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  1. Thanks Aussie123 - Sorry should have clarified - I never parked the Jayco caravan there. Its a new house
  2. Thanks Greg - unfortunately I can't fill in the V due to the surrounding landscaping and neighbours. Appreciate the idea though. BTW - whats the tallest Jockey wheel anyone has come across?
  3. I can try and borrow my father-in-laws caravan again to test. Not sure if there is a wheel jockey that will give me the range I need to raise the hitch off the towbar, but allow me to lower it enough to hitch it back on Thanks again
  4. Thanks ellicat - a diagram is a good idea - see below that explains the dilemma
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  6. Thanks for the replied - slope is up from the road. Boat would be a bow-rider, and it would be a Toyota Prado. I had a similar problem with my Jayco EAgle caravan and ended up parking it in the street until I sold it. Thanks
  7. Hey Everyone - has anyone had experience with parking their boats on steep short driveways? I'm looking to buy a boat but worried about the departure angles and being able to hitch the boat on and off the car. Would love to know how others might have solved this? Thanks in advance
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