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  1. yea The cruise was great and yea lucky no one on ship had covid-19
  2. Sorry i have been busy lately with school. But anyway im gonna make this short and sweet . The cruise went well but we weren’t allowed in vanatu waters so we went to new zealand and eden instead btw i didn’t know woollies in New Zealand is called countdown for some reason the best part about the crusie was the teens club lol and mostly the hot girls in the teens club which i couldn’t resist and got their snapchats and are in touch now . I even kissed one and she didn’t hate it . Food and customer service was excellent .Edit sorry i was busy doing stuff on the ship and didn’t get any photos or videos besides hanging out with my friends i meet on the ship but im not showing them as I don’t want to get banned from the forum for inappropriate content
  3. Yea like AUS-BEN-FISHO said try using smaller hooks and make sure you rig the bait in a form that looks natural otherwise fish will just pick at the bait until the bait comes off the hook . And try using lighter lines for example when im bait fishing for bream i use 4lb leader and 6lb mainline but if im not sure what im going to target or catch on the day i will tie a 6lb leader just in case the flatties are around as you need the heavier leader so that don’t bust you off . So my general purpose setup would be a 3-8lb rod 2000 size reel and 6lb braid to 6lb leader . And that will give you the sensitivity and lightness to feel every touch also if your using a fibreglass rod maybe switch to a graphite rod as they’re thinner and more sensitive. Go light to get the bite is my advice but this could depend on the species your targeting . Im assume your talking about common estuary fish like whiting bream flathead and tailor. Also try using long shank hooks if your worried about the fish swallowing the bait as it is rare To guthook a fish using longshanks I prefer the longshanks over the circle hooks as both of these hooks rarely gut hook fish and I prefer to strike the fish instead of just reeling down . also barbs on the shank part of the hook help the bait stay on the hook a lot longer and hook up rates improve because of this . You can also pressdown the barb on the hook point with pillars which helps with your hookup rate just make sure when you reeling the fish in to have tension on the line at all times.
  4. Ok im back from the crusie . It was good unfortunately I didn’t get enough footage for a video , I’ll make another post later explaining more about the crusie anyway
  5. Lol im back for a few minutes. As the ports of call changed to New Zealand and eden instead of the islands . Hope everythings going good the cruise is great so far . Snorkeling was great at noumea .at new zealand now and it’s freezing lol and making use of the few minutes of internet i have in New Zealand
  6. Na they changed that us doller thing if you book in a crusie in aus you don’t use us dollers for drinks and stuff . Ok this is my final time on the forum cya everybody . So long and goodnight . And im not going to NZ on going to the South Pacific islands such as santo and villa
  7. Yea I’ll make a video when i get back and no I can’t take a rod to troll off the balcony 1 it’s against the rules and 2 I don’t have a trolling rod and 3 I shouldn’t be able to make this message on the forum but the apartment Im staying at has internet so lucky me. So this will probably be last time i will be on the forum . Once i board the ship tomorrow I won’t be able to go on the forum as the internet on the ship is slow. Cya and all the best
  8. Ok this is my final goodbye im leaving in 5 minutes . Cya hope you catch some big ones while i am away . Goood bye everybody
  9. I won’t be on the forum for 2 weeks as im going on a crusie with my family for almost 2 weeks im going on the voyager of the seas a Royal Caribbean crusie And im boarding on this Tuesday and leaving tomorrow to go drive 4 hours south all the way to sydney . Hope you guys catch some big fish while im gone and if someone gets Coronavirus I won’t be back till a month . SO LONG AND GOODNIGHT -Quote from my chemical romance from the song helena
  10. Yea Australia has endless fishing options and species . Buy a light spin combo and get out there and catch some fish if you need recommendations on fishing gear feel free to ask
  11. Where a few setups i think that would be good light setup 1000-2000 size reel 6lb braid 3-8lb rod medium setup 2000-2500 size reel 8-10lb braid 2-4kg rod medium heavy setup 3000 size reel 15lb braid 3-7kg rod if you want know more detailed setups and brands just ask any time also most of the fish here in Australia have sharp teeth so do your research on what leader is appropriate for the fish your targeting. One of favourite fish to target is bream the light setup i listed is what i use for bream I usually use a 4-6lb leader when targeting bream as they don’t have sharp teeth and are leader shy. Feel free to ask any questions .edit also yea tuna snapper and king fish fishing is fairly popular in Australia so the gear you have now you can use.edit again I’ll list some species you might want to try to target on the sunshine coast or most places on the east coast of Australia I’ll list some fish that are easy to learn how to catch . 1 bream 2 dusky flathead 3 whiting 4 tailor 5 trevally 6 eels . Hope that helps
  12. Unlucky you only got 1 fish at least it was relaxing . Hope you have a better hookup rate next time
  13. Yea I’ve got a lot of experience on cheaper reels and have watched a few videos taking apart shimano and daiwa reels so im pretty sure i know what im doing I’ve also done a lot of research and binge watched a lot of tackle advisors videos on youtube so i pretty confident taking apart a shimano cazna as there a fairly simple reel . But yea I wouldn’t open up a reel I don’t know much about for example I wouldn’t open up a cI4+ stradic or a diawa Ballistic . as I don’t know how they work unlike a reel under $100 which are fairly simple and yea i would either use daiwa or penn for grease and oil. Thanks for all the feedback. Edit yea i have good eyesight so i know if a washers missing or spring flys out where it goes back as I carefully look at everything before i move stuff around . And yea im going to use the cazna for a jacks and barra trip this year so im going to have put a little more grease then what it came with . And yes i know not to put too much grease in the reel . But the reel came with very little so i need to put some more on as to little grease can also be bad.
  14. Yea i know that thats why i only use 1 or 2 drops and wipe off excess oil with a rag . So that doesn’t happen so yea i will continue to oil the ball bearings just wipe off the excess so oil doesn’t get to the grease . Thanks anyway though . The reason why I don’t like grease on the ball bearings is because it slows the reel down which doesn’t make it as smooth. The only time i would use grease on ball bearings is if it was a surf reel as there highly likely to rust if you don’t . Thanks for the suggestion anyway