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  1. Sorry. Autocorrect again. Bream was pan fried!
  2. Yes. Hamish it does make me feel good! But you can reach so many more places with a boat of some description. The bream was good pantries we baked the flathead in butter with some slices of lime. Pretty good but will try barbecue for the flathead next time I think.
  3. Decided to hop on the ferry from Macleay Island to Karragarra Island this morning a couple of hours before high tide. My mum and her friend came along to keep me company. My mum's friends husband headed out on the bay in a mates boat to a special spot. I fished one of the little beaches. Landed my first flathead. Just over 45cm. No fight whatsoever - wasn't even sure there was a fish on the line. After a while going up the beach and getting no bites I returned to the spot where I got the flathead. Mum wanted to go to the toilet so I went with her. Her friend asked if she could have a go so I cast for her. Briefly told her what to do if she felt anything on the line and left. Came back to her jumping up and down about not being able to kill it - she landed a decent sized Bream. Anyway line was all tangled around my reel and had to give it up for the day. Travelled back to mums, scaled, gutted fish. Awaiting her friends hubbies arrival he had been out for hours longer than us. Thought he must be filleting at his mates. But they had no luck. I feel a little better about land based fishing now!
  4. **** - auto correct - was supposed to say deckie
  5. Would absolutely love to come and be a decline. But need to be taught how first! My hubby passed a couple of years ago so no worries there! Currently pretty free, not working -some volunteering and babysitting for my sis. Let me know when and where! But I am pretty attached to my fingers....
  6. Bugger. Has she been boating? Taken to a nice secluded sandy beach? Maybe you could try before you buy. Anyway good luck to you. But I guarantee anything where she thinks she will be left at home with the kids by herself is going on the cons side of the list!
  7. The Rock is huge. Like I said barely legal. Yeah fish blood - mine came later in the avo. Put it this way the fish bled less than I did.
  8. No squid night or morning. No yabbies. 1 barely legal Bream and two sliced fingers! Still loving it. Trying a different spot tomorrow...
  9. Apparently good sized tiger squid are about so heading down to fish off a mates beach at about 10pm. Hope to be posting pics tomorrow
  10. Cheers Daryl Maybe next week. I have just arrived at McLeay Island and going to try and find some land based fishing here for the next few days. Still have no idea what I am doing but getting out there anyway. Wish me luck!
  11. Yep. I tried to find some of those spots two days ago and caught lots of weed
  12. Thanks ellicat. I will have a look and give it a go.
  13. Thanks. Uni knot looks easy so I will start giving that a go. Cheers!