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  1. Yeah, awesome how you got so close Made bigger waves than some trailer boats Cheers Hamish
  2. Hi GregOug That is good news, you must be excited! Cheers Hamish
  3. Hi North Beach Awesome boat! I know GregOug can't wait to get his I'll be excited to hear some stories on/about it when you take her out for her maiden voyage. Cheers Hamish

    Nrl 2020

    Hi Gad I'm excited too watch it, won't see all of it but hopefully the first half Cheers Hamish
  5. Hey fishingnut Alright, nor do I Like you said, there is nothing wrong with keeping a feed (if legal) Cheers Hamish
  6. Hi Gad Wow, I'm surprised that they frequented around the mouth, is there some sea grass around there? Cheers Hamish
  7. Hi fishingnut That's very nice, they must've been yummy (if you kept them ) Cheers Hamish
  8. Hi christophagus Great session, I really need to get out on my kayak with my dad (hopefully in the coming weeks). I've never chased jacks before either, and that's something I'd like to do too Cheers Hamish
  9. They had a nice session ellicat Cheers Hamish
  10. Hi Aal Yeah, it is a very nice place isn't it - My family tries to go up there annually, we all like it so much Cheers Hamish
  11. Hi rayke1938 That makes sense, I hope the rangers find and fined all of them. Cheers Hamish
  12. Hi rayke1938 Good to see some good redclaw, they must be absolutely thriving with all the new food (grass). Some nice bass and the yella too, looks like a fun day overall By the way, is it not allowed to fish in the Beeville Road area? (not that I've fished there before). Cheers Hamish
  13. G'day Aal While I will not be much help with Iluka, I can recommend another location. Brunswick Heads is a fish rich place, has a great tackle shop and good fishing and crabbing. First off all, I'll start with the kayak. I mainly used mine to drop crab pots (will get to that later) but I scoped out a couple of spots that are only accessible from kayak and I know fish are there because I've seen them. Stonka Yellowfin Bream and massive Sand Whiting where feeding around the bridge pylons, in the river that runs into the main one. Here it is (by the way, it's not the first bridge, it's the second.) The blue line are where the fish are hanging around the pylons, red lines sandbanks (which my Dad and sister have seen fish congregating/feeding on when swimming) and the black lines being rock walls/family friendly parkland you can fish off. They park is a nice spot to chuck a couple of rods in the holders, order some chips and have a feast Also on the kayaks, you can drop crab pots. I got a sandy, but that was after I found the spot to drop them. I assume it is good because someone dropped four pots in a line there, so you must produce. This is in the main Brunswick River, it's a bit of a paddle, we were launching from the caravan park. Once again, blue is where I think you should put pots in (if you do), the red part is where I'd say launch from (you might as well launch from the boat ramp though, and the black bits are where I've crabbed with no luck. Finally, that rocky groin next to the red circle has produced very well for me, with flathead and bream in abundance. I have gotten a big take on an unweighted pilly there too, and caught Moses Perch. My rig of choice is a running sinker with a shank hook to suit the bait, and I've seen some guys pull up about 5 luderick on the opposite groin. Baits that have been productive have been prawns, pilchards, mullet strips and worm. If you've got anymore questions, I'll try to answer them, I am not saying go to this spot either, and I don't know much about LBG there (been to rough to go on the rocks all the times we've been there) and I'm sure Illuka would have fishing better, if not as good. Hope this helped Cheers Hamish
  14. Hi Dinodadog That is very impressive, I would've thought they stay in the same river system their whole lives, go to spawn and then come back Cheers Hamish
  15. Hi Aal That is true, it is always best to source your own bait and avoid servo station stuff - it's often battered and old. Cheers Hamish
