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      1. Hi guys been a little while between posting but the weather has not been to flash up in Cairns as of late. I say a result of that I had some time to think about my boat and my setup and decided to advertise my Fisher has an expression of interest to see what it would Fetch Well unintentionally sold in 4 days so I had to move fast to secure the new boat which I'm extremely happy about It's a 2050 Stabicraft Frontier with a 150 Yamaha pushing 65 km an hour in 15 knots of wind I should be able to bring more Reef reports and photos from up here with this new weapon Couple of puctures for your viewing pleasure
      2. Hi all, I am still in the market of looking for a boat and have gotten some experienced opinions from people I know but I would like some more. I am looking at a Quintrex 420 Dory with a 2015 Yamaha 40hp two stroke with 50 hours on the back. The boat is fully kitted out with a 75 litre fuel tank, 7 inch Garmin sounder, custom bait board, Bimini, stereo and safety gear. I have checked the specs of the hull and the overall length is more like 4.35 metres. Does this mean that I am looking at a slightly bigger boat in reality? It would definitely be reef fishing on the good days and headland/creek fishing on the not so good ones. The guy claims the boat ‘flys’ and I have heard of them doing more than 50km per hour. What are your thoughts on a boat like this (I know it’s not a proper ‘reef boat’, but I will have to make do) and it’s top speed? Thanks
      3. Sneaky1

        queensland Baits

        Gday ladies and gents Does anyone here vacuum seal bait , if so doe's it still get freezer burn ? I'm planning on keeping some tuna and salting it down plus some unsalted for snapper fishing in autumn.
      4. I caught two flathead in my Cast Net today...this was the first one! Lol
      5. GregOug

        queensland Today

        So @ellicat how did you go today?
      6. Was telling a few of the crew at the AFO Christmas gathering about this clip from the other day so just d/l'd and sharing here. Story is a kid got stuck in the mud and needed the chopper to get him out. 126092306_183215503402405_4874617268470887449_n.mp4
      7. Went up to 1770 with my son Brock on Thursday afternoon and stayed the night before leaving the ramp at 1st light Friday morning. We headed for the bunker group with plans to stay out for 3 days on the outer reef after a average run up we were fishing our 1st marks by 8am. I strugled with bait only landing the odd tuskie while my son tangled with coral trout for the 1st 2 hours i tried alot of different rigs and baits but Brock kept hooking up on plastics. I soon switched to plastics on the shads tuff prawn and we were both hitting trout along with a huge variety of fish. We landed spangeled emperor, moarie cod, red throat emperor, coral trout, srtipies, honeycomb cod, hussar, tea leaf trevally, bludger trevally and long nose emperor. We found more ground as we went and the wind dropped right out to nothing through the middle of the day. The red emeperor were proving to be elusive so we didn't waste to much time hunting them Friday chosing to keep looking for trout. It started to blow late in the arvo so we went shallow behind the reef and found plenty of red throat emeperor biting. These fish put up an amazing fight never giving up all the way to the boat and i would have to say pound for pound 1 of the strogest fighting fish on the reef. We got RTE up to 53cm and started to really get some colour to the box. After sunset friday it was time anchor up and settle in for the night cook some dinner and get a good sleep. Saturday morning the wind was still atleast 12 knots but i was keen to target the reds early morning. The 1st mark was quiet but the next move we found fish on the sounder and new ground nearby on the drift. It was this new ground where the reds were hanging and i got a little legal red emperor going 59cm on the ruler. Brock hooked up but lost a better red halfway up just spitting the hook then the bite shut down so after another 30 minutes we moved south looking for more trout etc. We were finding new ground and pulling fish as we went and by 11 am the bite shut right down. We decided to go for a snorkle in the lagoon at fitzroy reef, we had the lagoon to ourselves and anchored up in front of the biggest coral bommie. It took us an hour to snorkel around it, so much colour in the reef here and the fish life was amazing even seeing coral trout lurking in the holes in the reef. After the snorkle we had a fresh water shower then some lunch before heading out again to the lee side of the reef to find more fish. The fish were thick and in an hour we got another 7 fish to finish off our bag limit on the coral reef fin fish. The tuff prawns did outfish the bait by far and all the trout and most of the red throat fell for the prawn. Then pointing the boat for home the throttle went down and 90 minutes later crossed the bar back in the creek at 1770 a day early. I stayed another night in town and drove home on Sunday morning , just in time as we had run out of fish at home so this should keep us in qaulity fish for a little while.
