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      1. heading up to burrumheads next thursday for a few days fishing with the grand kids we entered the burrumheads easter classic should be fun,with the wind up,at this stage iam towing the new 4.2 blue-fin we wone in the oz-fish classic last year,will try for some bread and butter fish,and put a pot in or 2 and try for a nice muddie.if the wind dies down i will take the bigger boat up.thanks brad
      2. I left my tucker bag and my spinnerbaits at hom this morning.So I was a bit handicapped as far as fishing goes. Managed to borrow a bottle of water off my mate Glen and had to starve until I got home, boy did I enjoy lunch. On the fishing side I managed to find a half once spinnerbait, which got me over 20 bass and a yella, then made the numbers up to 37 and one with a few shrimp. Dino
      3. Apart from having to roust a couple of backpackers who had parked in front of the gate we had another good day yesterday with another bass virgin introduced to NPD. Weather was a lot better than forecast with only a couple of light showers and nowhere as much wind. Found around 50 bass on Andrews drop off and tried around the floats with nothing there and found another school over towards the old far marker where we picked up more until we ran out of bait even picking up a few on red dead shrimp that had been sitting in the boat for a few days. We did the redclaw pots first off and when we were heading back to the ramp noticed a couple of pots were too close together wand when re pulled them to redeploy they both had good sized redclaw in them so they are also starting to come in daylight. Final bass tally was 116 bass. Cheers Ray
      4. Took most of the morning casting to the edges to get up to 23 bass and one yella, using spinnerbaits. Then on the way back up the dam ran into a couple of small schools of bass and managed another 30 on shrimp. Dino
      5. Another glorious morning out at NPD this morning, slipped up a couple of back alleys I hadnt been for awhile. Still not seeing to many schooling bass as yet, but they will turn up soon.Managed 44 bass and one yella,no 50cm models but they were very close. Dino
      6. Bit quiet yesterday Checked out area around new fad One if the bass had a bit of fin rot. of 13 bass only 4 were legal and they were only in low 30s. Owen had never previously caught a forky and found out that the spines hurt. Cheers Ray
      7. Slipped out to the dam for a quick fish before the sun came up.I could of been in the boat as the predictions were a bit off, there hardly a breeze. Managed a mixed bag, one yella, three bass, one spangle and even caught a boney bream with my bare hands( and yes it was alive). Dino
      8. Hi Fishos, I'm heading up to Hervey Bay with my 3.9 Quintrex for my first ever visit for a week of fishing in early May, If any one can tell me anything about locations and fish to target with any advise or warnings, would be much appreciated. I have only fished the Tweed for the last 10 years but I guess Hervey bay is a different kettle of fish. Thanks, Bent rods and tight lines to you all.
      9. So I’m on holidays from tomorrow. Got the boat ready and the young boys are keen as mustard! Due to wind (not mine or theirs) bay is looking ordinary so we see are going to hit the Pine early. I’ve bought the boys baitcaster gear so will try soft plastics etc before cast netting for some bait or pump the sand banks on the low for live bait. Also dropping the pots in. Weekend saw 4 muddies for my first go although only one keeper. Report to follow!
      10. Headed out from Mooloolaba last week in some nicer weather. Well it might have been a bit too nice as the fish weren’t playing the game! Fished hard all day for a couple of tuskies, Maori cod, Moses, a nice snapper and the biggest hussar I’ve ever seen! Between 6 of us on two boats we kept about 20 reefies for the day. Conditions were so nice my spearo mate was foaming at the mouth to jump in, even after we saw a decent shark on one of the spots! Brilliant day on the water nonetheless. Mmmm fish tacos!
