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      1. Luke and I decided to brave the weather yesterday and have a fish.We were half way down the dam when the skies opened up. I said to Luke are you not going to put your raincoat on, he said he wanted to feel the rain on his face (forgot the raincoat) anyway we both ended up with a wet face and ass. Fishing was great due to the rain and overcast conditions,spinnerbaits done the trick,managed 21 bass and 4 yellas fishing the edges. Wife not happy with me as the outside pergola area looks like a chinese josh house with all the wet gear spread out.Luke got a 53.5 bass and we both got over 50cm yellas. Dino
      2. Hello, Just want to clear something up about fishing near, or i guess on the border of green zones that run along banks. Using the below examples, the greenzone looks to run along the bank of the bay islands. - Does this mean, that I cannot stand along the bank and cast out into the water? - Can I be in my boat, and cast towards the bank? Apologies if it seems like silly questions - I just want to be clear and do the right thing. Cheers
      3. Hi all, Went to BCF for something to do today while waiting for the new boat to arrive. Sigh. Must say I was shocked when I saw the number and range of lures and artificial bait available these days! How in the heck do you pick one new lure out of literally thousands. And don’t get me started on the choice available in artificial baits. The same manufacturer has bait in pouches, bait in screw top jars, large packets, small packets, floating in liquid, not floating in liquid etc etc. Then there were gulps, zmans, blah blahs, blah ba blah blahs. Anyway you get the idea. Now I already have more lures and even artificial baits than I know what to do with but It got me to thinking, what do you think are your best 3 lures (any type or application) and the 3 artificial baits you would recommend members should definitely have in their tackle boxes? Be interested in your replies.
      4. This is my first post here. Had to come tell someone!! What a rush. First time out with the fly rod down near Victoria point Moreton Bay. Wasnt a monster, but still its a bream! Im so stoked right now!!
      5. Hi all With the last few sharks I've caught, I've found it to be very hard to de-hook them, because as well as the hook being wedged good in it's mouth, the things are flopping around like no tomorrow (probably trying to get there jaws on my hand ). Does anyone have any methods/tools that help getting the hook out? Cheers Hamish
      6. Land based fishing on the Gold Coast was good the past weekend. Grunter bream were the stars of the show with plenty of fish around 40cm with the best 42cm. Mixed in with them were whiting to 33cm, legal Moses perch, a few blubberlip bream and of course bream and tarwhine. Yabbies and bloodworms were the bait of choice with no real difference between either of them. As is so often the case, sinker size was the key with anything over an 0 Ball being too heavy for where I was fishing. While grunter bream are not my favourite fish to fillet, once that chore is out of the way they are fantastic on the table. The blubberlip are put to good use too as they go quite well in the smoker. A sample of the catch are in the photos.
      7. Bit damp at Hinze western arm this morning, Only a couple of photos as I put camera away so it would not get wet and then forgot about when it fined up.We boated 44 bass in the first hour and a half down towards the dam wall and took nearly 3 hours to find another 9 fish. Best bass went 47cm. Rick was the only one to miss out as he failed to catch a barred grunter. All on shrimp tagged and released. Cheers Ray
      8. Hi All, Anyone from up Mackay way chasing Sootys? Been out a few times and got a couple but nothing of any real size. If ya keen for a fish let me know, i love exploring new areas around pioneer valley etc. Edo
      9. Hi all I've just gotten back from a trip in the Brisbane River, near the Story Bridge. I was fishing of the wharf in Captain Burke Park, that's the one near the beach. First of all, we went to get some live bait from the beach. WE threw our nets for about 30 minutes and we were pretty unsuccessful. WE caught a sole, a couple baby bream, some glassies and one mullet. WE only used one of them though, the mullet. I chucked it out on my 650 Penn reel spooled with 30lb braid on a Rogue Firepoint 2m Boat rod. I had a size 1 star sinker on and a pretty large swivel. I had 80lb mono leader to a 6/o circle hook. The second rod isn't a very good quality setup though it has lasted and works great - I've had it for over 5 years. Once I casted the mullet out, it took about 15 minutes for our first action. I saw it getting some pretty good pecks, and i could feel they were good nibbles. When the nibbles stopped, i reeled my line in and expecting the bait to be gone, i saw it's head was bitten off clean. I cast it back out and then in about 5 minutes the reel was screaming. I tightened the drag and struck. Once the fish was on, it felt heavy