      8. With the wind blowing I didn't tt think it was a good idea putting the boat in , so I decided to take my bad mannered blue dog for a walk along the water front only this time I gave unsuspecting tourists and locals fair warning. People fishing the banks at bribie were doing it a bit tough. Only a few people landed decent fish some kids had a nice flatty around 55cm and a bream around 35cm some oldies had a decent goldspot cod around 60cm but apart from those it looked pretty ordinary , hoping to get the boat in this week I'm starting to get withdrawals.
      9. Hi All After watching numerous videos, reading articles and speaking to fishos I am still wanting further guidance. I have heard from so many people that live bait is the best and as I live 5 min walk from prime yabbie territory I finally decided to buy a yabbie pump. My brother in-law pumped yabbies as a kid and was a champ. I will master the art in time - BUT , my two fishing trips with the live yabbies were completely unsuccessful. I think I have now mastered the art of rigging them so they are reasonably secure and still wriggling - but I am not even sure if they are still on the line after casting. I caught two miniature bream. Mostly I don't even feel nibbles. I am going to the beach tomorrow to try worming (don't laugh) . I haven't looked at catching live bait fish yet - I thought I would try a trap but then found out they are illegal in QLD. Any advice on bait and baiting the hook or links to good videos or articles would be appreciated.
      10. I was at Mum's on Macleay Island for the weekend. Friday night was hot so I turned the ceiling fan on high to cool down. I thought it would be a good idea to pick up my rod to rig up for an early morning fish. Result: The weekend was not off to a good start. By early Saturday evening the weekend had not improved - no keepers and had to trudge around the island with a surf rod (no surf beach in sight). As I was contemplating the rest of the weekend I got a message from @GregOug asking if I was available to go out on Monday. I made myself available. We headed out Monday at about 6am from the Port of Brisbane boat ramp and waited just off the ramp for Greg's mate to arrive and show us a couple of spots for some Grassie Sweetlip. Greg had been instructed by his mate on the appropriate rig and in turn had passed the info to me. We were rigged up and ready to go (thanks Greg). We headed out to Green Island and anchored up alongside his mates boat. Greg was almost immediately on with an under about 29cm. Greg now had the feel for these beauties and was soon on again and shortly landed the first legal fish of the day. A Grassie Sweetlip 31cm and 463g. Greg released it to the eskie (as @ellicat would say). Greg was hooking up and landing every couple of minutes, however, all further Grassies were just shy of legal. We lost count eventually and I was so busy jumping up and down for the landing net I missed all my chances of hooking one of those beauties (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it). Greg also landed what we think is a small Tawny Shark. We released him back to the bay. Greg's mate and his deckies were also landing only unders so they decided to head to Mud. Greg and I stayed a little while longer then packed up, pulled anchor and made our way to Mud. Of course we passed Greg's mates boat and reached Mud a few minutes before them. I estimate we got at least 20 min more fishing time. That Green Machine can fly. However turns out Greg's lifejacket can also fly. Luckily his mate lagging behind spotted it and picked it up out of the water. Lol. At Mud there was a little more traffic and nothing seemed to be showing on the sounder. We eventually decided on a spot that looked promising. There were lots of pickers it seems. Greg landed an ugly unidentified thing. Greg had a few promising Grassie runs but didn't hook anything. Greg obviously chose the right side of the boat again! Anyway, I decided to swap rigs as I clearly needed a change in luck or equipment. I now had my heavy boat rod with my Nasci 2500. The Nasci was upgraded to 20lb braid (my 10lb was old and failing and @deegee12g had donated some 20lb braid and the heavy boat rod to my growing tackle store). I had 15lb Fluro leader and a 3.0 octopus hook. We were getting pickered and seemed to be constantly re-baiting. I got a couple of tugs that seemed promising but nothing seemed to eventuate. I waited a minute and decided to check my bait again. Alas I started winding in the line and appeared to be snagged on the reef. Oops no maybe a fish? No fight just heavy unmovable wait - definitely a snag. Trying my best to free my tackle from the bottom I again felt some movement. No it is definitely a fish!! Wow there was some weight to it. After a nervous few minutes expecting my line to snap any moment I landed my overall personal best - Gold Spotted Estuary Cod. Greg was there with the landing net and we jumped up and down and high fived and cracked open a beer to celebrate. After releasing him to the Esky (lol), we settled back down to try our luck again. After another little wait I had felt a few small bites and started winding up to check my bait again - again I felt resistance - was it a snag? Movement? Yes. This time I recognised the reaction (or inaction) and tightened the drag a little and began to reel him in - a few minutes later I was pausing as I was exhausted, this thing felt like a monster - it was going to be my new PB!! We could see the join in the braid to leader - he was almost there. Then snap. This time it was jumping up and down but no high fives and I can't repeat what I said on this family friendly site. About this time the wind was up a little and we heard from @ellicat and @Old Scaley so we pulled anchor and went to say hi - hold up our prizes to show each other and headed back to the ramp. Oh and thanks for the Grassie Greg it tasted fantastic. Great day out. Cheers Kat P.s If anyone is thinking about being deckie for @GregOug think again! The above was all an elaborate untrue story Greg forced me to post. In reality he treated me like a slave and the day was boring, as usual no fish were landed. The photos are doctored with the help of Photoshop.
