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      1. Hi All, New to the forum and hoping I can get some advise please. I have a leave pass from the missus to go on a solo trip. I am trying to plan a fishing trip in the first 2.5 weeks in August from Vic to either Northern NSW or Southern Queensland. I have a small 3mtr tinnie and wanting to fish some estuaries. Hoping to catch Jacks, Bass, Bream or something decent on light line. Happy to travel as far as Rocky if needed, however prefer to try my luck from Yamba to Sunshine Coast. Also ideally, looking to switch it up from Estuary to Rock or Beach. Hopefully you can help
      2. Looking for charter recommendations fo fishing Great Barrier Reef. I am from Argentina and planning a trip, mainly focus on popping and jigging. April 2020 will be probably the month when I can go.Many thanks in advance for your help.
      3. Took the wife and two boys out fishing after Liam's soccer game on Saturday morning, heading straight to our usual haunt at Green Island. The boys love it because we always catch plenty and yesterday was no exception, with the first hour resulting in small squire one after the other - I reckon they would have caught close to 15 in the first hour and there my partly rigged rod (to put a floater bait out the back) lay to prove it ....... (nothing changes - perhaps I should start planning ahead and rigging it up at home ......). We had a very large green sea toadfish on Georges rod (I fought that one for him), Liam got a just undersized tusky plus a small grassie and a nice big bar-tailed flattie but unfortunately a big grinner (@Old Scaley the boys could give you a run for your money ..... ) had put a whole in the silicone net (right - no more grinners going in this net!!) and the flathead went straight through it. Turned out it was still on the line but unfortunately in attempt number two it threw the hook and won it's freedom (much to Liam's displeasure - not a happy chappy!!). Dropped the family back to the ramp about 2:30pm (they lasted a bit longer than I was planning .......) and then back out to do some trolling for mackerel. Got one not far from Green Island and kept heading towards the Hope Banks, marking a couple of decent shows of bait along the way. Got a Watson's Leaping Bonito close to the Hope Banks then decided to go back to where I had marked the shows of bait earlier (was then hoping to head to the eastern side of St Helena Island outside of the Green Zone to find some new fishing spots but didn't get there - next time ... ) and bingo, the sounder was impressive!! Trolled the area back and forth a few times picking up three more bonito and another mackerel. By this stage it was about 5:15pm so decided to anchor up and fish with pillies to see if I could add to the esky. The pillies were getting picked apart by the baitfish so I put out a whole squid on ganged hooks and then also plucked a couple of whole yakkas out of the esky. Had three sharks on in about a half hour period which was a lot of fun - the first one broke me off when it dove back down beside the boat so I upped the leader size and had a good fight with the next one, with it jumping and thrashing around on the surface a couple of times a fair distance from the boat. Got it beside the boat and it was dark by now and my headlamp was in need of new batteries - much around trying to tail it and also trying to gaff it before it eventually busted me off as I was messing around. Grr!!! Caught and landed the next one after again mucking around trying to land it - good fun solo in the dark!! Busy back at the ramp with about a 15/16ft tinny towing about a 20ft fibreglass boat in. After I retrieved mine a guy came over to ask if I had a detachable winch handle as his had bounced off in transit - I didn't but luckily he only had a 15ft tinny and a couple of guys to help so seemed to be in control. My boys were excited to see the catch when I eventually got out of bed this morning ....
      4. Hi, Hope a few forum members are taking advantage of the weather this weekend. Put the boat in yesterday arvo till after dark, fished around Redcliffe/ Scarborough in the hope of getting a few tailor. Caught some legal bream and plenty of undersized fish. At least this kept the young bloke entertained Anyone has any luck catching tailor yet around northern Moreton Bay?