      11. Hey Guys, Got off work early and after alot of donut trips in the past week I was keen to go have another crack at a bay snapper . Got the boat ready and launched about 1pm. Conditions where far from ideal with a good 10-15knots of NNE starting to pump into the bay. headed for the beacons to grab some live baits and donuts all round. So we backed tracked to another area and started searching . Found heaps of herring back west of the shipping chanel but no yakkas. With another 1/2 half our of searching we finally found some good size yakkas and a few pike and loaded the bait tank pretty quickly... By this time is was almost 3pm and the wind was not backing out like it had the previous afternoons that week. Headed off to the area we where hoping to see a few fish after bust ups and dropped fish from the day prior. We thought about about anchoring but with wind against tide and 1m chop at times we decided to drift through this area with live herring yakkas and pike. We set up for the 1st drift and found it hard to get baits in the strike zone , I missed 2 fish straight up on the 1st and 2nd drift with baits being destroyed Spent a lot of time changing sinker sizes. But no results. Finally I decided to throw the para anchor wich slowed the drift down to about 0.5- 0.8 knots . Fishing about 27m of water i quickly changed to a 3ball sinker and put a new 9/0 gamakatsu with a nice size yakka about about 180mm long. I dont think i had even let 15m of line out when i felt the 30lb line start ripping out from under my finger tips of the Trinidad 20 , getting alittle inpatient i locked up wound hard and loaded the rod up. Nothing. Gone. . Free spool again whilst calling myself a few choice words . Line started ripping again , gave it the 5 count , started winding and loaded the rod up and bingo . It stuck. Fish ran hard in the current and typical knobby head shakes. The decky Quickly slid her in the net and re- rigged. Took a quick picture amd straight in the esky. The decky lost a few but couldn't get the hooks to stick. Few more drifts zilch and with the Northerly increasing to about 20knots, getting dark really quick and redcliffe being shadowed with a big rain cloud we decided to head for home. Was a pretty average trip running in a big beam sea with that run out tide back home through the pearl chanel. But we took it easy getting back to the scarborough ramp in about 50mins. After quite a few fishless trips, finally back on the board . Cheers Josh <><
      12. Hey all, was thinking of heading out this weekend to the Gold Coast with my dad to do some fishing. was just wondering if anyone knows any good places for land based fishing there for soft plastics and what soft plastics are best to use Thanks
      13. Fished another Toorbul monthly comp on Sunday. Haven’t been putting up reports each month because the reports will all be the same. Been averaging 10-12 legal fish each trip. Being the start of the school holidays and nice weather there were jet skis and boats flying around everywhere. The middle of the passage is a maze of shallow water and islands with the deeper water in some places outside the marked channel. The sound of outboards running up sand was constant. Jet skis fly through like they own the place, skipping over sandbars which would have boats high and dry. It was with great delight that I watched rider after rider drag their skis off the many sandbars. I managed to get the boat up some skinny water to where the fished weren’t spooked. Ended up with 10 good whiting all over 30cm, 5 average bream and a trevally. unfortunaley no prawns at the mouth of Hussey Ck, so didn’t venture up any further
      14. After attempting for a while we finally got the stars into alignment and I finally took Tom and his dad Jason to NPD. Tom has been obsessed with catching bass for a while and Jason has been taking him shorebased at Forgans with no results. We launched at 12.30 and did a couple of shrimp pots and redclaw pots to show Tom and got some shrimp and a couple of redclaw. I cable tied one redclaw so Tom could have a close look at it without getting bitten. We then headed to Andrews drop off and Tom got a hook up to a smallish bass on the first drop of his bait. He is a real master angler landing another 2 bass before I even had a hook up. It was an hour before Jason got around to rigging up his own line as Tom just did not stop catching fish. It did not even matter if it was only a forky he still got super excited. WE knocked off at around 3pm and did a few more redclaw pots for little result as a lot of the pots had holes in them. Final score was around 20 bass with Tom catching more than half or them. 10 forkies 18 redclaw. Best part smiles all round. So good to see a little boy enjoying himself.
