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  1. Exactly! Snaps a sweets are may favourites.....just need to find them
  2. Wow well played! It’s a a great spot also for land based tuna And Mac fishing off the rocky point
  3. Welcome mate! I’m new to forum also and so far very helpful bunch. I fish out of a makeshift yak off Redcliffe-Scarborough jealous of your rig. I’m trying to convince the wife that I need a tinnie for safety
  4. Thanks for the info I just checked it out, amazing effort. Where do u take your yak out?
  5. Hi all so never fished the Wynnum side I live smack bang in the middle of Wynnum and Redcliffe but have been to Redcliffe on the last two trips. Keen to explore the other side and some advice would be greatly appreciated. Im in my little yak which handles north reef ok what would be some snap holding spots I could reach in the yak around Wynnum manly?
  6. Yeh but also a strong flashy for when I hear a motor I start waving it around
  7. Mate good to let the just legals go for another day. Won’t eat tailor but flatty yes but unless 40+ not worth keeping. Happy to let them grow. Good luck I reckon
  8. Brrrr 0530 launch dropped the pink poltergeist in the water about 500m later the real screamed I was on! Excitement pumped through my numb body then...disappointment....I was snagged good and proper, lost pinky (that’s what I named her) so reverted to drifting baits. No snaps picked up a legal flatty and let her go. Hours past and no bites so dragged my dumb body back to shore only to then realise how far I had gone out. A good 45mins latter I basically fell out of the yak to dream of another day
  9. Thanks guys. I’ve read up a bit and seen some good vids on similar 3m divers doing the trick but like all fishing u gotta do the time. No doubt you will hear all about it if I score
  10. took the yak out for its first trip during the week off Redcliffe chasing snaps with bait. I boycotted the chair idea I posted last week....only because the bloody fabric ripped before I had a chance to test it out in water anyway conditions were perfect no wind not cold sun setting to a high tide. Spent 3hrs drifting baits got hit a few times but no snaps. I did land a nice tailor and quickly released. heading back out before sunrise tomorrow but going to try out trolling a couple new lures I picked up today TMg poltergeists they look deadly enough so hopefully fingers crossed here snapy snapy anyone has some luck with these??
  11. Yeh just thought of using zip ties as it all lines up to the d rings. My worry is stability effect. Going to test it out in my pool first
  12. Love to know what you think and if it’s going to work?
  13. Leosonfire


  14. Onya benno yeh I’ve heard plenty of yakkas troll divers I’ll have to some men are large from my boat days. What have u been catching with them? What types do u use?
  15. Thanks for the reply love a good flattie tail definitely give it a go