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  1. Yea I usually use 150m of braid but I will try 100m on this reel worse thing that can happen is I get a big fish and starts spooling my reel just thumb the spool and the leader knot will snap and if this happen s often I can just replace the line and put 150m of braid on
  2. Yea might have to tie a heavy leader for those jacks if I ever go north
  3. Yea once I try it a few times I will tell you thanks for all the feedback
  4. Yea just for smaller jewfish under a metre and yea small Murray cod worth a crack worse come to worse I will just switch it to 8lb braid and use it strictly for flathead and small trevally
  5. Had some 10lb braid lying around and decided to spool my new reel with it I managed to get around 100m metres of braid on my reel maybe a little more. I was wondering if this is enough. Will be possible be using this for fish like jewfish maybe small Murray cod if I go south one day or a mangrove jack if I go north . Yea so will this be enough ? Thanks
  6. Yea if you really need to use surface lures it will work but if your planning just to do surface lures on the day stick to a mono leader but if you not sure if you want to use soft plastics or bait or surface lures on the day just use fluorocarbon it’s very versatile compared to mono it doesn’t make a huge difference between the 2 when using surface lures if your using light leaders like 4-8lb as They don’t sink as fast as stronger fluorocarbons .general rule of thumb fluorocarbon for soft plastics. bait and small hardbodies and vibes mono for surface lures bait and some hard bodies basically to sum it all up the reason you use fluoro with soft plastics is because it sinks and so does the lure if you use mono with soft plastics it ruins the action of the lure and doesn’t sink probably And looks crap the reason you use mono with surface lures is Because it floats and doesn’t really sink that much or at all when slack. if you use fluorocarbon with surface lures it will pull the lure underwater a little depending on the breaking strain lower fluorocarbons don’t often do this and you can usually get away with using light fluorocarbon leaders as they don’t sink as fast Hope that helps that’s just my general experience with the 2 lines as a leader and spooled whole
  7. Yea thanks mainly using them for soft plastic fishing also bait fishing and maybe some surface lures
  8. I got a new rod and it also came with a bonus reel it was combo which is nice. got it at bcf for $150 usually $300 it’s a 2-5kg rod and it came with a 2500 size reel now I was going just to get a 3-5kg rod not a combo but when this came up I couldn’t let it slip away the rod feels really light and has a great action but feels durable at the same time . Now the reel feels really nice I was originally just going to put 8lb braid on my aird lt but I’m going to put it on this reel instead and turn my aird lt into a bait fishing reel or spare/backup reel . The reel Is a daiwa lexa Nero lt 2500 but I’m almost certain it’s a legalis lt with a different name and paint job .so here is my updated rod and reel setups 1 ultra light atomic Arrowz bream surface rod 2pc soon matched with Shimano Stradic fl 1000 6lb braid and daiwa aird lt 2000 as back up reel 2 light daiwa aird x 2-4kg rod matched with daiwa lexa Nero lt 2500 8lb braid 3 medium daiwa td Nero 2-5kg rod matched with upgraded shimano cazna 2500 10lb braid As you can see I like to mix different rod and reel brands to dial in the perfect spin combos just bored in semi quarantine so wondering what people think of these setups
  9. Yea I was using bread that day but yea I never target bream on lures because if I do I don’t catch many or none but if I target other fish like whiting or flathead on lures sometimes I get a few by catch bream and sometimes big bream. the 2.5 inch slim swims are my go to flathead lure but sometimes I will get some bream by catch on them no matter what colour I use
  10. Yea went fishing with my mate today at my closest rock wall we got some good bream luckily before i went fishing I gave my aird lt a service 6 months old now Used it 1-3 times a week to give a prospective how much this reels been used and abused because my reel was heavily abused by salt sand and big bream today and if I didn’t service it I don’t think it would have made It just gave it a good clean when we got back and wiped off the salt and sand and it’s good to go . I have to grease my drag washers regularly just to keep the felt washers from tearing because I use it so regularly it’s always having fish running and making the drag scream. Thanks for all the replies on this thread
  11. Yea thanks yea I’ve Seen the reel in person and know it’s small but I like reels small for most fishing applications I have A 2000 daiwa atm on my 1.5kg to 3.5kg rod but I’m gonna move that to my 2-4kg because i like a just like small reels there’s just a certain feel I like about them i I know they can handle decent size fish . I don’t know how people use 2500 siennas on 1-3kg rods it just feels so unbalanced and heavy and ruins the finesse feel I would normally use a 2500 reel on a 3-5kg rod .a 2000 isn’t bad but it doesn’t feel as light and powerful as a 1000 on a 1-3kg rod and I know for a fact that any 1000 reel can handle a good flathead or Jew even I cheap 1000s reel like a sienna but yea looking forward to getting the reel . Thanks for all the replies everyone
  12. Wow can’t believe this thread has been going for 7 years one of the first post on this thread was a basic overview of the good old Stradic FJ meanwhile I’m saving up for the new Stradic fl which is 10 times better then the old fj when I get my Stradic and fish with it a bit I will do a review on this thread to keep it going for years to come