      15. It was one of those days out at NPD this morning.Kept getting overcast conditions in between the bursts of sunshine. I done a bit of double dipping, half the fish were on lures and half on bait. I would pull up, drop 2 baits down and then start casting to the bank with spinnerbaits.I had the time of my life, with quite a few stuffups as well.Managed 82 bass with 3 of them over 50cm and 5 yellas with 4 of them over 50cm, cant ask for much more than that.Sure does make you forget your cares and woes for awhile. Dino
      16. Woke up with a painful roof in my mouth( no big mouth jokes ) but still went for a quick session at NPD. Mouth got worse during the morning, so I rang and booked myself into the dentist.Turned out to be some sort of fungal thing, never had it before,gave me some fungilin lozenge to take 4 times a day. On the fishing side it was a bit quite on the lures, conditions seemed OK but the bass just seemed to be slightly shut down. Managed 21 bass and one yella before heading home early , mostly on spinnerbaits. Dino
      17. Hey lads, Just been given a contract for remainder of the year at Childers for Edqld. So I know it is 45mins to Bunderberg, 45mins to Burrum Heads, 45mins to Maryborough and 45mins to Hervey Bay. Does anyone have any previous experience in these areas?? I am gonna be working Monday - Thursday with long weekends every weekend. I am will be commuting back to Ipswich every fortnight weekend to see my kids from a separated marriage. But also trying to go fishing as much as I can.. Obviously Fraser Island is accessible being 45mins from Barge at Hervey Bay..... But the rest I have no idea about...
      18. Hi All. Probably been asked before but was wondering if anyone could give me any info on catching Squid around Raby Bay. Never fished for them before but bought a couple of jigs last week so I could give it a crack. I was hoping to take the family out for the day while it was school holidays. The sound of fresh salt and pepper Squid sounds sensational. Any info and advice would be much appreciated. Thanks. Regards Pat
      19. Hey, Just wondering if there is any land based spots around the western suburbs area that are any good and what species are usually caught and best bait or lures to use Thanks
      20. G'day Folks, Just wondering where some good carp spots around Brisbane/Gold Coast are?
      21. Now all we need is some rain but not before the splash pool below dam is finished or else if dam spills there is a potential for another fish kill. from seq water newsletter. April 2019 Latest news Construction on the Sideling Creek Dam upgrade is progressing well and on schedule. The slot in the spillway is now re-instated, which means the water level can return to its original (2015) level over time with rainfall. Construction progress Spillway work We are currently working on the area below the existing spillway which forms the basis for the dissipator basin. This part of the dam reduces energy from water flowing over the spillway making it easier for fish to pass the spillway. Concrete pours to thicken the spillway walls are continuing to enhance the spillway’s ability to handle large volumes of water. This work will be complete before Easter. Importantly, the two-metre slot cut in to the spillway crest in 2015 has been reinstated. This will allow the dam to capture an additional two meters of water over the coming months in what has been a very dry summer. This will benefit the surrounding environment and increase the water available for recreation by about one third. You may notice these changes as the water level in Lake Kurwongbah returns to its original level over time with rainfall. Image: Concrete work on the spillway Image: Reinstating the slot in the spillway Image: Intake tower with 2015 and 2019 water levels shown Main embankment Construction of the weighting berm along the main embankment is also complete. Over the past few months layers of sand, gravel and rock were placed in the toe of the dam and main embankment. In total, 7,000 tonnes of rock, 500 tonnes of gravel, 2,500 tonnes of sand were used to complete the weighting berm. Image: Earth embankment under construction Recreation changes As the water in the lake returns to its 2015 full supply level there will be an increase in water available for recreation. This great news for those who enjoy water skiing, paddling, fishing and rowing on the lake! If you are interested to find out more you can download a recreation map from our website Work hours and timing Work hours are from Monday to Friday, 6.30am to 6.30pm and Saturday from 7.30am to 2.30pm. The project is expected to be complete in mid – 2019. Further information You can stay up-to-date with the progress through the project webpage, click here Background – Dam Improvement Program Sideling Creek Dam was constructed