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  1. If your transom is rotten, nothing short of replacing the wood is going to work. If it is sound, and you wish you wish to strengthen it. add some aluminium plates on the outside and inside to spread the load. Or you could add a fitted aluminium plate to go from the top of the transom to the rear seat and secure it in position. Some other things to consider in addition to what was mentioned in previous posts. If you go from a two stroke to a four stroke, weight goes up. Some engines are essentially the same model but have different HP and would weigh the same +/-
  2. I have only camped overnight once, through necessity not choice, but if I did it often and by choice i would carry a Jump starter such as just in case.
  3. Not so much of a sounder setting, but rather something I have found out over time. If you leave your sounder/gps on board your boat with the connections still plugged in the back(rather then physically remove it) you should consider installing a switch to cut off the power to the unit. My units have direct connections to the battery, and of course I turn them off when not in use. However because there is still power going to the head unit, the pins that connect are susceptible to corrosion (that green stuff). Yes I use dielectric grease, but the corrosion can still occur. Adding a toggle switch on the power in side, cuts the power to the head unit and this corrosion no longer occurs.
  4. gungadin


    I heard that Evinrude is making outboard motors again. Not what we are used to seeing, but all below the transom. Also they are teaming up with an Australian company to market them "down under" You will only be able to buy a complete package, no retrofitting to your present boat. Makes me and a few others think they are going electric so only the leg is behind the boat. Anyone else heard anything about this?
  5. good be an excellent buy
  6. Looking at the ad, I cannot find anywhere where it says Shimano. Am i missing something?.
  7. Yes it is true, salmon fishing can be very enjoyable but not the same as it used to be unfortunately. Hamish. When I was much younger, I would launch the boat at 0400-0530 and be home with my limit of salmon by 0700, just in time to cook up a lovely cohoe for my wifes breakfast. Now it is almost all catch and release for most of the season.. Our stocks have been devastated by climate change, loss of herring. drift net fishing, open pen fish farms and poaching among many other things. We have come to the point of no longer allowing fishing in some areas to protect the food chain for killer . whales. . What is good though is the return of humpback whales to our area.
  8. We do a lot of trolling for salmon here, and a lot of people use cruiser type boats with a cuddy cabin and steering up forward. Two years ago we installed a rear mounted steering control so that he could stand at the rear of the boat and steer his kicker while still being able to see where he is going and watch his downriggers at the same time. His kicker is tied into his main for steering.
  9. This is where I mounted it. It is not a marine product that I used, but an under hood light from a Kenworth log truck. I measured the height difference between the bow lights and it is 65cm+/- above them. The black dot at the front is a waterproof switch.
  10. Thank you for the offer, still doing research, but I will get back to you on your offer within a week or so. Go in touch with Geoff Davis today (inventor of boat latch). Quite helpful, but really did not answer my inquiry re retrieving in waves. I am in the process tonight of building a mockup snare. The one thing I do like is that the bottom is not open. We shall carry on.
  11. What is that red cable (battery Cable) ??
  12. Located in BC Canada. No it is not on an extendable pole, I will take a picture tomorrow and see if I can post it.
  13. gungadin

    First Aid Kit

    It is great for sunburn, and putting on small cuts, rope rash etc.
  14. gungadin

    First Aid Kit

    I pack a small emergency kit like stated above but in addition i carry a couple of packs of hemostatic gauze, some finger cots. some tinned water, a small tube of baby bum cream, and a very basic suture kit.
  15. My stern all around light used to be mounted on a pedestal at the stern of the boat, just above the gunnel height. Had to replace it every few years as I was knocking it off with my questionable netting skills. This year I mounted a stern light on the top of my engine cowl. Now I did have to drill a hole in the cowl, so it isn't for everyone. I used a light similar to this, but changed the 12 volt bulb to 24volt as I felt the 12volt was too bright.