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      1. Hey guys, been a few years since I've been on here but I've been a member on here since 2006 haha. Don't get a lot of time to go fishing with work and my weekends are spent playing cricket on Saturday and Sunday I'm preparing wickets/ grounds for our juniors. But that will be finishing up soon. I took my yak up to the pine last week but only caught one 10cm bream I live on the water in chelmer and was wondering if it's actually worth fishing the area? Only fished down he bank a few times for nothing, Also I have a kayak and want to catch a bass upstream. Was thinking the area around twin bridges but heard it's very busy area. Any good launching areas around that area? Anyway I'm going to start contributing to this forum again, hopefully I'll catch some decent fish which has been awhile lol. Here's a pic of my back yard. It looks kinda fishy also my yak abit messy but I'm usually abit more organised haha
      2. rayke1938

        Poor Percy

        Very quiet day at NPD today. Donut for me 1,bass,1 tandan,1spangled perch and one forky for Jason. Percy shadowed us everywhere but was not around when Jason got the forky so he also had a bad day. Cheers Ray
      3. Finished off the month on a reasonably high note. After a late start (7am) and doing our pots we tried a few spots for 2 bass,3 forkies and a couple of tandans we finally arrived at the float and picked up a couple of yellas. We spied Dino over in the distance and then horned in on him for nothing so went to the far marker for more disappointment and things looking pretty grim so I just started heading back whilst keeping my eye on the sounder. We saw a couple of shows but could not turn them into fish until at around 11am we finally started to get a few bass with some nice sized ones mixed in with them Tally for the day ending up with 22 bass,2,yellas,4 tandans and 3 forkies.. Cheers Ray
      4. Hi I have a question regarding tilapia is there any spots on the northside of brisbane that is loaded with them? I know i can get them in the kedron brook but there is very low numbers (which is great) so it is difficult to catch some. So could you please give me an idea for a brief area to target them, i am not looking for secret spots just somewhere to start looking. Thanks
      5. Going to NPD tomorrow with Terrova .Leisurely 7am start meet at gate end of adsetts rd whiteside . no bananas,no smoking bait fishing with live shrimp. Cheers Ray 0403072325
      6. Went to Hinze eastern arm with Jurgen and Catherine and had a nice morning. Luckily i had a fair few shrimp in my tank as someone had been visiting my pots. Reckon we caught more bass than shrimp. Lost a fair bit of bait to the barred grunter. Our first stop was the blue cat tree that only yielded around 10 undersized bass so we headed upstream and tried a new spot where we found some good bass around the 40cm mark and of course the mandatory tandans. Guess who is once again the king.. We knocked off just after 10 am when we ran out of bait. Cheers Ray
      7. hi guys Just wondering if anyone fishes for tarpon on the sunshine coast, if so where are some good spots that are quiet accessible. looking to target them on fly, surface, both HB's and SP's. Wanting to target these fish because of there great power and astonishing jumps. Any information would be greatly appreciated, Ramsey
      8. Went to NPD with the aim of having some fun targeting tilapia and failed miserably. Only landed 2 in the first hour so it looks like they have moved on. I then moved downstream and found a nursery. It was very rare for the bait to reach the bottom with the majority of the fish hitting the bait on the drop. Ken came over to join in the fun and as he only had a light anchor ant the fish were pulling him all over the dam away from the school we tied his yak to the stern of my boat. It was fish after fish for a couple of hours . I did not catch a legal bass but Ken got a whopper.
      9. We had a good day at the western arm this morning. I was a bit dubious about going as the forecast had changed overnight and there was a fair bit of wind at home when I left at When we arrived at the ramp hardly any breeze so we headed straight to Ians island and boated around a dozen bass until the barred grunter moved in. By this time the wind had got up so we went to bass bay for only the odd fish here and there. ( I did manage the only 3 tandans for the trip ) We kept moving upstream until we found a school that was sitting in among some heavy snags so we were kept busy re-rigging and pulling in good sized bass in the high 30s and low 40s. Final score for the day was 40 odd bass and 3 tandans. Jurgen and Cathrine happy to take a couple of bass home for the table and the resident sea eagle had a feed of a floater that did not survive the release after swallowing the hook.. I ended up doing around 12 rigs in the snags at the last spot. Picked up about 1.5 kph with the new batterys on the bow mount. was touching 7.5kph on the way back to the ramp on full power. Cheers Ray
      10. rayke1938

