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Found 87 results

  1. Hi all, I'm off to fish a Bass social/comp at Danjera Dam in NSW for the long weekend . Wondering if anyone on here has fished this location, and has any tips. I hear there's some trout in there as well. :whistle: Cheers. Bill
  2. G'day, I'm thinking about giving Somerset a crack on Saturday. I've never fished up there, so wondering if any of you blokes have any tips or hints. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Muzz
  3. After some success on Wednesday im planning on heading back to the same area to fish into the afternoon and early evening to get the surface bite. Looking at launching at about 2.00pm next to the Byangum Bridge which is an easy launch in any yak. If anyone's interested in coming along feel free to do so as there's plenty of fish there to go around. Cheers Mark Launch Spot
  4. Heading into the New England Table Lands for 4 days in early January. Will be staying in a cottage on the MacDonald River and plan to do a considerable ammount of lure flicking for Cod, Yellas and I have heard the MacDonald has a healthy trout population as well (although I am unsure whether you need to go higher in the ranges for these). Really wanting any feed back from members on lures of choice etc for these great fish. Plan on taking a bunch of Spinner Baits, larger hard bodies and may take some bream lollies to throw spin style for a trout... Is this a reasonable plan? Anyway, hopefully whatever happens ill suss it out enough over a 4 day period to have something to show for it! Angus
  5. Heading to Ebor and the general New England area next Thursday to chase some trout :cheer: I dont spose anyone on here was lucky enough to get down there over the weekend for the season opening, if you did let us know how you went! I am so keen after missing all last season, and have heard the trout are in for a great year after all the rain at the start of the year, so heres hoping we might be back to the good days of 100+ fish a day! Will try to get a report up when we get back.
  6. Heading down to kyogle to gram some stuff from the mrs parents place so gunna tow the tinny and smack up the dam on saturday. enev if the fish are shut down its one of the best dams to kick back on. Cheers
  7. I have entered in the Scotty Yak Classic over the weekend. All packed up and ready to go. I have spent the afternoon deciding which lures to take and ended up with an assortment of spinner baits some gidgees and other top water lures plus some nadderzams. Have also packed a couple of extra tie down straps in case I win the yak. :blush: Cheers Ray
  8. Does anyone know about this place, I've heard of it's existance but not any reports? Does anyone want to do a 3 day package The Pro Angler Season starts from Dec until the end April 12.00pm Friday 1p$420.00 2p$350.00pp 3p$330.00pp 3 Nights Fully Equiped Cabin (with ensuite) to 20% non refundable deposit Guide (Conditional) 12.00pm Monday All Dams (all to yourself) Big Native Enviro Net 72 hrs fishing time 385 Quintrex Explorer 385 fitted with Casting Platform Minn Kota Electric Outboard 3-4 anglers Max Battery charger and 1 battery supplied Sounder not supplied Package
  9. going in search of my first murray cod tomorrow, here is hoping i can at least nail one for the journey . will be there for 2 days on the dam and will all so try some gorge fishing in the severn!!
  10. Kath and I are taking our "kids" (4 legged! ) down to Chauvel park, a dog friendly B+B on the Clarence River at Tabulam. Tabulam is located between Casino and Tenterfield and we are staying right on the river for a few days so we are taking the tinny too! The guys at northcoastfishingnsw have been very helpful with some tips and info on the area. Apparently Bass are the main target, so fingers crossed we'll get our first non-impoundment bass in the coming days. Has anyone else fished down that way? I won't have net access down there, but will make a report when I come back. Rocket Me and the kids! [img size=350]
  11. Going down to Clarrie Hall dam early Friday to fish the ABA (Australian Bass Acossiation) fishing compition. I'm fishing with John Scofeild our team is TT Lures "team hair spray" as their is 4 TT lures teams. I fished the comp last year with John and we got second by a few centermeters and also managed to get my first bass on fly at 36cm. It is a great dam with lots of lillies and Bass. [img size=400]
  12. Trout season opens this weekend and I am off to the New England Ranges to do battle. Sounds like big talk but in fact it's only my third time at trout fishing. My first trip last year I landed 6 trout 1 was 5lb, 3 was 4lb and 2 was 2lb. My mate who is a 50 year vet of fly fishing banned me from useing spin gear and told me only fly from now on.[spoil sport] My second trip with a baisic knowledge of the fly, I lost about 10 before I finaly landed my first, oh what a feeling. Now I am hooked so I better get some use out of this fly gear. By the way there is still an unused 8/9 wt rod reel and 2 extra spools for sale if any body interested. Fish while you can Dinodadog