  16. Hi all Here is Brisbane River Session #7, while I did donut, and it wasn't a very successful fishing trip, I will give the statistics for anyone else's reference So, after some help around the house, tennis practise this morning, table tennis, mowing the lawn and rigging some rods I convinced my Dad to take my sister, our dog and I to Captain Burke Park, under the story bridge. We got there and saw two kids fishing, maybe about 12 or 13. I was mainly trying to catch livies for the duration they were fishing, but after nothing in about 15-25 throws I went up, and chucked out some dead herring (caught at Colmslie cast netting a while back) and waited. I was fishing off the side of the jetty, the tide was running out so it was quite shallow. They left in about 30 minutes, but they'd left their bait, fish blood and organs and a little bit of tackle on the jetty. There mum/brother was watching them, and it is a bit disappointing to see they weren't checking that it was clean. To be fair, she/he probably didn't have a clue. I couldn't tell them to pick it up either, by the time I realized they'd left. Other than that, I was having a pretty good chat, they said they'd caught a couple of 'baitfish', glassies I assume, and they were just getting pickered. I was there from about 4:00PM-6:15PM, we had to get back home to cook dinner. My dad was making a huge effort to get some livies too, throwing the net for the whole time (as well as helping my sister calm the dog after she barked for about 2-5 minutes for each dog she saw ), unfortunately only managing some toadfish, undersize yellowfin bream, small glassies and a small bony bream (all released to be eaten by a salmon). Here are the statistics of the trip, I think the next time I go back there it will be in the morning and on the rising tide. Also, I have a hike on for scouts tomorrow so that's another reason why I had to leave earlier than usual. Statistics of Trip Tide: 2:20PM high, 8:55PM low, so was fishing the run out. Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous Phase, so getting smaller and smaller - lasts for a week after full moon Weather: 30c, 86% humidity and the wind was up, probably blowing about 15Km/h, probably from that storm (ex-tropical cyclone) that is causing the big swell Bait Used: Herring, Bony Bream, Mullet, Frog-Mouth Pilchard, all dead Bait caught: Glassy x 4, Bony Bream x 1, Toadfish x 2, baby flathead x 1 - all was released Tackle Used: 30lb braid mainlines, 80lb mono leader, 100lb mono leader, 80lb mono traces, barrel swivel, size 6 ball sinker, size 1 star sinker, 20lb fluorocarbon leader, size 3 ball sinker, 4/o circle hook, 6/o circle hooks. Fish Caught: *embarrassed* Overall Success: 20% Hope you enjoyed Cheers Hamish
  17. Hey Breaming with bro That is very true, they do need more officers patrolling crowded/well renowned fishing destinations. The problem with them is they are in the wrong spot at the wrong time, and if they are, most of the time the people pull some crap such as "I don't understand," or "no English". Saying that, they still do fine a fair few people and educate the community about fishing That's a pity that they throw nets in NSW, I know I can't and there are many other ways of catching bait (i.e. bait jigs, drag nets, scoop nets, etc). Catch and release is what I do a lot of, the few times I will keep a fish is on a charter (annually with my Dad and I) and when I'm fishing with my uncle. My most 'famous' catch and release story was when I pulled up a 60cm odd flathead at Marcoola with my mate and his grandpa, didn't take a picture (no camera), didn't eat it (would've been delicious LOL) and watched it swim off - it's a great feeling. Hi ellicat Yeah, I think the only other state you are allowed them in is NT - maximum size of 18 footer, whereas in QLD it's a maximun size of a 12 footer. Here's the Fishwatch for NSW, by the way, for anyones reference (well that one is a form to fill out, more for overfishing) 1300 550 474 (that is the phone number) Cheers Hamish
  18. Hi Breaming with bro Good to see a healthy population, and I didn't know kingfish grew that fast Cheers Hamish
  19. Hi ellicat Thanks for that, will write it down and call if I see anyone doing so Cheers Hamish
  20. G'day Breaming with bro Alright, that's a pity. At least everything (that isn't vermin) will get a flush down to where you are Good your river system doesn't have much fishing pressure, on the Brisbane, you get some people who will keep everything they catch That happens in most busy spots though. Cheers Hamish
  21. Hi ellicat That's good they were tagging them back then, impressive how far it swum too Cheers Hamish
  22. Hi Breaming with bro I might have a watch, I've watched a bit of your channel too (says in your bio, that's how I know). Good you got the reel working, I always wipe mine down and lube them at the end of a trip Cheers Hamish
  23. Hi North Beach It must be exciting getting the new boat, a lot of fun! Cheers Hamish
  24. Hi GregOug Thanks for that, some good tips in there. I really need to get out prawning sometime Cheers Hamish
  25. Alright, if I ever go for pelagics I'll keep this in mind Cheers Hamish