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  1. Noice. I have had mine for about 2 months now. First glass boat - Have always had tinnies. I sold a 5 m Stacer Crossfire and bought the SS64. Overall I am pretty happy. It rides OK in the bay (thought it might handle the short bay chop a bit better given the 21 degree deadrise). It hit's harder than the crossfire which has an awesome hull for a tinny. Have had a few quality control problems I need to get sorted...screws missing/falling out, cracked gel coat near foot well due to glass rubbing on glass, and a couple of other irritating things. I also got a Mercury V8. The engine is tops. Very happy with it. I'm going to get a trolling motor fitted (need to get some custom glass or stainless for that) and also put a removable casting deck up front. Overall - pretty happy. The rear deck is great for casting lures...The black hull and sides suit me because I like squid and the ink is not showing up on boat... Cheers, John
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  3. Hello All, I am a new member from north side of Brisbane. I regularly fish in bay, the Bribie passage, around Moreton Island, Redcliffe, Scarborough, Woody Point, The Pine as well as waters around Elliott Heads. Looking forward to trading fishing and boating tips. TS
  4. Hi Mate, Just wondering if you ended up getting the SS64? The reason I ask is that I have one too ... was wondering how it is working out for you? You made any mods for fishing etc?
  5. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!