      11. Hi Guys Hamish has some serious competition. Lol
      12. Stayed at Tallebudgera caravan park over the weekend with the van and my son brought down our little boat. Not to much to report with 4 legal whiting and lots of little bream and a few small flathead. I did get 1 big black bream on a yabby which was a bit of a surprise. Good weather and company with a few mates with their vans joining us. Just a top social weekend in God's country.
      13. Hey guys, been a bit quiet on the fishing fronts. Tried a few times but no success in the past couple of weeks! Today looked good, threw around a 100g microjig on a new GT popping combo (Penn slammer + Penn ocean assassin rod PE6-8). It was my first time catching a fish on gear this heavy. Its a tussle! Got one small GT and lost 3 others. Yes I am taking part in Movember! I've had amazing support so far. Please feel free to check out my profile The garden has been producing the goods Some kayaking with Wilson too Plenty of bait balls around the other day! Also getting ready for a trip up north visiting a mate Hes got a nice spot. Thanks, Sam
      14. Plenty of bass and barred grunter this morning. 58 bass,1 tandan and numerous barred grunter. Spent most of the time in the tree on Ians island trying to avoid the barred grunter I have never encountered them so thick. They were mixed in with the bass and if a bass did not take the shrimp on the way down the grunter would nip the centre out of the shrimp and the bass would not touch it once it was dead. I reckon we lost over 100 shrimp to the grunters before we ran out of bait just before 11am. The eagle provided plenty of entertainment swooping down on the dead grunter, Hai took a good vidio of the eagle that I will see if I can copy it. Cheers Ray
      15. Hi there I am looking for a freestanding smallish rod holder. Preferably Gold Coast or Brisbane pick up. Cheers Kat
      16. Very slow start this morning after checking our shrimp traps we headed down stream and not a fish till we got to the floats where we picked up 2 yellas and dropped one. Then to fad 1 for another 6 yellas and one bass.We were getting desperate with only 9 fish by 9am so we headed over to where we got some last week and finally found some bass and the odd yella. Finished up just after 11am with 10 yellas and 66 bass.
      17. Are schools rewarding, blxxdy oath they are, when you can find them.First school I found was a bit bait shy only pulling the odd bass now and again. So I moved on and found a better school, these were hungry and stayed under the boat for quite awhile. It was a mixed school with small bass and now and then a good one, managed a 51 from the school, a eel tail catfish and the biggest eel I have seen at NPD it was as thick as the top of my leg, when I reached for the knife to cut the line it shook its head one more time and the hook and sinker went within a mozzie **** of hitting me in the head.Anyway managed 73 bass all up all on shrimp. Dino
      18. Very sad news, just because it’s a fresh water and a dam the risks are still very real ! Wear your safety gear and try and always take someone with you just in case something happens to you. Stay safe everyone.
      19. So the Bears are planning to head to Fraser island. Plan is to get there next Mon - Fri and camp at Teebing Spit at Wathumba. The plan is to take a my boat from Urangan and Mrs Drop Bear takes some of the cubs on the ferry. There are lots of fires I hear... Anyone know how I can find out where they are and if it is safe or advised to go?