and was taking some good runs. The very large head shakes gave me the feeling it was a Threadfin Salmon or Jewfish (Mulloway). Though, about 30 seconds - 1 minute later, the fish had busted me off. ON closer inspection, it looked like a knot failure but i made sure the braid was tight. I think the braid must've weakened from the knot and broke. The fish was off and i wound up the line and re-rigged. After throwing numerous herring and prawns cocktails out (and herring and prawns) i realised dead baits we just going to keep getting pickered. As well as having 2 bream lines out, which also were getting pickered, we weren't having any luck. WE went out to catch some more live bait and we were eventually successful. Another lousy mullet was pinned through the tail and thrown back out in the river. WE waited and then we caught a little herring which was thrown out on the other line. After about another 30-45 minutes, i got another take just as we were leaving. After the initial run, the fish shot up and took a jump. IT made a decent splash and was probably about 20 metres away from the pier. I thought it was a salmon at first, as it was silver and jumped. When i finally got it to the side of the pier though, i realized it was another small bull shark, probably just over 90cm. I walked it down to the beach, were i had an audience watching. After a quick struggle trying to de-hook it, it busted off and i took a picture. Then, i swum it and it kicked off. I guess this was a successful trip, but i was targeting threadfin salmon, which is what i reckon i had on first. I will certainly be coming back here for another session and i hope this interests someone in my tale. Cheers Hamish
      10. Hi Guys Im just wondering if anyone has fished for bass or anything near pallara/ forest lake. I have access to a kayak. Also what bait is good Cheers
      11. Hi all just wondering what the best bait to use in burley bombs are and if anyone has any burley recipes for it
      12. Took the wife and two boys out fishing after Liam's soccer game on Saturday morning, heading straight to our usual haunt at Green Island. The boys love it because we always catch plenty and yesterday was no exception, with the first hour resulting in small squire one after the other - I reckon they would have caught close to 15 in the first hour and there my partly rigged rod (to put a floater bait out the back) lay to prove it ....... (nothing changes - perhaps I should start planning ahead and rigging it up at home ......). We had a very large green sea toadfish on Georges rod (I fought that one for him), Liam got a just undersized tusky plus a small grassie and a nice big bar-tailed flattie but unfortunately a big grinner (@Old Scaley the boys could give you a run for your money ..... ) had put a whole in the silicone net (right - no more grinners going in this net!!) and the flathead went straight through it. Turned out it was still on the line but unfortunately in attempt number two it threw the hook and won it's freedom (much to Liam's displeasure - not a happy chappy!!). Dropped the family back to the ramp about 2:30pm (they lasted a bit longer than I was planning .......) and then back out to do some trolling for mackerel. Got one not far from Green Island and kept heading towards the Hope Banks, marking a couple of decent shows of bait along the way. Got a Watson's Leaping Bonito close to the Hope Banks then decided to go back to where I had marked the shows of bait earlier (was then hoping to head to the eastern side of St Helena Island outside of the Green Zone to find some new fishing spots but didn't get there - next time ... ) and bingo, the sounder was impressive!! Trolled the area back and forth a few times picking up three more bonito and another mackerel. By this stage it was about 5:15pm so decided to anchor up and fish with pillies to see if I could add to the esky. The pillies were getting picked apart by the baitfish so I put out a whole squid on ganged hooks and then also plucked a couple of whole yakkas out of the esky. Had three sharks on in about a half hour period which was a lot of fun - the first one broke me off when it dove back down beside the boat so I upped the leader size and had a good fight with the next one, with it jumping and thrashing around on the surface a couple of times a fair distance from the boat. Got it beside the boat and it was dark by now and my headlamp was in need of new batteries - much around trying to tail it and also trying to gaff it before it eventually busted me off as I was messing around. Grr!!! Caught and landed the next one after again mucking around trying to land it - good fun solo in the dark!! Busy back at the ramp with about a 15/16ft tinny towing about a 20ft fibreglass boat in. After I retrieved mine a guy came over to ask if I had a detachable winch handle as his had bounced off in transit - I didn't but luckily he only had a 15ft tinny and a couple of guys to help so seemed to be in control. My boys were excited to see the catch when I eventually got out of bed this morning ....
