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  1. Yea a similar thing happened last winter 2019 winter. a kingfish from i think sydney not 100% sure about that cause i seen it awhile ago but i think it was caught in sydney tagged and released and then swim north to my local breakwall which is roughly a 4 hour car drive from Sydney. And was caught at the breakwall and released again . Edit found the article
  2. And yea big believer in keep what you need and if you can catch and release . On prefer to catch and release i find it more relaxing
  3. Yea the bad thing about that though is the water police are rarely on the water so a lot people use cast nets and get away with it But yea hopefully i can use that number one day . Usually the people that use cast nets are quick and sneaky usually only just to get bait then go back home and freeze it. Btw if your wondering cast nets are fully banned in nsw . I think Queensland is different though
  4. Yea thanks i was going to upload the video of me catching those flathead and the 1 bream under an hour but I didn’t like how it turned out . So next time i go out fishing i will upload a video which unfortunately won’t be a while since my river system had a flood and is full as a docters wallet and is dirty as sewer water on the + side it opened up the river mouth which hasn’t been open in a few years . So that should inprove the the ecosystem .the river doesn’t have too much fishing pressure as most people that fish where i live don’t catch much mostly the rarely go fishing or still need to learn a bit more
  5. I’ve literally spent over 2 hours binge watching a youtube channel called tackle advisors he has the best advice on tackle he is always non biased and is great with any fishing tackle . In fact after binge watching most of the stuff I retired my alberto knot to his version of the alberto knot as his version is similar to the normal alberto knot but its a bit better . And i also fixed one of my dads reels which was not smooth the anti reverse was broken and also the roller bearing was a bit stiff . I got to work i gave the anti reverse mechanism a wipe because it had oil on it somehow i then opened the guts of the reel . Removed all the old grease and guts and then with new grease. greased all the guts and put then back in . Also removed the grease on the ball bearings and added a bit of oil and put it back together and then put a drop of oil on the roller bearing . And gave it wipe with a rag with a bit windex on it to get rid of any oil or grease on the body of the reel and to also make it a bit shiner . After that the reel not only was fixed and working the reel was smoother then it was brand new which I don’t why . Maybe because the reel came with grease on the ball bearings instead of oil thats my guess .But anyway check him out his YouTube name is tackle advisors
  6. Yea i know i have a long sad story about how I actually started using braid . Yea i was also pretty unlucky about the dud reel. Ok ready for the long story . I first started fishing when i was 9/10 with a cheap kmart rod i was also fishing with cheap nasty k mart lures to i could never know why i wasn’t catching anything 9/10 times i wouldn’t catch anything . Anyway fast forward till im 12 i get a cheap shimano combo slightly better then the kmart gear . Shimano fx 1000 reel spooled with 4lb mono and a telescopic rod I started to fish with bread unweighted and I finally started to catch fish mainly small bream and sometimes a above legal bream and the odd mullet anyway I learned that to fish with lures you need a graphite rod a decent reel and braided fishing line . So I’ve been using braid for 6 months now and I’ve also got a some better gear including 2 graphite rods 1 daiwa reel and a shimano cazna . And its been great finally be able to catch fish . So really this is why I’ve said I’ve only been fishing for 1 year now since i got the cheap shimano combo because thats when i first actually started to learn how to fish probably. Yea now I’ve started to use lures again and it seems to be successful . Bread and zman soft plastics are now my go to choices. I also fish with 4-6lb fluorocarbon leaders i find the lighter you can go the better . Im turning 14 this year so by the end of year i will have 2 years of experience . Oh my lines i use Go to braidline - daiwa j braid x8 go to leaderline Sunline fc rock
  7. Yea ok will keep in mind for future . I kept the spool as i will probably buy another sienna in the future maybe in a few years also the fact that i put some braid on it i got for Christmas. Yea if i have a dud reel which i hope I don’t get . I will give it to a junky for i got enough reels for now . I think 2 is enough reels for estuary and river fishing
  8. Yea thanks but i only need 2 reels for now and i have them but will keep in mind for future my 2 reels are Daiwa aird lt 2000 -6lb braid shimano cazna 2500- soon to be spooled with 10lb braid
  9. i got a cazna after my dud sienna crapped it self . Note im glad i kept the handle from the sienna fe as it fits perfectly into the cazna i actually perfer the sienna handle over the cazna handle so i will keep the handle that came with the cazna as a spare. Sorry for bad photo. Edit I actually don’t mind the handle knob on the cazna so i will probably use both handles equally depends on what i feel like i the day. Honestly thought I’d hate the handle knob on the cazna but its not half bad so will use both sienna and cazna handles on the cazna. Yea i really love the feel of the cazna . I honestly prefer this over the sienna fe . But i still wish my sienna wasn’t a dud though as i both love them. Another edit i pretty happy today as everyone in my year including me got a day off school today still don’t know why in year 8 btw. Sorry for the bad spelling will fix later
  10. Yea I’ve been using a fishing dairy for a year now . Helps to pick out good days for fishing
  11. Yea hope so it should i know people that mis treat then and they they still run smooth and are in working order . The only thing about the cazna i have to get used to that weird handle knob that put on it instead of the usual handle knobs
  12. Yea na its too late to repair I’ve already chucked it . I’ve had a bad history with the sienna series of reels so I thought by buying a cazna it might end the bad luck .even though It was just a coincidence . This first started when i got the new 2019/2020 sienna fg reel the one i got had a lot of play in it and it was smooth but not as smooth as the fe so I returned it and got the fe . Fe was great until this happened . And also the cazna is was cheaper then usual thats why I bought it. Edit and no saltwater got in there i pulled the whole reel apart and there was zero sign of any salt or wear and tear
  13. I recently got the shimano sienna 2500 fe great smooth reel. After 1 fishing session i noticed the anti reverse system didn’t work anymore . So silly me thought why don’t i open the reel and check it out after doing that I couldn’t even find the problem anyway so then I realised about shimanos 10 year reel warranty i had . Read the conditions and it said something about once a reel is opened and put back together they won’t except it . So i was a bit sad about that . So i took the whole entire Reel apart and put it back together see if it will fix anything. 1 it didn’t fix the anti reverse and now the reel felt like a coffee grinder for same reason . So i tossed the almost brand new reel in the bin and kept the spool and reel handle . And I bought the shimano cazna 2500 to replace it . A bit disappointed but atleast the sienna i got was cheap . The cazna i picked was $47.50 on special so I quickly bought that as I’ve heard the really good value for money reels . And there also pretty smooth . So im looking forward to getting that and not worrying about the $50 i wasted on a dud sienna . Has anyone else had or heard about siennas doing this? Thought it was unusual as siennas are usually a go to reel for budget lure fishermen
  14. Did you really need to keep that many fish . There’s a lot lol .I don’t know where I’d put em you could feed the whole town with that many fish far out