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    Twin 3yr old boys 7yr old Girl and loving wife. Life’s good but something was missing.....my fishing had been neglected for 7yrs!!its time to take it back 🤣
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    Fishing, AFL, Surfing, Hack of Golf and obsessing
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    Project Manager

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    Estuary and Coastal Fishing
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    Grassy Sweetlip
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    Hardbody Lures
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  • Bream
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    Maori cod 48
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    Spaniard 110
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    64 they get massive in Noosa
  • Mangrove Jack
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    About 150 it was so big I couldn’t bring it aboard Without a gaff so set it free
  • Tuna
  • Snapper
  • Grassy Sweetlip
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    40 🤣 it was a baby and I was in my yak scared to death that’s it’s mumma was going to knock me off my yak
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    Doesn’t deserve won yet 😂

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  1. Do it mate he’s a good bloke very helpful and responsive
  2. Nicely played Southsiders you definitely smashed us! Great banter all round but I thin @GregOug took out that category for northsiders
  3. These just arrived and bloody excited to use them ! Handmade by Andy @ sucoast skutes https://instagram.com/suncoast_skutes?igshid=1eir6duw5mj1p
  4. First tinnie had a 4.9 runabout few years back on the Goldie.
  5. I guess Wello, port, north reef is where I fish mainly and on those mint days just want the option of hitting green etc. thanks for all your advice
  6. Thanks mate. I will keep an eye out because I’m obsessed
  7. Thanks everyone sound advice. I think I’ll scrap the idea of anything under 4 or maybe just wait another few years and get something bigger to suit the family. For now I’ll stick to my yak and Offer my deckie services, Brian will agree I am handy when it comes to pulling up an anchor on numerous occasions to get on your mark in 20m
  8. For the next few year it will be just myself mainly and maybe one other on board
  9. Thanks legends! Advice taken on board. reason for a cheap tinnie is.....after my trip with Brian yesterday to curtain I showed my wife the photos of Moreton Island and said how good would it be Able to take the family Over there on day trips and she said I can buy a boat for that in 3-4years when they are older (my twin boys are 3) so I said in the meantime I need a tinnie and she said if I give up one bad habit I can get one hence the need for something cheap. I can probably spend around 3k without being hassled by her but worried about what condition motor I get with that on a 4+Meter oh third world problems
  10. I think that’s a great idea! Let’s start a yearly individual comp and add a few more species?? And Add smallest
  11. Hi legends! Need some advice on tinnie size and hp to fish around green and mud etc. I wouldn’t go in anything over 10knots. i was thinking 3.7 25horse. Something like this? interested in your thoughts leo