      20. With the rubbish weather forecasts of late I saw a window of opportunity to have a session on the Nerang River Thursday night chasing a feed of delicious whiting. Teed it up with @Old Scaley who was also desperate for a fix of fishing. After a quick stopover at Gem to get some blood worms we arrived about five and traveled the couple of hundred metres to the spot. Hardly any boat traffic in the area which was unusual but good at the same time. The spot fishes best on the outgoing tide, but we were an hour or so early so we deployed the lines without much expectation. Steve was first on with a pesky bream that self released at the back of the boat. Something little then attacked his line and in came this thing - It's a Yellow-fin Tripod Fish (Thanks to @benno573 for the ID). Finally the tide turned. The fishing was slow but we managed to wrangle a feed - 7 whiting with only 1 over 30 (33), the rest 25 - 28. The only other boat on our stretch of the river moved on so we decided to have a drift to see if we could find a school. Nothing on the first drift, so we motored back and did it again. This time my rod buckled over in the holder and I strained to get it out. It was a strong but weird fight. I thought it was a ray at one stage. I was only on 10lb gear with an 8 foot noodle rod and thought I would lose it for sure. Eventually it came close to the surface and I could tell it wasn't a ray by the oblong shape. Thank God for that. Anyway, Steve slid the net under a nice GT that went 58cm on the lie detector. I was as spent as it was, so settled down to have a recovery coffee kindly supplied by today's decky with brewing by his good wife. It took the smallest piece of blood worm on a small size 4 baitholder hook (which was nicely bent out of shape). I think it was about to eat a whiting that was about to eat the worm, the whiting jumped out of the way and the trev came up with the worm... After that I landed the largest ting of the night, before calling it a job well done. Another good night mate. Thanks for the company and laughs. Interestingly , we had five rods between us but only 1 rod caught all the keepers bar 1 or 2.
      21. Hey all! last minute trip to Newport over the weekend with my brother which wasn’t a bad session. I threw around Ecogear bream prawns in the 40mm salt n pepper colour. Although used a cranka crab which im now a fan of! I landed my pb cod from the kayak which was good fun. Landed a few solid bream too. The cod was caught at the back of a pontoon close to shore in the shadows (pic below where you can see where the cranka crab landed) The biggest bream was caught on the cranka crab on what was a really fast retrieve. I cast parallel to a pontoon but it was a rubbish cast so I just decided to retrieve in really fast and cast again, after a few winds and bang! This big bream hammered the lure, was pretty cool! IMG_6452.MOV
      22. I’ve been taking my time wiring up Yewgary with nav lights, bilge, battery hooked up to a regulator/rectifier and sounder my mate gifted me so I haven’t been on the water until recently. Took the mrs (aka Net Girl) out for a run down the Logan yesterday.we put in at the Carbrook ramp which is an excellent spot and worth every $ of the ramp fee. It was her first time in our tinny and she was impressed with how shiny and fast it was After some stuffing around seeing if my transducer was set right (it wasn’t, it loses the bottom around 15knots and throws up about a foot of spray - any tips?) we got to the first spot I chucked out a tuff prawn (thanks @tugger for the tip!) and was showing Net Girl how to work her lure and second flick I was on! Crunched by something with a bit of weight and strong tail kicks it put up a great little fight before it popped to the surface - a nice little Jew. It played up at the surface while Net Girl was working out how to extend the net but with some great netting action from the decky eventually we boated it. Now Net Girl was even more impressed! Jewie was released and we drifted around seeing a few fish on the sounder and later on I hooked a legal cod on a threadybuster and Net Girl swiped it up first go this time with skill and expertise! We released the cod and decided to call it a (successful) day. back to the ramp and not a drop of mud was seen even though it was approaching low tide. In the kiosk there was a great display of Gobblers lures + jigheads I will be snapping up a few packs of the jerk shads for bay work that’s for sure @Luvit im hoping the crabs fire up soon so I can combine flicking plastics with a bit of passive potting I can’t wait for the first legal buck to come over the side and get in my belly!
      23. Got one of my own back yesterday
      24. With the dropping water levels at NPD the spiders at one of the fads are starting to emerge at the bank
      25. Hi all, I'm heading out to north end of Moreton bay on Saturday for the first time and towing my boat from Mudgeeraba, I just wanted a bit of advice about the best ramp to put in at. I Was thinking about the port of Brisbane ramp. Woodsy