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  1. Thanks all for the replies been a big help!
  2. Thanks sounds good, might go some 6lbs braid to match my 6lbs leader for bream and get some 10/12lbs leader for flathead/worse conditions. What's some recommended 6lb braid? I'm reading about PE size also I'm guessing the smaller the better also? Also if I wanted to use this 1-3kg rod 1000 reel setup in the surf with soft plastics, would be doable? What braid/leader should I look at for this?
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I had some heavier mono and 6lbs leader and pretty sure I had a decent flatty but yanked it too vertical near the end losing it at the soft plastic/leader does leader need to be lighter or heavier than the main braid, or can it go either way from what I have been reading? What would be a good combo of braid/leader that is light enough for Bream but maybe a bit extra for flathead just in case?
  4. Thanks, will go the lighter rod and reel and see how I go
  5. Haven't been fishing for a while but deciding to get a new setup, just wondering if I am on the right track. Just fishing saltwater lake shore/jetty and looking at mainly bream but also keen on flathead, been playing around and quite like soft plastics Zman Grubz etc. Looking at going lighter this time as that seems better suited for Bream on plastics? Something like the Shimano Catana 7" Xtra Light 1-3kg rod and Shimano Sienna 1000 reel combo, will this be ok with heavier flathead also? The next jump is the Shimano Catana 2-4kg rod and Sienna 2500 reel combo Also looking at around 4lb braid and have some 6lbs fluorocarbon leader already (shoulder leader be heavier or lighter?) Is this light enough for bream but can handle flathead also on soft plastics?
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