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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone I ended up just servicing the drag and it feels a lot better now although I’ll props still order a sheet of carbon
  2. Yeah ended up soaking the metal washer and felt washer in water for a couple of seconds and I also wiped the old grease off the drag knob there was not much left on there anyway .then I applied some light drag grease on the felt washer the top metal washer and the drag knob rubber put it back to together and it feels a lot better
  3. Just took apart the drag system the felt washer actually seems like it’s in good condition but there’s like no grease on it. I’ll just clean it and add a little bit of grease and it should help lmao there is like zero grease . And I know this isn’t a oiled drag system to it must have just run out
  4. I’ll have look I didn’t know they come with a spare drag washer in the box’s I’ll have a another look . Also There is only 1 drag washer in the 1000 size I looked up a tear down for the same model as mine
  5. I’ve looked all over the internet and only found 1 seller from the US on eBay that’s selling carbon drag washers for shimano stradic FL’s in the 1000 size but it would take way to long for them to come here . I was wondering if their is any Aussie dealers that are selling carbon drag washers precut for the Shimano Stradic FL 1000HG . The felt drag atm is a little rough it’s been through massive queenfish Mackrell GT giant lady fish and many more saltwater giants PB queenfish on 6lb braid with the Stradic 1000
  6. Wow that’s crazy though at their price points I would would rather get a Stradic 5000 or something but I will definitely be looking into them now
  7. Wow really I’ve only ever heard negative
  8. I wish I could go .they are like bream but a lot easier to catch and Great sport fish on light line if I’m ever up around that area again I’ll definitely be fishing for tilapia
  9. Yes it has pretty much no abrasion resistance you can also snap it with you’re fingers to although you have to try to snap it .you do have to put some force into it still
  10. Today I went out and bought some high quality 2lb fluorocarbon. ASSO fluorocarbon that is . It usually retails for $35 for 150m but it’s always on the clearance rack at my local tackle shop for $10 it’s awesome I’ve had heaps of experience with the 6lb asso and it’s super abrasion resistant best leader line I’ve ever used . Anyway after that I went down to my local river tied on a size 8 mustad fine worm hook and got some bread on the hook . The fishing was quite slow for awhile then all of the sudden I get a run set the hook and I’m on .fish goes from heavy structure where I caught it from and swims out to open water . Sweet just what I wanted after a decent fight on the 2lb FC leader I landed it with my net . It was a 28cm bream I caught 2 others around this size and kept them for a feed after that the fishing went slow again so I decided to pack up. The water was quite dirty today so I don’t think it would have made a difference with my catch rates if I used 6lb leader . I’m hoping I can test it out soon in super clear water .. secret spot where there is heaps of trophy size bream . Although last time I did hook one of those trophy sized bream with 6lb asso and it went for a massive run then busted me off so I don’t know how the hell im gonna land a trophy size fish on 2lb if I can’t even do it on 6lb overall success rate %80 time 4:00-5:00pm weather/conditions high winds 31 degrees moon phase waning gibbous 10 days before the new moon . Almost top of the tide going down second hour of the run out . Sunny barely any clouds in sight gear used . Shimano stradic 1000 HGFL . Atomic arrowz bream surface rod 2PC . 6lb daiwa J braid going to 3 metres of 2lb fluorocarbon bait bread hooks mustad Fine worm in size 8 if anyone wants to use 2lb leader this is my advice tie a simple but strong knot I recommend a UNI knot .mainly because the line is so thin you want to be able to easily tie a strong knot I would recommend using 2lb leader with a slow action 1-3kg or 1-4kg graphite rod matched with a reel that has a good drag a good drag is important when using 2lb leader it cannot be sticky all though my Stradic 1000 could use a drag washer replacement. I just don’t think a $40 Rovex/Jarvis walker 2000 is gonna cut it also make sure you have a lose but not super lose drag just test it before you start casting you don’t wanna snap you’re line when you set the hook Also you will need some sort of landing net The Stradic is running low on some braid just ordered some 10lb gliss for it the reel is quite underspooled atm although you can’t really see it in the photo Nice feed of bream on bread using the 2lb leader today
  11. From what I’ve heard from quantum it’s been all negative. I’m pretty sure they use zinc as their main gears that mates with a brass pinion gear. So idk how the long the gear teeth will last I know they use good grease in their reels. I think the sealing is pretty average nothing special but from what I’ve heard I would never buy a spinning quantum reel . For me the only spinning reels I would buy are from shimano daiwa and possibly VAN STALL probably not penn because their drive gears in their below $200 spin reels are garbage I’ve heard sometimes the gear teeth snap because they are made out of cheap zinc . Overall I prefer Shimano’s reels because they seem to have the best gearing and overall refinement