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  1. I do have a couple kayaks on me, I might have to paddle out and drop some line there. Cheers for that
  2. Perfect cheers for that, I will definitely have a look there tomorrow
  3. I’ve fished banksia beach once and it was dreadful, nothing at all. I read a lot of good feedback on somewhere Around bongaree, they were calling it the “rock drop off” or something along those lines. Do you know about that at all or if you’ve fished there if it was any good? Cheers
  4. Looking at going fishing at bribie, preferable south near and around bongaree. But I hate buying bait so I’m hoping that I can use my yabbie pump. Anyone know really good spots local to there where yabbies are very active. Willing to drive a little bit from there to find a spot. And if you also have any advice on where to fish around bongaree that would be perfect. Cheers
  5. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!

  6. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!