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  1. The thing is this closure is to benefit us making it a sustainable hobby it's only 1 month out of the year. Some people are just dumb and some people are the victims of brother sister relationships and just think their special and the no take law doesn't apply for them.
  2. Haha must be a heeler thing , cheeky buggers
  3. This is my best mate / bite alarm (Chopper) loves fishing and has taught himself to bark at the rod when it loads up. Best part is I can take him to all my good spots and not worry about him telling anyone where they are.
  4. Gday bulldogs195461 I bought a pair of spotters back in 2013 paid just under $300 for them they are awesome they have crown glass lenses I still have them and use them Every time I fish. Trick is use them only for fishing and every now and again rub some Vaseline into the hinges . The spotters badges have fallen off the arms but other than that they lasted well and make a huge difference cutting out the glare so you can find weed beds , rock bars , and schools of fish under the surface.
  5. Hi old scaley Thanks for that might pull into motackle and grab some next week on my way through . Cheers
  6. Anyone know a good reel doctor on the sunny coast or north brisbane area . Chasing a drag upgrade for my Calcutta their a great reel apart from the drag
  7. Hi Regenthoneyeater Would be perfect for a live fibre blade and tails , I had one on my light blade and tales but it didn't like playing with mack tuna so much . But if your chasing river stuff like big flatties , trevally, jacks and the odd Jew a blade and tales light action would be perfect depending on your skill level .
  8. Welcome to Australian Fishing Online!