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  1. Guys, thanks for all the encouragement!! Nog, probably a fluke scoring the bream. Beginner luck. thank you for the info on Brissy Ffc and gold coast also. . Im on Dad duties this week so cant make it over tonight. But id love too in future would be great talking with some great talking with some great fly fisherman. I just hope im not ingraining too many bad habits. But cheers for your info and encouragement.
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  3. thanks Lads for the replies. Appreciate it! Yeah been on a high all day. Cant wait to go again. For anyone interested used a 200 dollar 8wt combo. and bms estuary fly. Lime green one. 8 size hook. Hamish, when you get into it the bug will bite hard. im hooked. I love casting as frustrating as at times i find it so relaxing. Cheers again!!
  4. This is my first post here. Had to come tell someone!! What a rush. First time out with the fly rod down near Victoria point Moreton Bay. Wasnt a monster, but still its a bream! Im so stoked right now!!