        NPD 17/1/17

        Pretty hard going I had only boated 4 bass before I horned in on Dinos nursery. Percy is really spoilt he will only eat a forky if it has been definned. He certainly recognizes a bent rod as he starts to grunt and moves in closer. Fools him when you get snagged. Was a bit of a slow trip back to the ramp for me as the bowmount stopped and displayed low battery symbol on the remote. Put the voltmeter on the bank and it was only showing 22volts on no load. The cases on 3 of the batterys are all distorted so I have bitten the bullet and pick up some new lead crystals tomorrow from Daz at Cannot really complain about the old ones as they were used when I purchased them 4 years ago. I drove over the other side of the causeway and launched from the far bank which is a lot easier than dropping the trailer off the side of the causeway. Cheers Ray
      11. Went fishing at NPD today with a mate and one of his friends. Friend was appraised of my rules no smoking and no bananas. We ended up with baked brains 1 yella,6 bass and 2 forkies. Mates friend produced bananas in his lunch box on the way back to the ramp and thought it a great joke when I went off. First and last trip for him. Cheers Ray
      12. Hey happy fellow anglers. Damn I had a good day today..let me brag about it...finished work by about 11am:) finally found a tile match for a guy that I have really been having touble with:) went to BCF:) bought some hooks and stuff for the catching carp (hopefully), then went to tygum lake to see what it was like. I was shocked as it is bloody huge. with plenty of water. Yes there is a kiddies play area Feral.. it is small, slide swing play castle climbing thingy and thats about it. There are public toilets, covered seating, bbq's, and lots of parking. There are some timber decks set up around the lake for those that want to sit in style, now back to my story. Now it's 2.30 and I am home with a beer on desk meant to be doing tax stuff. But AFO is just a little more fun...ok a lot more fun..look forward to seeing you all on saturday. Peace. Bud.
      13. rayke1938

        Npd Photos

        Had to go grocery shopping this morning so spent a bit of time looking at some old photos of NPD. Had forgotten how thick the redclaw used to be. Cheers Ray
      14. Left home 4.30am finally launched 8.30. Found a few bass at the blue cat tree and then moved upstream. I managed the only tandan We covered a bit of territory trying to keep out of the wind for a total of 34 bass in 3 hours of fishing so day was not a total loss. Cheers Ray
      15. The bass at NPD are like a politician . Never around when you need them. I have been telling Catherine how good the fishing at npd is for quite a while and finally got to take her there today. 3 Forkies and 12 bass. Percy enjoyed the forkies.He must have been hungry as he was waiting at the ramp and escorted us all morning. At least Catherine caught 10 of the bass whilst I was the forky king. Catherine is a keen birder and was very interested in the variety of birds on NPD and was very impressed in she size of the flocks of shags. Did you know that there are 9 different shags there.? Pelicans only steal fish from only one type of shag. A shag is a shag is a shag!!!!!!! Water will only have to drop about 4 inches and we will be able to drive to the other side and launch off the old gravel ramp. It is a real pain at the moment retrieving off the side of the old roadway as there is 6 feet of water under the end of the trailer. Cheers Ray
      16. Danielle


