks Old Scaley (lovely name by the way). I got it working but you don’t put the @ in front. cheers Greg