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  1. Caught a trevally right off the jetty last night must've been 25ish cm. Caught at 9.30pm, an hour and a half after high tide, 15knot sw winds. I followed the 'solunar' recommendation to fish between 8pm and 10pm dont know how legit they are but seemed to have worked. Fish were already biting when I looked in the water. Used a 4" jig shard with 1/2oz jighead and just did the flick motion until the bite. Before that in the afternoon I went down south from the resort and tried the surf but nothing, then again at 7pm at night north of the resort on the surf but nothing. But jetty had good action in and around it. Will try there again in the evening. Also gonna go in the tinny around the wrecks hope for a bigger catch. I let the trevally go.
  2. Rightio, I might change up the trace then. My main line itself is 10lbs, should that be lighter as well? At moreton now had a swing on the beaches a little south of the resort, but low tide, clear skies, clear waters, barely any birds so I reckon just werent too many fish there. Evening now I'll be trying again. Is high tide better or low tide for surf fishing? Or does it depend on species?
  3. Hey Hamish, I'm not so sure about traces, I got a 1.5meter of 30lbs monofilament leader, is that fine? For bait I got some zman jig shards hooked up with 1/2oz jig heads and also a 30g metal lure (for trying my luck with bigger fish). I fished moreton once before and caught a couple whitings off the jetty. Will post the results here.
  4. Just read this, good info, I got some zman jig shards earlier today 3"-5" but they aren't the paddle tail ones and using 1/2 oz jighead will be casting from the beaches in nooks and cranies. Lets see how it goes.
  5. So I just looked at the charts and it looks like the winds will be calm on sunday 8 knots SW, will just have to see how it turns out if its choppy I might just skip it and stay on shore. For anyone else looking though I found this website https://fishbrain.com/explore Some handy info on where people have landed fish. I can see that curtain reef looks pretty good. I may give that area a try from the shore.
  6. Hey guys, I'm heading to Moreton with family this weekend. I don't have a boat of my own but was thinking to hire one of those 4hp tinnies from the resort and try some offshore fishing. I read a lot about good spots around the north and south end of the island, but I imagine the tinny will be lanuched near the resort which is right in the middle and I dont think I could take it that far with fuel being limited. So my plan is just to take it out 2-3ks into the bay directly from the launch area (weather permitting), does anybody have any suggestions around any specific spots along the west coast. What kind of line and lures should I use? Cheers
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