in 1957 and upgraded in 1969. In 2012-13, as part of our ongoing monitoring, Seqwater commissioned an independent assessment of Sideling Creek Dam and our other regulated dams. Sideling Creek Dam is one of a number of dams across South East Queensland identified in the assessment for upgrade. In Queensland, dam owners are responsible for the safety of their dams under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008. Seqwater’s Dam Improvement Program is about upgrading dams in line with the latest engineering standards and to meet the current Queensland Dam Safety Guidelines. Sign up for free dam release alerts Sideling Creek Dam is an ungated dam. An un-gated dam is built in a way that means Seqwater has no control over water spilling from the dam once the dam water level surpasses the Full Supply Level. When rainfall in the catchment results in inflows to an un-gated dam that increase the water level beyond the dam’s Full Supply Level, water begins to flow over the dam spillway. The dam spillway is lower than the dam embankment so that water can flow over the spillway and safely out of the dam into the creek or river system the dam is built on. All un-gated dams help mitigate flooding to some extent. The peak outflow from an un-gated dam during a flood event is less than the peak outflow that would have occurred had the dam not been built, because some water is held in the dam while it is spilling. Sign up to our dam release notification service to be notified when Sideling Creek Dam is spilling and/or nearby North Pine Dam is releasing water. This free service provides subscribers with notifications by email, SMS or recorded messages to telephone landlines when gated dams are releasing water or un-gated dams are spilling. Register now to get dam alerts or download the Seqwater app from the App Store or Google Play on your device. For more information w e sid and the ministers press release Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy The Honourable Dr Anthony Lynham Welcome return to full supply level at Lake Kurwongbah A return to full water level at Sideling Creek Dam has been welcomed by skiers, paddlers, rowers, fishers and Member for Kurwongbah Shane King. “With upgrades to Sideling Creek Dam well-advanced, the dam’s storage – Lake Kurwongbah – is set to return to its original full supply level, after it was lowered to allow the project to be carried out safely,’’ Mr King said. “The lake is a popular spot for fishing, paddling, rowing and skiing and restoring the lake to its original level is welcome news. “This dam storage is vital to the community and the lifestyle locals enjoy here,” Mr King said. “Lake users have been patiently waiting for Lake Kurwongbah to return to its full capacity and it will improve recreation opportunities at the lake and make the scenery even more picturesque. “Just recentrly Lake Kurwongbah Water Ski Zone members, who were running one of their ‘Come and Try’ days for charity, said how impressed they were.’’ Minister for Natural Resources Dr Anthony Lynham said the $18 million upgrade was an essential investment to make the dam more resilient to extreme floods and earthquakes. Once completed, Dr Lynham said the upgrade would also enhance recreation and deliver environmental improvements for the lake and surrounding catchment. “In 2015, Seqwater lowered the water level of Lake Kurwongbah by two metres as work began on this important upgrade,” Dr Lynham said. “Significant progress during construction has now reached a point to allow for the spillway crest to return to its original height. “That means with enough rainfall, the lake will return to its original full supply level, increasing the surface area of the lake by one-third.” Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Neil Brennan said the improvements to the dam spillway would enhance the spillway’s ability to handle large volumes of water. "Now that the spillway crest has been returned to its original height, work will focus on areas downstream of the spillway. "Improvements are also underway to mitigate erosion in the downstream area and improve the ability for fish to pass,” Mr Brennan said. Construction work for the project is expected to be completed by June this year. Media enquiries: David Potter 0428 411 617 Unsubscribe
      22. Hey, Would anyone be able to help me with the best lures to use for targeting species like flathead and bream? Thanks