      13. Hi all I was just wondering if anyone has been doing well on the prawns lately in the Brisbane River. The other night i went to Colmslie and only my dad and i only caught about 4 with about 2hrs or throwing (we caught about 35 herring though). I was wondering if anyone had any good spots where they were catching about 50-200 prawns (I'm just freezing them for bait in the future and i certainly don't want 10L ). I throw a 4ft net (which i will be upgrading to a six foot soon as it is nearly worn out). Cheers Hamish
      14. Hey everyone! my name is Jared, I’m looking for a bunch of keen fishos, who want to go chase some tuna, mackerel, kingfish, GT’s off the rocks! Would love to meet some like minded people to travel around Queensland and NSW looking for these fish and catch them! If your like me and would love to have a chance at catching these beautiful creatures, but don’t have anyone to go with, go ahead and email me at: Ide love some company, and the chance to make some new friends.Hopefully we can organise a trip someone and catch some big ones! cheers - Jared
      15. To the “fisherman” who was attempting to fish by the river this morning. Please pass on your fishing equipment to a mate, hand in your manhood and go and buy a set panties in your favourite colour, I’m assuming this will be pink. Not only did your cast miss the water by a country mile, you managed to get it onto the bridge. It was my pleasure to clean up your mess. Nothing like having fishing line running across your neck while riding a bike at 30 km/hr. Guess it was my good fortune that you were using a light line and it snapped before the tackle ripped my neck open. To the other true fishermen out there, tight lines.
      16. Hi all and thanks for the add, was chasing a bit of advice and locations of some ok/good reef fishing in S E Queensland I've heard redcliffe and that area has some nice spots I'm originally from the NT so it's all new to me, I've recently acquired and gps chart plotter so dead keen to have a play, cheers
      17. One week before l head to WA for the big Kimberley trip. It has been a busy time taking over the Gobblers business, doing some orders, flying to Melbourne for work and getting gear ready to pack. In the process of doing this l had my worst hook in the finger moment and I wasn’t even fishing. I had a hand full of lures and while trying to pick up my jig bag full of heavy jigs. It slipped and one of the lures got caught in it and then as it dropped the hooks pulled into the finger. Lucky they were small hooks. Kids cut it off for me and it pulled out easy. We have extended our 10% off sale till the end of month if anyone wants any. Use the code MYS19 at checkout. I want my wife to be busy making them while I’m off enjoying myself.
      18. Headed up to Baroon Pocket this morning and found a couple of kindy schools of bass.They were happy to take plastics, blades,hardbodies and a shrimp lookalike lure I had. Managed 47 most small to medium, left them hungry as the sun got to hot to stay and the maleny pie shop was calling me. The clear area to right of ramp in last pic is the pool area, only its all sand at the moment. Dino
      19. Hi all I've gotten back from a fishing trip and we caught a couple undesirables such as shovel-nose sharks and pike. Does anyone have any good recipes for these species or what to do with them (pike eel is shark bait tho) Cheers Hamish
      20. Cracking day on fly yesterday. Schools everywhere and eager. Eventually they started to shutdown so I just slowed the retrieve rate to suit. Not that it's a contest but Dad (that's me) scored 30+ on fly whilst the boy only managed 9 on lures
      21. Hello, I know that baffle creek is renowned for it's rock bars and sand bars, and my understanding is that there are no (or limited markers around). I was hoping someone could give me a few spots to be careful of (a map would be amazing, but anything will help) so i don't smash my prop! I'll be going slow. I'm a bit too weary to go upstream so I think I'll be sticking towards the mouth and go as far up as the main caravan park. Looking for jacks, queenies, trevs and any barra! Cheers
      22. Bass were to shy to take a lure early, so I had a bit of a baitfish, then finished up with a few on the troll.Managed 51 bass with one over 50cm and tagged. Dino
      23. Another cracker morning with plenty of bass once we found the schools which were in the normal spots between the 2 islands. Most of the fish were in high 30s and low 40s , I think Ricks 48 was the best fish of the day, Saw Jason getting a couple of 50+ yellas off one of the fads. 71 bass was final tally and left them biting. Cheers Ray
      24. Had to go down to number one sons place in the GC hinterland to pick up number two son, so threw the rod in for a quick creek fish for bass.I mainly wanted to check out the new knee on uneven ground.I only had a small window of opportunity roughly two hours, so only got to fish two pools. Managed to get half a dozen and missed four as well.Oh and the knee lasted OK, we will see how it goes as the day wears on. Dino
      25. Cheap project 4X4 at the gate, Some poor persons pride and joy destroyed. Took a while to find them this morning but good fun once we located the schools bass were in high 30s and low to mid 40s with 3 bass going over 50cm plus I nailed a fat yella. Few quadruple hook ups with mid 40s bass were interesting but avoided severe tangles. Final score was 76 bass.3 yellas.5 forkies. 3 bass over 50cm {Gives you the poops when a newbie gets a 50+ on his first trip) Few deer about also. Couple of yakkers from the sailing club enjoying a quiet paddle, Cheers Ray