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  1. Kat


    I will have to cancel volunteering that day - what a bummer - I presume the tide is good that day if we have a fish?
  2. Yes that was on my list - hadn't thought about scabbard - thanks. My current bait and dispatching knife was donated and cost $2.00 - barely cuts bait. Any suggestions on brand?
  3. further queries. Have come into some money that I would like to use to supplement my fishing tools and terminal tackle - perhaps spooling a reel - Daiwa Saltline Bull 4500Hi with braid. I really haven't bought any tools, running out of ball sinkers, hooks, swivels. Don't have long nose pliers etc. 1. Can you AFO'ers suggest where the most economical place to buy the above is?; and 2. What would you consider essential - for mainly land fishing but some deckie boat fishing too? (i.e. should I have some floats, burley pot, what type of sinkers and size, hook type and size, Braid Brand) Don't go overboard just a few suggestions of good quality/essential items a newbie won't know about yet. Thanks in anticipation. Kat
  4. Am I allowed to ask what/who the videos are for?
  5. Safety equipment, lifejackets, water shoes for wading etc. First aid equipment basic and knowledge of dangers - poisons, stings, cuts, drowning, CPR etc.
  6. Sounds awesome! The more practice the better.
  7. Hi @Drop Bear I was just reading a book that said whiptail were great for bait, live or strip bait. I can't find the minimum size so I presume I could have used it for live bait? Would be good to know for future trips. Hi @GregOug dreams are free right. Just wondering if it was worth having you buy any. Next time (presumptuous), I hope to be more experienced with live bait and squid jigging. If I can do a bit of successful squid jigging I will freeze some for bait. I used the offcuts from last weeks squid and we caught loads of fish. All unders but that was creek fishing. https://amp.abc.net.au/article/12816760 Interesting news article
  8. Hi Greg thanks that would be great. Have you had much luck with it? Cheers Kat
  9. I hope so. He can then buy a boat and take me fishing when I am an old lady!
  10. I wonder what outfit he was using? What were you using last night?
  11. You read my mind. Don and I may be fishing the seaway on Friday so after seeing your catch I thought I would google gold coast snapper - found a fabulous article on fishing the seaway. Sooo you never know!
  12. And has a name from my favourite books turned into movies!
  13. Oh boy I want this boat. Hope it's still for sale when I have the funds! Looks fantastic.
  14. Well done guys. Congratulations @LeosonfireAbout time you found a night spot Brian. Now you just need to make sure it's you that hooks up next time. Were you using bait or lures? Cheers Kat