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      1. Hi everyone Thought I’d share a interesting video from the weekend - I assisted hosting a event/get together for local Seadoo jet ski owners, which included a fishing competition with prizes. Myself and a mate fished from a Seadoo 155 Fish Pro Jet Ski. A really cool watercraft, makes me think twice about owning a boat. Despite the 40k winds we still had an enjoyable morning with a great bunch of locals, whilst catching a few fish including several flathead, snook, pinkies and squid. All fish were caught using my 1-4k rod and soft plastics including fathead curl tail and pro grub on 1/18 ounce jig head If you enjoy the video then please subscribe to the channel Best regards Alan Bonnici
      2. Hi all, I am just asking for your opinions on which brands on braid and leader line to use. I am using 8-15 pound line. Also the best brands for cheap as-well. Thanks,
      3. Video report link - Thought I’d share a Port Phillip Bay video fishing report. We launched from Altona, the weather was perfect, and the fishing was great. We headed to shallow squid grounds towards point cook fishing depths between 3-6 meters deep. We almost bagged out on squid. Red and pink squid jigs the standout, worked slowly. We then moved on drifting and caught some really good size flathead, using squid tentacles as bait on paternoster rigs. Biggest flattie was in the mid 60’s. We also caught whiting, pinkies and a gummy shark. Despite having a banana emergency onboard, the day turned out great.
      4. Have heard some crazy reports that the prawns are back on and thick as s#$t! Thinking of hitting the Pine tomorrow or the weekend.
      5. Hey guys, Please bear with me because this might be a long post. Essentially, I’ve been going fishing for bream about 8 weeks in a row at the hawkesbury river. On the boat, my old man will fish with a hand-reel (Cheap one you can buy from the local store), some cheap line and will still catch some very good, legal sized bream. Meanwhile, me and my brother have spent about $280 on a new rod and reel and much more if you include the braid and such…Yet we can’t catch anything unless we use a hand reel as well. I don’t get it. Clearly, we’re doing something very wrong. Below I’ll outline the things I use and how I go about it. Just a few things, I mainly use the rod with bait fishing. I only recently started using soft plastics and I realize the reason I probably don’t catch on soft plastics is because I haven’t really mastered the learning curve yet and that it will take a while, nonetheless I will also tell you my soft plastic hookup. Rod – Shimano Raider Bream, 7ft2 Reel – Diawa BG 2500 Line – J-Braid grand 6lb Leader – We use about 40cm of Sunline FC Rock (4lb) Needles – Mustad Big Red Suicide Hook 2/0 Sinker – Just a small running sinker (You can recommend a Size, I’m not too sure about our one), think it’s size 1 Bait – I stick to mainly chicken breast but have used prawns. Essentially we do the braid, put a running sinker, swivel and then 40cm of leader then the needle. When we do soft plastics, we tie the leader straight onto the braid using an alberto knot and use Soft plastics – Zman GrubZ at 2.5” (Recommended all over the internet for bream so we got these). The boat is generally anchored close to the shore and we try to cast closer to the rocks however we’ve tried casting just about everywhere, we rarely get any bites. Regardless, I highly doubt it’s positioning as the old man doesn’t seem to have a problem and just laughs at us and tells us to change to a hand-reel.
      6. I read an article on uv light some time back and according to some marine biologists, most species of fish do have excellent uv vision. In other words, they see part of the light spectrum that we don't. Human light receptors are quite rudimentary compared to some other critters, we don't have good night vision like cats for instance and we are definitely primitive compared to fish. So, are we unknowingly scaring the bejeebers out of some fish by using line that actually fluoresces? Yes we are, especially those species that are easily spooked. We don't know if our leaders actually fluoresce because we cannot see that wave length of light without using something to detect it. I bought myself a small uv torch to check my lines and also soft plastics. Some of the mono lit up like a neon sign and likewise with some sp's. Just a bit of food for thought fellow fishos - if your catch rate is down after spooling with a new line or leader, think uv light as maybe the problem. Jeff
      7. Looks like a very windy weekend forecast. Good time for gear/boat/tailer maintenance!!
      8. Hey, Can anyone let me know any good spots around the Sanctuary cove area? And can someone let me know if you are allowed to fish at the little lake at Jenny Park Place at the entrance of Sanctuary cove, I've seen some good sized jacks and mullet in there, but I don't know if you're allowed to fish there. Thanks
      9. Hi all, Oz day long weekend coming up. Looks like a hot one but what better time to get out and about. I'll be heading down to a spot on the Macleay River just outside Kempsey for a weekend camping with my lady and her family. Dog friendly so Dragon the border collie gets a starting spot as well. Being right on the river, I will also be taking my kayak and a lot of lures to throw about late in the day in the hope of a bass or something else of a fishy nature. Only ever caught one wild bass before, hoping to at least double that tally. I'm sure lots of people on here are up to something fun - have a brag, tell us all about it! Cheers, Benno <'><
      10. ellicat

        fishing Sail Fish

        Thought I'd share this pic I discovered of a monster.