      5. I was not going to post as it only upsets Dino but decided he needed some encouragement to do his physio and get back on the water. We spent the day teaching the shrimp to swim and escape those ravenous fish that inhabit NPD. We were quite successful as we caught 113 less fish than last Sunday. First fish boated went 55cm much to Jasons delight. and Rick made it a double hookup with a 52 cm yella. We pulled another 3 yellas from this spot and then the shrimp had a reprieve fo rthe rest of the day with the bass being quite elusive with only the odd fish boated. They were a good size and mostly located in around 50 feet of water. We tried around one of the new fads and caught 2 bass one 325cmm and the other 275mm. As normal the redclaw pots were productive except the ones that the redclaw had chewed holes in. Cheers Ray
      6. Hello all, Long time no post! I've been through a couple of years fishing hiatus, life hiatus really, due to health problems. I've lost the obsessive nature and passion I used to have with fishing but I'm happy to be involving myself every month or two in a fishing trip! And enjoying it which is the main thing. Unlike other sports such as golf I was pleased to discover that I haven't 'lost it'. It was great to find that fishing is an activity once you learn it you can't unlearn it, maybe just brush up on the basics and wrack the memory and you're good to pick up where you left off. Last month with a mate in his boat (I am now boatless and only have 2 rods and reels and hardly any lures! The true minimalist fisho) we headed out into the bay in search of tuna. From past years, the first of the westerly winds brings them in close to the western bay shore. And sure enough we found them within 5 minutes of looking. Successful day hooking up to 6 and boating 3 or 4, I can't remember. I don't really bother with photos much anymore but here's a couple of little cuties around 1m from a double hookup. I literally own 2 types of plastics and 1 stickbait which has actually made it a cool experience. I used to be so caught up wondering which of my 7836 lures to put on next and wasting time doing so. In the end sticking with something that has been proven in the past and keeping it in the water is what caught the fish. Funny that. This morning myself and Murray (same mate) went out in search of snapper in the shallows which was a bucket list item for him. Conditions were too still but I'm really glad he got one at 47cm, he has massive hands haha. That was about it aside from a couple of squid. Thanks guys! And hello to all of you I know and those of you I don't, I hope everyone is going well
      7. Went for a quick session after work in the passage. Managed two small tiger squid in 1.5hrs. Very picturesque spot to fish on sunset too, love a QLD winter spotted a monster arrow squid but couldn’t tempt it to bite. Just out of curiosity, when spotlighting them, is it best to keep the torch light not directly on them? I’ve found that when I keep the light on them, that they tend to shy away quickly
      8. Hey guys, Looking at heading out tomorrow through SPB and haven't been for a while. Will be heading about middle of the tide on what looks like a fairly calm SW wind. Where is the best channel now to head through if going to fish the 29's and 33s off Moreton? Also anyone else heading out tomorrow? Cheers
      9. I was hoping to join Tugger and Lance on the last 1770 trip but the Gobblers thing got in the way. Running out of time at the moment but there is an opportunity to head to Fraser on Sunday and return on Tuesday. If anyone wants to bring their boats up and join Luke Landrunner and I let us know. We will be sleeping on the boat Sunday and Monday night. Chasing Tuna and other species.
      10. Luke and I headed off on Sunday and launched at Urangan boat ramp around lunch time. First spot we stopped at we jigged a couple of school mackerel and quickly moved on not wanting to lose any more jigs to them. We head for Wathumba area and saw no birds until we got there. There were small schools of small tuna and some bigger ones around but they were not interested in any of our offerings. We anchored up for the night in anticipation of tomorrow's full day. The crack of dawn we were up and our plan was to head to Rooney's point and hop from reef to reef before heading onwards to southern gutters. The first 2 reefs didn't produce much so we kept hopping. On our first drift I picked up my first large mouth nannygai or saddle tail snapper. They fight well and I expect will be nice eating. With a lot of pickers around we decided to head straight to the southern gutters. There were plenty of fish there but sharks were ridiculous. We couldn't get anything past them, except Luke managed to pull an ander size Red Emperor out of the mouth of a shark and the poor thing had it whole head crushed. After many bust offs we headed back to the closer reefs for the afternoon. Turned out be a good decision because we were not being hammered by the sharks and the afternoon bite was good. Luke pulled I think 6 under size Red's up to 48cm, doh. Luke also picked up his first Nannygai 2 x PB and new species for us both. Then I upgraded with a 50cm tuskie another PB We added about 4 more Nannygai's to the esky and a few Mosses perch. This is the sort of reef fish I love to eat. I left a micro jig out bouncing and a nice size Mac tuna pulled hard on the jigging rod. This provided most of our bait. We were pretty tired after the full day and as the sun dipped below the horizon we threw the anchor our and reheated some Spaghetti Bolognese that Luke had pre made. It was amazing and washed it down with some beer and bourbon. I thought I'd try some Soft plastics after dark and to my surprise they worked well at 35m meters down in the pitch darkness. I scored a nice Mosses perch and then another Nannygai while Luke kept banging fish on bait and still bringing in small reds. The wind come up and we broke anchor so headed back to Fraser for a calmer nights sleep. Yesterday morning we headed back to the same the reef but the fish were not co-operating and the drift speed was double that of the day before with the wind getting up. Considering what we had in the esky we were satisfied and made the call to head back to see what else we could find on the way home. The wind was a SSW so we punched into the chop all the way home. After travelling for 25 kw back from Rooney's at speed we saw some fish and ground under on the sounder and quickly pulled up to see what it was. Luckily for us it was bait fish and some Golden trevally. 2 weeks ago I made a new color up at Gobblers while in the lure training a clear but when viewed side on it has a green tone skin look. I cast the new plastic out (yet to be named) and hopped it of the bottom very subtly and felt the weight. This was a good fish and after a spirited fight we landed my PB Golden at 92cm. We had another 4 hits that we didn't convert and a braid failure after a hook up, which impressed me no end. All in all we had a ball as usual and learnt more new things. To come home with such good quality fish was a bonus.
