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  1. Really heavy duty battery cable with electrical fittings...sometimes the simple things work best
  2. I put one of these on a couple of years ago (does the job & easy to install) ....could easily make one yourself if you have the tools and spare time
  3. Thanks heaps of tips, not sure if they are useful though (Im not the greatest fisherman )
  4. Thanks Hamish...think I'd rather be fishing on the Gold Coast at the moment to be honest!
  5. Hey Old Scaley, I've certainly noticed the bay has improved a lot since the netters got kicked out...pinky snapper numbers have increased (along with baitfish), but last year was a shocker for most people trying to a big one. I think the TV/Charter guys will always do well on the snapper...they know where to find them even when the season was as bad as last year.
  6. Hi Hweebe, Usually fish Western Port and Port Phillip Bays....bit crazy down here at the moment, we are allowed to fish 'locally' & no one is really sure what that means. Thinking I might just hold tight until the Spring Snapper come in and head out then.
  7. Hey all, Got back into fishing a couple of years ago and haven't looked back. I mainly fish saltwater (bait/boat) & have caught most species Victoria has on offer (except Kingfish and Bluefin Tuna which are high up on my bucket list) Really enjoy reading what the rest of the country is catching & look forward to contributing on here once our season starts up again.
  8. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!