      11. Hi Everyone Going to Stradbroke for a week in April with my wife to celebrate 45 years married, we both like a fish , however we have never done any beach fishing before and wondered if anybody on the site could let me know some relevant information on the place, we will be based at Point Lookout, would also like to know if I can pump yabbies anywhere or a place to buy good bait or should I take bait with me, not after anyones fishing spots just some general info. Thanks in advance MSB
      12. Merry Xmas fellow AFO’s, Weather has settled down finally and looks good for the lead up to New Year Slightly embarrassed to report I’ve swapped boats ... gone for something a little smaller and centr console. I’ve loved the Lewis but it was just too big on my own and I’ve always wanted an open boat. Luckily the guys at Brisbane Yamaha scratched my itch and I’m now a proud owner of a Scout 175 sport fisher. Took it out on Friday and it’s exactly what I wanted! Handles the chop well, dry as a Nun’s..., and goes like a rocket with the older Merc 90 2 litre 4 stroke. Only had 60 hours on it...frugal as as well. Caught a school Mack so the boat has been bloodied but can’t wait to get it out tomorrow and the rest of the week. Going to do some beacon bashing and potentially bottom bash beteeen Moreton and Bribie conditions permitting ... need to get a radio installed ... Just happy the weather has settled a bit wind wise
      13. Hi everyone im wanting to book a holiday house for Easter next year for 4 adults and 3 older kids plus 2 small dogs. We love fishing for things like flathead, bream, whiting etc and I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for places to try or if you’ve stayed in great accommodation yourself and can recommend it. I’m just outside of Brisbane so anywhere up to 4 or 5 hours north or south of Brissy would be fine. We have stayed at Evans Head before and loved it but they are pretty booked out already. Thanks guys.
      14. Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a Shimano Saragosa 10000SW. I was wondering if I could fit it to my Diawa Monster Mesh 832XX. The rod is rated to PE 8 (80lbs). However, I only want to spool the reel with 50lbs power pro braid. Is the rod too heavy for the reel and line I wish to use, or should this work? Also, it says on the rod that it's casting weight is 200 grams. I was wondering if I could successfully throw 75-150 gram lures on this rod? * Please help, as I have already purchased the rod and will have to return it if you recommend otherwise. Thanks.
      15. Hi, I`m Peter The Inventor of the Tailfin Water Rail, we are, all letting people know about the New and exciting Innovation, Tailfin, face surface reflection steering, 3x performance all sea direction, replacing outdated prop spinning thrust direction steering, Tailfin frees the prop thrust from levelling duties with a more economical smoother faster dryer ride all sea directions. Testomonies Customers Post and comments link. Arthur Walton Peter Cornish it was huge. Was able to maintain a higher speed through even the heavy stuff without the need for a kidney belt. Hope the video shows it. The least money I've spent for the most gain on my boat. If your in Mackay mate i will gladly take you for a run. look for this post below then open commentsArthur WaltonNovember 23 at 7:34 PMAll fitted....water test in the next few days hopefully The Tailfin Water Rail adds stabilization all sea directions, New, exciting innovation changing boating lifestyles enjoy your rough water boating, smooth faster dryer ride, boat rides a water rail in a following sea, self-levelling suspension water flow steering is awesome. The Tailfin is already fitted to hundreds of boats posting Tailfin Kits all over Australia call or text 0450018840 Tailfin Water Rail comes with Hi Performance 3-month money back guarantee
      16. Been a while since my last post...flat out with the rush to Xmas. Weather has been a bit ordinary as well especially this weekend! Anyways went out on my uncles brand spanking new Reflex Chianti 585 on Saturday. He asked me to drive it off the trailer...first time the boats been in the water!!!. Lot to be said for trust there but the new 130 yammy was a dream and the new trailer was a breeze it just slipped off. We did some wearing in of the motor before heading to the mile. Not much happening at all so then stopped in a Tangalooma before heading back to Scarbs. Great boat for the price with plenty for the fitout. Handle the chop pretty well but definitely trim sensitive for glass boat could be because it’s lighter than most at its size being a PUFF boat. Definitely worth taking a look if you are in the market. now what to do this weekend
      17. Hi Everyone, i am new here, just moved to Brisbane few months ago from Vic, I haven't been fishing for over a year. most of my time fishing in Vic. I wonder what should i be targeting for ? jewfish? bream? what bait should i use? (I wonder where can i catch mullet with bread n small hooks for livies ?) anyone can give some suggestions on this? Thank you in advance cheers
