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  1. Yeah ellicat , very lucky , some blokes have to explain themselves and justify a $20 lure. I thought I'd have some grief when I bought the Suzuki but she loved it. She hasn't changed a bit since we were in high school she's good old chook .
  2. My wife reakons if I don't go fishing atleast once a week I get my man period , she also revealed last night she knows what I spend on gear because I leave my receipts in my console in my jeep , but she doesn't care because it's my hobby. It's times like these you appreciate your wife's not a control freak
  3. I should have gone but I ended up getting a call from another mate by the time he got off the phone it was 1030 so I just started doing the invoices so our admin girls Monday morning isn't to hectic.
  4. Was all ready to go out and chase squire and maybe a jew when my deckie called and said sorry mate wife doesn't think it's a good idea with the lightning . Called another mate and he said wife said not tonight. So I started thinking are these guys serious or did they marry their mums. I thought wife's would appreciate the peace and quiet for a few hours.i think I need new deckies.. I mentioned this to my wife and she started giggling and said imagine spending 24 /7 together we wouldn't have anything to talk about .
  5. The Penn spinfisher are also reasonably priced and will take a beating. The down side with the Penn is the weight. I got my wife the 6500 spinfisher , great reel but whingey wife says it's heavy and confiscates my bio master
  6. Yeah Chris got a couple of longtails up towards the 20kg mark with me earlier in the year it seemed to handle them ok. If something is weak it won't take long for an angry longtail to find it.
  7. I know 4 or 5 different blokes that have quantum reels and none of them have said anything bad, not sure which models they are using , but quantum seem to have a good name.
  8. Lucky bugger , hope you get stuck into some monsters up there mate.
  9. Sneaky1

    queensland Baits

    Haha I can't give you any cooking tips I'm a shocker
  10. Sneaky1

    queensland Baits

    Sorry mate I thought you were chasing them for a feed , a couple of my mates cook them up I don't like eating fish but I have to admit when they cook up flake I don't mind having a pick. Happy sharking champ.
  11. Sneaky1

    Christmas Eve

    3 men died on Christmas eve , when they arrived at the pearly gates st Peter said , unless you can hand me something to do with Christmas your not coming in . First man hands st Peter a star and is let through , second man hands st Peter a candy cane and is also let through, the third man hands st Peter women's underwear and st Peter stops him and says they haven't got anything to do with Christmas, the third man replies their Carols.
  12. Sneaky1

    queensland Baits

    Yeah most of the stuff in there is going to be burley logs just going to add tuna oil to it
  13. Sneaky1

    queensland Baits

    All my bait seems to get it after 6 weeks
  14. Sneaky1

    queensland Baits

    Yeah their a handfull alright, a gaff works well until a dirty smelly hippy watches you use it and just can't resist the chance to tell you your cruel. You should definitely listen to your dad , he's right on the money, let the man submit some of your reports . You have skills buddy go for it .
  15. Sneaky1

    queensland Baits

    5 !!! Nice work champ , I can see your going to end up a big name on the fishing scene one day in the not to distant future. Either as a writer or a presenter , keep up the good work Hamish.