      11. Hello users, My mate and I have been catching these fish in the Jindalee portion of the river, specifically the boat ramps next to the Jindalee Bridge and on Mt. Ommaney drive. I assume it's some species of Perch; however, I'm not entirely certain. All help appreciated, Carl of Arabia
      12. Lance and I left Brisbane Sunday morning and headed up the highway rolling in to Agnes Waters just after 2pm. We fueled up and got plenty of ice launching by 3pm we pointed the boat towards our final destination. The boat travelled over some very calm conditions with a forecast of mint weather for our 1st couple of days. We reached the reef we wanted to fish just after sunset but not much biting around dusk surprisingly. We ended up moving over to our overnight anchorage and cooked a hot dinner. The sea was like glass and the stars had a mirror image on the water, going to bed you could not hear the water lapping on the hull. After a perfect night sleep we were greeted to more of the same weather and the fish were hungry. The 1st area we targeted Red Emperor and both Lance and I lost a couple of big Reds blowing us away. I did hook a Red before they all shut down landing a 60cm Red beast. Jumping down to the next spot was easy with the sea state and each new spot gave up some quality fish. Coral trout, Red throat emperor, Venus tuskfish, Hussar, Moari cod and Red Emperor were filling the box. By 3pm the box was nearly full as we got close to our baglimits so we anchored up for a well earned rest so we thought. We cracked a few beers and I set a floating bait for any lurking pelagic. Well it didn't take long for a Spanish mackerel to hit peeling line at blistering speed. The gaff shot was made but this fish new how to fly jumping off the gaff and winning it's freedom. No sooner I had set another floating slimie mackerel out the rod buckled again. Lance battled this Spanish calling it for a beast after a dogged fight even looking at 1 stage to running around the anchor rope it did turn and come back eventually coming into gaff range it hit the deck. This Spanaird was just under 140cm and around 18 to 20kg. We even got coral trout while we were anchored while sinking a few coldies at the end of the day. The wind picked up after dark but we were tucked in on the Lee side of the reef. About 5am the wind swung around as forecast and it got a bit lumpy so we pulled the anchor and moved to the Lee side of the neighboring reef. The next anchorage was perfect for the southerly wind which got up to 20 to 25knots. The sea was still flat where we were tucked in behind this reef and you know what there was fish to catch. Setting another floating slimie mackerel the line was pulled out of my hands so I slammed the reel in gear and held on. The reel screaming another Spanish was to blame soon the Spanaird in the box had company. The wind was strong through to midday but dropped right out giving us our freedom from behind the reef. The next area produced our last couple of fish for our total finfish bag. I got a good Maori cod but Lance landed our 2nd legal Red Emperor and last fish so we pointed the boat for home. Getting to the ramp just after dark we stopped at a local caravan park for a sleep. The next day was a lot easier driving home well rested thanks Lance for a great trip and thanks Robbie with the help cleaning and bagging fish up.
      13. Fish were everywhere yesterday but only found a school at knock off time . Introduced another new angler to the beauty of NPD Couple of trophys plus few more close to 50cm Left them biting with a total of 150 bass and one yella plus a couple of buckets of redclaw. Cheers Ray
      14. Hey, I am looking for GPS marks for fishing spots in Moreton bay. I used to live here when I was younger but moved to Sydney for work for 17 years. I have know moved back but can’t find any fish here anymore. I am looking for marks ( you could PM me) from About Victoria Point to Green island maybe a bit further north. If someone could respond that would be fantastic.
      15. As usual its been a while between posts for me. I hadn't been out in the boat since last year! I managed to get my newly serviced tinny (with new thermostat ) out to the Pine River a few days back, on a solo trip, and managed to land some hard-fought dinner. I started the trip by motoring towards the mouth from the deep water bend boat ramp, sounding at a few not-secret-at-all spots but not getting many returns on the Lowrance display. I fluked the tide at the shallow section between the green-red-green markers just south of Dolyes Rocks, which is getting less passable every trip I make to the Pine!? A mate of mine is a Hydrographic Surveyor for the QLD gov, which incidentally doesn't service the Pine, and his thoughts are the Port of Brisbane is saving $$$ by reducing frequency or not dredging some channels anymore. Long story short, after an hour or so I finished fishing the far-lower reaches with a donut, on both bait and lure. Bad start but not unusual in my experience in this river. The trend almost continued when I headed upstream to the Bruce HWY bridge and wrecks just west of it. I managed a couple of small bream on prawns. So I ventured further upstream as the tide was nearing high, anchoring on a bend and immediately landed plenty of small bream and flathead on prawns. Only when I through a lure did I manage a keeper - on first cast... 10 minutes later, a few more tiddlers on bait followed by... ...and 'NO' it's not the same fish photographed later! Stuck around for 30 mins until high tide, then decided to leave with just enough flatty tails for the family for dinner that night. Hard work but worth the trip.
