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  1. Thanks for the welcome and for the suggestions. Yes, had a chat to Shimano, about $120 for a replacement handle, and out of stock anyway. Will probably get a whole compatible reel (Baitrunner 8000 for $175) and share the handle for now, then keep a look out for used/parts handle if lucky. I mostly fish a light setup (1-3kg 1000reel) for fun off my basic kayak, pine river or estuaries. Coming out of my lazy/winter hibernation now.. Also try do an annual camping trip to Moreton or Fraser for 5 days of fishing. Local Anaconda chap suggested the forum, glad I joined as there’s lots of good stuff on here. Will start exploring some basic boat/tinny options as my Dad just moved to Brisbane and not physically capable of kayaking, but would be great to get out on the river or calm bay waters. Seems you can get more than I thought for under $10k. cheers, Jono
  2. Wanted to buy - used Saragosa or Baitrunner reels size 8000 or 10000. Basically just want a replacement handle, so condition doesn’t matter. Thanks
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