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  1. Jigging encompasses so many different scenarios it is almost impossible to recommend suitable tackle without knowing just what fish you are gong to target, what depth of water you intend to fish and what your budget is. If you are proficient with their use I would go for an overhead style reel in preference to a spinning reel for jigging, they are mechanically stronger with better designed drags. If you do go for a spinning reel you will need to dig deep and buy one of the top shelf reels designed to handle the job or you will be disappointed. The newer carbon rods, especially the high modulus Japanese carbon blanks are much lighter and stronger than traditional fibreglass rods and can now be bought quite cheaply, they look like toys but are very strong and are a joy to use. There are also some good jigging reels coming out of Korea, Malaysia and China that can handle the stresses of jigging without costing a fortune, I have a few and since buying them I have left my Shimano's in the cupboard. As Ed has said, don't discount Okuma's, they make some very good reels.
  2. They lose the stripes once they get to about 5kg, all those fish are well over that.
  3. Those are reds mate, we also caught a lot of Large Mouth Nannies as well, I will see if I can dig up some photos.
  4. The fishing opportunities on the reef are endless Hamish. Where we were living at Daintree we had the option of fishing the fresh sections of the river for Barra, Tarpon, Jungle Perch and Jacks or the lower reaches of the river for Barra, Jacks and a variety of other fish. We could fish the coastal stretches for Barra, Fingermark, Grunter, Trippletail or hundreds of other species. There were wrecks close to the coast that were covered in fish that southerners only dream about. The fishing available on both the inner reefs and the outer reef would blow you mind, Cobia are prolific and considered a pest, Spangled Emperor averaging 4kgs can be caught two at a time when they are thick and are also considered a pest. Trevally are available in all sizes across many species and at times are so thick it is impossible to catch anything else. Coral Trout are a main target species, I would throw back any over about 3kg or under 2kg and still get my bag limit when I wanted to. Red Emperor are also a target species, I caught 7 in two hours all between 8 and 12kg, they were kept for a special function. The fishing off Cairns has deteriorated in the last 30 years due to fishing pressure, the further north you go the better it gets. From Daintree north it is still amazing if you know what you are doing.
  5. I think this is a good move mate, I find once you get much over 6 feet the extra length causes more problems than advantages out of a boat. My favourite boat rods that could be termed multi purpose, that is chucking lures, drifting out a live bait or fishing the bottom are all between 6 feet and 6 feet 6 inches. I have specialised boat rods from 4 feet to 7 feet but that is not what you are looking for. I lived at Daintree for 7 years, I really miss fishing the reef.
  6. Thanks Hamish, I have been fishing for about 60 years so have accumulated a bit of gear and worn out a bit as well. I still have an Abu 5000c that I bought with my first pay cheque 49 years ago and it still works fine, I had to put some savings to my pay to cover the $36 cost, quality reels last if you look after them. The old saying "you get what you pay for" is no longer true, price is no indication of quality anymore. Most high end reels are very good but some of the cheaper reels coming onto the market are exceptionally good for the price with quality approaching reels costing two and three times as much.
  7. You will be very happy with it mate.
  8. G'day mate, as you may be able to tell by my username I have way more gear than any normal fisho should need including a Stradic. I have the 2500FJ and it is an excellent reel and has stood up well, I'm sure the FL would be just as good if not better. I have many more expensive reels than the Stradic, including a Stella and top of the range Daiwa's but the Stradic gets used as much as any of them. The 1000 is a very small reel but I am sure you are aware of that, it is my goto size for whiting but will easily handle any bream.
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