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  1. Buster now 2 years old also known as the garfish eating machine or the live bait thief He’s a blue cattle cross kelpie
  2. Oh also I will do some common Q&A for some questions beginners usually ask Q what strength line should I use A depends on what your catching but for small river and estuarine fish like bream flathead 6lb will do Q how big or small should my setup be A depends on what lures your using and also the fish your targeting .for bream/flathead I would use a 1-3kg rod And 1000 size reel for fish like trevally and tailor a 2-4kg rod and 2000 size reel For fish like Barra and jacks a 3-6kg rod and a 2500-4000 size reel will do Q how much should I spent if I’m just starting out A. For a reel you want something that can be used not just in the beginning stages but something that will last long and be durable and has some quality to it . If your just starting out a sienna or Sedona would be perfect as both reels last a long time and are very smooth and strong so generally $50-80 for a reel but sometimes if a reels on sale you’ll can score a reel such as a sienna for like $30-40 and for a rod I would suggest something like a daiwa laguna or daiwa aird x rod both can be found between $60-90 Q braid with a leader or mono . A Basically a general rule of thumb braid with leader for lures and mono for bait fishing . But that’s just a general rule of thumb sometimes I use braid with leader for bait fishing but sometimes I will use mono if I’m fishing surface lures and the water is super clear I will use 6 or 4lb mono . Just depends but I’d just fallow the rule of thumb Q DAiWA vs SHIMANO A both are great some stuff from daiwa is crap but also some stuff from shimano is crap but general I use both equally just stay away from Kmart fishing rods reels and lures and basically all Jarvis walker stuff unless it’s like hooks Swivels or sinkers because Jarvis walker actually make good hooks Q which brand of plastics is best A depends on what you like . I like zmans and some of the old school squidgies plastic but all plastics work as good as each other at the end of day berkley gulp zman squidgies savage gear kokoda keytech ecooda just to name a few work all well Q graphite or fibreglass 99% of time a graphite rod is best a fibreglass rod is rarely used instead of graphite. One of the only situations where you would use a fibreglass rod over a graphite is when your doing heavy duty game fishing ok there are just some common beginner questions I get asked a lot I hope that helps
  3. If your looking for knots to Learn I recommend uni knot and Alberto knot tackle advisors version for Alberto any questions just ask on the forum there are plenty of members that know more then The info you get on YouTube
  4. The new 2020 and old 2017 daiwa aird x rods are pretty similar to the raiders if you can’t find any raiders
  5. Leaving Bluewater now in total I landed 11 tilapia while one big one snapped the line my friend who was there caught /landed about 5-6 tilapia and one also snapped his line . So in total we thinned the tilapia population by 17 while I was there but I know that won’t make a huge difference but I think the more people that target tilapia the better as most of the fish in the creek were tilapia besides the odd Barra hope one this will change as tilapia are very bad news to the northern waters I could definitely see while there such strict on the laws . Seeing that fish like jacks and Barra simply couldn’t keep up with the way tilapia conpeat with other species was a little disappointing hopefully one day these fish won’t be in Australian waters . The last fish i caught there was big and had a mouth full of eggs . I was very happy removing a fish like that from Bluewater creek as that would reduce the population by a fair bit . Sorry for spelling errors
  6. Yep was using 6lb braid and 6lb FC leader and mustad fine worm hooks size 8 what I usually use for bream
  7. Yep there pretty fun to catch all though there really fussy and take forever to eat the bait . I’ve heard there harder to catch in winter because of this reason but when you can catch a few 40cm tilapia it’s worth it . I think there easier to catch in summer
  8. They sure did very good sport on light line . Not as good sooty Grunter though but 10/10 would recommend as a target species as their fairly easy to catch if you can see them/sight fishing .and a good sport very similar to the way bream fight
  9. Yeah uni knot is good for connecting hooks and swivels because it’s a lot stronger then a blood knot and for joint braid to mono/FC Albright is fine
  10. Today i went fishing for awhile at Bluewater creek north of Townsville fished with some slim swims nothing but 5-8cm mangrove jack nipping the tail . I seen some bigger fish which at first fought were decent sized jacks but even if I hooked one there was on no way I was landing the jacks on 6lb braid and leader I chucked out a few pieces of bread crust to see if there were bream this far down the creek as it leads to the ocean I seen a couple splash’s near my bread and As I had a closer look I seen it was tilapia that were smashing my bread not mangrove jack I Quickly rig up a small hook . put a piece of bread on and after a few cast I hooked a decent tilapia I quickly killed it and put it in a bucket. the tilapia stopped biting after that for about a hour then more tilapia came through and picked up my bread . I got 4 tilapia in about 40 minutes . A boy my age came down and we fished for a bit nothing took the bread they shut down again we went for a walk closer to the bridge and he managed to hook a tilapia after dodging a few turtles
  11. Welcome to the forum Kat the first things I would learn is tie a uni knot get information on forums fishing mags or YouTube for the species you want to target learn how weather and tides effect fishing for example for bream Fishing I like 2 hours before high tide fish lighter when I first started fishing 2 or so years ago I started with a cheap shimano fx 1000 and a short telescopic rod with 4lb mono . Note my gear is 50 times better now but in the beginning cheap and light is the way to go you will be able to catch good fish but as you get more experience with fishing roughly 6 months- to a year you might want to upgrade to something like a lure setup with braid And if you get snagged what I do is losen the line the pull back on it and flick the line like a bow and arrow . Kind of hard to explain but you can look it up hope that helps after fishing for awhile I would recommend starting to fish with lures as you generally get more hookups and better fish but for now just start with bait because both work extremely well also I will add if you’re right handed swipe your reel handle to the left side or if your left handed swipe your reel handle to right as you will get more casting accuracy and some other benefits I did it a few weeks ago and it’s a lot better hope that helps
  12. Also forget to add photos I’ll add them now
  13. Yeah it was very good ellicat finally being able to catch some fish that fight pretty good for their size to
  14. Yea I’ve heard people catch Barra there to but yeah the sooty Grunter were very aggressive on the zman slim swims the only lures that touched
  15. Today I went fishing at a campground near dotswood at a nice stream/river I used hardbodies for the first 40 minutes nothing I searched around and found a nice hole and seen a few fish Swimming around . kept switching lures until I got my zman slims swims out had a few cast and bang I seen a fish come out of no ware and smash my lure it was a decent fight was fishing for a 2-3 hours moved around a bit had a few breaks in between in total I caught 5 fish biggest one was 25cm and fought like if a bream and flathead had a baby . I’m having another break but will continue fishing in a hour or so and hope I can find some more spots on the river with more fish oh and btw all the fish were sooty Grunter