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  1. Cheers guys. Maybe I should have redirected my comments and looked at the primary species available off the sunny coast from boat. I'm pretty addicted to fishing but Aus is pretty new to me. Love the variety that I'm seeing online, just everything from freshwater bass to crabs and shrimp, on to marlin and wahoo. Looks to be a fishing paradise. Looks like you guys are going lighter on the gear than the kiwis. Seems like here it's a 6500 min unless softbaiting.
  2. Hi all. First post after doing quite a bit of reading. My family and I are moving from NZ to Sunshine Coast in about a years time and working through that process of what to take and what to sell. Originally from the US so have done a fair bit of freshwater fishing there and a lot of saltwater fishing in NZ. We've decided we'll sell our boat as it's too dear to import but planning on bringing our gear. As far as saltwater gear goes, we're set up with 5x 50W Tiagra sets, some Talica 16's and then 6500 series spinning gear. Looking through the forum this is looking like it may be overkill for a lot of the inshore species. Here we fish up to 25 miles out and try to target tuna and marlin in the summer and king fish and snapper throughout the year. Would this be a worthwhile batch of gear to bring along? Anyone want to start up a chat about appropriate size gear, not so much brand, that would be suitable to different fishing styles? Trying to digest everything on the forum but not living there some is a bit hard to imagine.
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