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  1. I agree with above. When that light breeze picks up and changes direction the conditions can change so quickly. If I go out side in my 4.2 runabout im only about 20 mins back to the seaway and head back as soon as it looks like changing
  2. I have a 4.2 Bermuda runabout with a 40hp merc 2 stroke. Can do 30 knots 55ks with 2 people in it in the right conditions. Also go out thru the Gold Coast seaway on good days. I only have a 26 litre fuel tank and would only use about half a tank on an average day. Pretty cheap day out.
  3. Mate Im talking about 50 years ago It's proberly all changed now
  4. When I was growing up in Melb about 50 years ago I had a friend who used to catch them of the rock wall at St Kilda pier
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    Ummm Where's the funny bits???? Everything on there looks quit normal to me..
  6. I had similar problems on my 40 hp Merc. Hadn't had it for long and the previous owner never used it for a long time. Found the fuel lines and bulb perished on the inside and blocking the fuel system. Replaced the lines ,bulb and filter. Ran much better but still had probs. Run fine at home in the driveway but not on the water. Stripped down the carbies and soaked them in carby clean. Amazing what came out of what looked like clean carbies. Hasn't missed a beat since.
  7. If you bring VB you can come to my place..
  8. I caught about 20 pike a while ago. Was putting them in the freezer to use for future bait. Decided to fillet half a dozen of them to see what they taste like. Didn't do anything fancy. Just a bit of flour and in the fry pan with a bit of oil. Was very surprised. Absoulutely beautiful. Haven't caught any more since.
  9. Hi ellicat is spot X really at the Port of Brissy? I got told it was at the Goldy and iv'e beed looking there
  10. Good to see Alvey still going. They have been around forever and a good aussie family company. Made in QLD Seen a show on tv about them a little while ago.. They were struggling with sales and were on the verge of shutting down. There biggest issue was that there side casters were so good that they never had to be replaced . People were using there fathers and grand fathers reels.. So no repeat sales. Dont need a new reel. When people heard they were closing there sales went crazy so they were able to stay in business, They are looking to expand there range past side casters to be more competitive.
  11. i allways rinse my reels out when i come home..Have had some cheap reels but been good if you treat them good
  12. Thanks Daryl. Is the wrasse any good to eat? He was 30cm long and we let him go. He put up a good fight.
  13. Thanks ellicat Agree its some type of wrasse or tusk fish but can't find out which type.
  14. Can somebody tell me what fish these are. Think one mite be a venus tusk fish. No idea about the other Caught them a couple of Ks out from the Gold Coast seaway at the Pinnacles.
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