        So the dreaded Tilapia... A young kid in my street was wandering past my place yesterday with a rod and bucket in hand and like the good Mrs Mangle I am I stopped him and called him up for a chat... Initially thinking to myself 'hahaha what are you planning to catch in Rochedale, ducks from the pond??' He told me that he was heading to a little creek around the corner where heaps of people fish! My dubious smart arsey judgement then turned to pure envy and confusion and why had I not known about this??!! I though ok maybe he is talking about minnows or some little critter just for fun (but a rod??). Anyway I wished him luck and he yelled back 'you got anything I can use for bait' so I whipped up a little bread ball with a dollop of minced garlic and a squeeze of S-Factor into a snappy bag for him. All I could think of without parting with a lure (and still not convinced he would catch anything more than some shoelaces and an empty packet of ciggies). A few hours later he appears at my place proud as punch and wanted to show me photos... (WTF??) He caught 4 Tilapia on my gourmet concoction! (Now given they were Tilapia it's no surprise they were attracted to it as they eat anything and everything) so as my shock wore off I prepared to educate him on Tilapia and the regs but he went to tell me I killed them all straight away of course. I did mention to him though to make sure he buried them a short distance away as the eggs in their mouth can survive for weeks. So now with this information in hand I thought it could be a little activity for the kids and I and do my part for the environment and get some more out of the waterways. Mknths ago someone (can't remember who but being freshwater possibly @rayke1938 or @Binder) did tell me that they are actually great eating - if you like the freshwater fish taste - and I do. So if you are careful and fillet on the spot then bury safely is there any reason we can't eat them?? All online info advertising the risks seem to stem from farmed species and associated with the fed diet so as a 'wild' Tilapia who have probably only ever eaten smaller fish, weed and bugs what is the risk?
      17. Went to Hinze western arm this morning with Rick,Mark and marks dad Tony. Tony being on the other side of 80 and only been fishing once before in his life had a ball and kept Mark busy trying to teach him to lift and wind and bait his own hooks plus the finer details on how to handle a tandan. At one stage we were catching 3 tandans to one bass but at the last spot we found a school of 40cm bass that ended up evening the score. I have never seen the tandans so thick. Final score 61 bass and aprox the same number of tandans. Sorry no photos of Rick as he refused to have his photo taken holding a tandan. Cheers Ray
      18. Hi Guys, I am looking to do some fly fishing for Tilapia and wanted to get some tips on locations/flys to use. I am using a 6WT fly rod with WFF line and 12lb fluro tippet. Can anyone please comment on where general direction i could target them? i live in northern end of gold coast and work near robina so pretty much any locations on the coast would be great. What fly's and retrieves are people using? Thanks guys, really appreciate any info you might have. Cheers, Stan
      19. Example of what happens when you use crab pots in the fresh. Do not know how many times you see them full of turtles here. Cheers Ray
      20. Decided to see if the back could cope with a yak session this morning, well the back was ok but the knees are a bit shaky. Lake K was a big disappointment, only managed 3 tiny bass, I have never seen so much empty space on the sounder. When they cut a one meter gap in the wall I dont think they realised that after the last lot of rain the water was about 50cm over the wall, then when the water started going down it took a few days to get to the bottom of the big cut in the wall, result thousands of fish escaped through the gap. A lot of these fish died in the pool below the dam when the water flow stopped and the pool became stagnant. Its going to take a lot of stocking to make up the loss. Dino
      21. How good is the rain going through the south east atm!! Alot of the freshwater creeks have been infested with weed!! Hopefully this is enough to clear some of the creeks up and bring out some brutes!!!!! cheers Dan
      22. Had a good at Hinze eastern arm with plenty of laughs and some tears when Mark broke his favorite rod ( I think it was a $10 Kmart special) The fish were scattered and the only consistent place was the cat tree until the barred grunter moved in. Tai was the tandan king with 2 and one each for mark and myself.
      23. Hey guys, please dont crucify me for not posting in the pets sub-forum but it hasn't had a post in nearly a year so I thought I'd get a faster response here. I've just put a small redfin and slightly larger yellowbelly in a tank together and I'm just curious about a few things. Firstly, they're in river water with an aerator for now. I want to clear up the water so I can see them, will Ph correcting drops be enough to keep them happy? I'm getting a filter system asap and was also thinking about getting a recirculating pump to stir the water up for them, is this a good idea or not? And lastly, what do i feed them and how often? I'm thinking worms and shrimp but is there any off the shelf food they'll like? I'd rather not have to go and catch their food constantly. Cheers guys.
      24. Hi everyone, I've been beta testing this online chart viewer since last couple of weeks (link below). Online Chart Viewer (AUS/NZ) I hope some of you find it useful for planning or just cross checking with other sources. --Karl
      25. Took Graham to NPD this morning and it started off a pretty dismal day with only 1 legal and 2 under bass plus a spangly and a couple of forkies in the first few hours. Only bright spot was when I donged a forky and chucked it out for the eagles. Percy turned up out of nowhere and spent around 10 minutes working up the nerve to eat it. We spotted Dino over in the distance and headed over to be greeted with the remark " Just cracked the ton" The bass certainly were hungry and we ended up with 61 on the counter when we knocked off at 10am. Dino was still at it. We also ended up catching 4 tagged bass Cheers Ray