      23. Hi all, After exploring a new area on my kayak two weeks ago and seeing a heap of good crab sign - as well as free walking muddies on the mud flats which is probably the best sign of all - a plan was hatched between @Old Scaley and I to make up for our last two dismal attempts at crabbing. The area was only accessible at high tide so the plan was to head out on saturday to set the pots and then collect them on sunday. Owing to other commitments, the Scaley one was unavailable on Saturday but was kind (or keen enough for a feed of crab) to hand over the keys to his boat to me for Saturday. So I employed the old man as a decky and launched out of Jacob's well about 8am Saturday. We snuck into the new spot and set our 8 pots. Signs were good as we again saw a muddie just walking along the bank on our way out. We went for a bit of a fish on the last of the incoming tide, unfortunately we were plagued by mongrel pike eels - mine was the biggest though at about 8ft long. Given the tide was still just running in, I decided to do a quick check of the pots before they became inaccessible, mostly to see if I was on the right track. Turns out I was, every pot had crabs in it after just over an hour in the water, we pulled 4 full-as keepers out of the pots and re-set. We headed off for a bit of a fish, the tides weren't right and we didn't have the best kind of bait but we still managed to have a fairly constant stream of fish coming over the side, a GT of about 35cm was kept for the old boy's dinner. Scaley then met me at my place at 5am Sunday and we launched about 5:45. We shot straight to a yabby bank that was fast disappearing and despite a few pump issues managed to secure enough bait for the day in the available time. We weren't yet able to access the pots so we went to one of my favourite spots to fish up to the high tide. The bite started slowly but what was coming over the side was pure quality. Getting towards the top of the tide things went a little crazy for about an hour and the final wash up was 8 whiting to 38cm with only 1 under 30, 2 grunter, a GT and a 34cm bream. We then headed back to check the pots. The pots had a heap of crabs in them and after sorting out the heap of undersized crabs (about 7 or 8 that were 14-14.9cm) we were left with 4 more very full keepers. Not exactly the big result I was hoping for but at least Mrs Scaley would allow Steve back into the house this time. A field goal in extra time still counts as a win I guess! Interestingly, only 2 jennies in all the pots, the rest were undersized bucks so might be a good area to target early in the next season after they have all had another moult. We then headed back to my favourite outgoing tide spot where I was hoping to add some more whiting and hopefully a couple of grunter to the already good looking esky. The bite again started slowly but schools of fish kept coming through and we ended up with 20 whiting in the esky and another decent bream. Despite landing a heap more, we were not able to add to our grunter tally. Steve thought he was onto a really good one at one point only to have a different kind of grunting fish appear - a catty about 45cm long. Steve again called a good fish not long after and a mulloway of about 50cm was boated - and then promptly released without charge. I managed to hook an unlucky sand crab that was easily legal size so he was also added to the box. Huge thanks must go to @Old Scaley for allowing me to both decky on Sunday and skipper his boat on Saturday in his absence. It was great to have a day out on the water with the old man again, something we haven't been able to do since the good ship rebel-t left the family. Hopefully the crabs were well received on the home front mate! I'll upload some more photos tonight when I pull them off my go pro, here's one to get you started. Cheers, Benno <'><
      24. No overcast conditions this morning, so had to wear a couple of headsox, plus my sunnies and my hat.It was enough to scare the fish away. Lucky for me they were hungry and of good size, managed 33 bass, of which 2 were over 50cm and 3 yellas, of which 2 were over 50cm. All caught on spinnerbaits, half on TT and half on the new Hot Bite spinnerbaits. I fished in areas that I normaly dont fish in and was surprised by the fish around. Dino
      25. Well weather was amazing and tides lined up so I finished school at 230 and snuck away went to BCF got some dodgy prawns and some metal slugs gradbed some diesel and headed straight to Farnborough beach. Drove the 17km to the top where the mouth of the river is and was surprised it was like 500m-a lot longer across with pools of water throughout. Since I was on my own I decided to stay safe on the hardish sand. Parked up about 100m from low tide mark as there were loads of holes al over place full of ghost crabs and toad fish... 1.5hrs later not a single bite. saw a big break of herring splashing just out of casting distance. If I had of known the beach better I would of parked close to water line and had my 13ft surf rod with metal slug ready for the salmon or mackerel that were chasing the herring....Alas I am new to the area and learning.... Good tides and reasonable moon on Saturday so I might go again then.... Tight lines.