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  1. Great report Hamish - must have taken some time to write. Lucky you're on holidays. It was certainly peaceful out there and even though we caught nothing and I felt stiff as a board getting out it was a fun night. A couple of things you missed though..... - how you got me there on a Sunday night after getting me up at 5am to help catch some live bait. "Apparently" some one on north side had entered a whole lot of fish and it was now 6 all with only one day remaining - a threadfin salmon could ensure South side wins! What a sucker - clearly I need to read more posts. Hamish filled me in on the way home that actually south side had it well won. - who was unloading post trip at 10:00pm and who was off snoozing in bed? Anyway can't complain as all I need to do is show up with all the gear prepared for me and all the rods and reels being cleaned the following day. A bit like a charter!
  2. A great morning even though Hamish got me out of bed at 5am - actually I lie, I got him out of bed because his alarm woke most people in the house except him! Thanks for igniting a passion in Hamish for lures @samsteele115 . We've been live bait mainly because of a poor strike rate with lures in the river but was great to hook a good flattie. We'll certainly have one rod on the yak with a lure on it going forward. Feeling a bit sore today with two days on the water paddling. Maybe I'll have to look at the electric motor someone has been pressing for......
  3. Both feeling a bit sore today. Out of practice! Only had limited time before dark to get there and back - unbelievably Hamish paddled non stop all the way back!! Normally he's a part timer in the front. Interesting spot - we'll head back again in a few weeks and give Hamish some more time to try and land something.
  4. Hey Leo, interested to hear how you go. As others have noted you may be tippy depending how stable your yak is. Might be worth keeping your eye out for standard seat you can use. See below on gumtree just saw now. For longer trips these go quite well. Shorter trips I don't worry about any seat. I find turning around in the back to grab out gear a bit painful - you look to have a fair bit! Make sure the frequently used stuff goes in the hatch or maybe under your seat! cheers
  5. Hi Rayke, Amazing number of fish. Hamish tells me this is a small haul compared to others.... What are the prospects for us on the kayak (with a sounder) but on paddle power only? Thinking of a trip to try and catch a bass since we've struck out on the upper brisbane river a few times now. cheers
  6. Hi Ellicat, I'm right to come along with Hamish next Wednesday if the weather continues to look okay. Would you like to finalise things over PM in the next few days? cheers Dave
  7. We've got a double sit on kayak and yes it is a bit heavy getting on the roof at 35kg or so. I bought some of the suction cup sliders that you can put on the back of your vehicle and just slide the kayak on without lifting. That was pretty good. However now I have half a helper I can just lift it on. In terms of your decision making........ it was easy for me as I much prefer a kayak and paddling around. Generally I am the motor for Hamish who just throws his line out while I'm positioning in the river or moving to the next spot!. In earlier years I could take out two of the kids with one in the middle so was still a bit of a family outing. Having said that I'm sure Hamish would prefer we had a tinny and if you are wanting to do fishing yourself and have one or two of your kids with you a tinny may be required!
  8. Well done Hamish, I'm surprised I didn't hear you yelling given I just missed the hookup by five minutes or so! Time interval between threadfin salmon catches is certainly dropping! Down to see how you are going now.........
  9. Hi everyone, My son has convinced me to join up and check out all of the posts. Have to say while I don't mind throwing the line in I'm happy to paddle the young fella around in our kayak and watch him catch all the fish! Cheers Cavvy P.S. You guys know Hamish right
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