      18. Apologies in advance for this rant, but i feel like i have to alert our fellow fishos of this very disgusting act I encountered tonight. Got to Colmslie Jetty just before dawn, threw out a couple of rods with livies, tide was high, wind is right, everything feels alright for a good night fishing session. All together there were about 6 of us fishing off the jetty. Everyone seemed to enjoy staring at their rods even though nothing was biting. The peace was shattered at around 8pm. As i was tying up a lure, I saw a tinny with this d***head on it, came out of nowhere, drove right towards the jetty, flew by the jetty about 3 to 4 metres in front of all of our rods at full speed. The next thing you know, everyone's rods start to scream, 2 of my spools were gone instantly(had 2 125 yards braid), my dad had a line cut on his hand as he was trying to save one of the rods from being dragged into the water. Yes he didn't stop after all of our yellings, instead he went on in a circle and stopped next to a sailboat moored about 30 metres in front of the jetty. Naturally, many f and c words and a combination of both were shouted out. It was too dark and too far to see what the guy look like or his boat details, but we made sure he heard us alright. 2 mins later, he came back the exact way he went out with our lines and tackles and livies as if he was taunting us, that we couldnt do anything to him. I saw this c***'s face and his dog stood on the tinny triumphantly, he didn't not stop at the pontoon just drove on. What a gentleman! eh, all these time he didn't talk or respond to us at all, let his actions did all the work. After that, i didnt have enough lines or baits to continue, the other guys left as well. We were all utterly grossed out by this act, all these years of fishing, sure there were times where boaties accidentally took my line, but you could tell they were not on purpose. This guy was definitely on another level. There were a few boat come and go when i was there, but most of them were far away from the jetty. My dad has never seen anyone like this in his 4 decades of fishing experience here nor overseas. He was outrageous as well, I had to pretend that my two new spools of braid were very old and needed replacing anyways, to calm him down from having a heart attack. I mean, really, who wouldn't be pissed.... I would understand if we were fishing of the pontoon, which will cause inconvenience for boats, but we were on the jetty fishing legally and morally, he just had full intention of making sure none of us could fish. I really hope this doesn't happen to anyone else... Thanks for hearing me out.
      19. Trying to fish offshore gold coast can anyone give any tip on fishing here as im new to the area and not having much luck thanks
      20. Got the boat back and the repair job looks awesome and heading OS next week so only tomorrow to fish...Sunday looks ordinary. So it looks like there are some Tuna still around (thanks to @Luvit's report ) but only have a short time tomorrow morning before getting ready for the boss's birthday. I should be launching Scarbs around 545 and plan to head either between Cape Moreton and Bribie starting around Yellow Patch, or do some Beacon bashing in the North or start at the Nautical mile and head north... Weather looks pretty bloody fantastic
      21. Hi All, So finally I had my set up ready and I went for fishing today, this is my rig. I used 950 ssm, 30lb braid, 30lb fluorocarbon leader. And my drone. I was able to cast far away, however I was not able to catch any fish. May be because of the bait I used.. I used goat liver as bait, it had blood in it and I thought I would be ideal for snapper.But I never got a single bite for more than 20 minutes. Questions: 1) I had wind knots, so I had to cut the braid and tie it together using double Uni Knot. I hope this won't affect the line strength. While reeling in, some sea weed was caught in my braid, will this reduce the braid's quality if it rubs against the sea weed? 2) May I know if meat can be used as bait?
      22. Hi i am sort of new to game fishing but wanted to know what the best way to rig a skirted lure would be I brought 2 new tld 25's and have 15kg mono and then leader attached. I just don't know what the best way would be to attach the skirted lure, I also want the ease to change to a hard body diving lure. Can some please answer me in detail, because i am quite confused
      23. I have decided to start camping again after years away, I have a tent and all the other items to camp with. I don't have a 4wd just a falcon to carry supplies. the problem is where to go. I live in Jimboomba. I am looking for somewhere I can camp bank fish and red claw. I work a rotating shift so plan on camping during the week avoiding the weekend crowds. any suggestion would be helpful. Riverrat
      24. Here are some photos of the prize packs for the OzFish Unlimited Wynnum Fishing Classic that starts next Friday.
      25. Hi Fisho’s New to the forum, in fact first post! Question, has anyone worked out how to catch mullet on a hook? Just to state the obvious, not a square hook and yes I can cast a net. Looking to catch those bigger kg+ mullet that jump all around my boat and seem to escape the net as it is sinking. What bait or methods are used to master this dark art. Appreciate any wisdom that may be out there Regs