      16. Stew has had a bit of bad luck and has been out of action for a couple of months due to injuring his knee. I said no worries I hve arranged a couple of deckies and all you will have to di is pull in fish.I also knocked back a couple of people as I had 4 in the boat. Just before 5 last night one decky sent text to my phone saying that he was going to church instead of coming fishing. Next time he wants to come I will tell him to go to hell. The other decky sent me a pm ( On another boot polish site) at 5pm but i did not see it till 8pm. He had suddenly discovered that his car was in the garage and he will not get back till monday. By this time it was too late to look for other deckies and I was also a little irate. Stew and I decided to give it a go and apart from one crip helping the other we had a bottler of a day only 3 bass were undersized 1 yella good redclaw Cheers Ray
      17. Bit cool and windy this morning but the fishing was hot with 70 bass and 10 yellas at first drop off and other 47 bass at the next spot . Few deer hanging around but they are very flighty so no photos. Smelly bird hanging around our redclaw pots. Cheers Ray
      18. What is the fishing like at Hastings point this time of year. Going down in two weeks..I will take the Kayak as well..Cheers
      19. Fish have left the area once again and gone where we are not allowed to follow.So it makes it a bit harder to track down some of the straglers.Only managed a dozen on lures and final count before I gave it away early was 15 bass and one yella.Arh well tomorrow is another day, they might be back for Ray.One of the yakkers had a bit of bad luck, he tipped over and lost his car keys, house keys and his wallet. Dino
      20. Met Eye looks amazing for both days this weekend. I am heading offshore on Saturday in Quampie with the family then again in Min Min (fancy Sea Hunt center console) with a mate on Sunday. Plan is to jump the bar at about 6.30 Sat and first light on Sunday (around 5.50?ish). It is low tide so will have to be careful both days but with less than 1m swell mostly from the east should be fine. I would be happy to meet you at the bar if you wanted to follow someone out. While I am not the most experienced bar crosser I have done this one many times now and feel pretty confident. I will mostly be targeting Spanish but will try a bit of bottom bashing for Snapper too
      21. Thought we were on a winner this morning with 12 good sized bass boated just around the corner from the ramp in an hour. They were not thick but consistent. We decded that we would then have a cuppa on the way to the redclaw pots and try our luck downstream The redclaw pots were productive but we could only catch 2 more bass the whole morning. We found a good show on the sounder at Andrews dropoff but after boating 6 forkies we moved on. In past years this time of the year is when the bass start to school up but so far it has not happened. Cheers Ray
      22. Another good day at NPD with plenty of quality fish and redclaw. Mark still unable to crack an over 50 bass with his first 5 bass going 45. 45 . 47 and 2 at 49.No big schools with the fish scattered over a few spots. We gave Steve a bit of stick as he was persevering with icejigs and blades , We told him to keep it up as the vibrations of his jigs and blades were attracting the fish to the boat so we could catch the bass on shrimp.Redclaw still prolific on forky bait and we were able to catch some more forkies for bait for next trip. Percy gave us a bit of entertainment trying to give his offsider a head job with another pelican coming in to join the affray.82 bass2 yellas1 tandan Cheers Ray
      23. Told by the doc not to go fishing, I had to go to pull some pots as its going to be quite awhile before I get back out there.So with plenty of shrimp I decided to just go bait fishing. I managed to find a couple of small schools and managed to get 73 before 10am, got bored and went home before I done any damage to myself.I have to go to the hospital friday so they can have a look at a mark on my leg to see if they are going to cancel my knee op. Dino
      24. head out off point lookout saturday to try and get a spanish,seen dropbear out he pulled some in too, got a mixed bag off reefies some good size moses in spot x,got one blistering run on a live yakka big spanish biggest for me anyway it had a few good runs and one big run at the end and went around the anchor rope after cutting through 2 strands of the rope it broke off only to see the big siler sub swim to the depths next time,was so hard to keep the boat in a straight line with the wind direction we would face out too sea then to straddie but thats fishin .brad
      25. Looks like a good weather window might allow a few of us to get up to 1770 next week. Fingers crossed it works out and we can get out to the reefs at the bottom of the great barrier reef again. I am heading off now to pick up the bait and put the fishing gear together. If we get out we should have a good report next week bring it on.