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      1. Recently tried Zman.. WOwwww, I used to go by gulp always but they dont last one bite, Zman seem almost indestructable, And you can scent them
      2. Said to the wife, wont be long going to get me a toga. Well I got two in the first half hour, so I rang the wife and she said is that all you rang me for. ( i said why do you want me to talk dirty or something) Then karma got me and I got nothing for the next 2 hours. Dino
      3. Another good day with Rick still driving as I am still waiting for parts from Nissan. Latest excuse is parts are held up in Melbourne due to bushfires. Been a week since we were there so redclaw numbers were down with 2 pots having holes chewed in them so 20 redclaw from 8 pots. Took a while to find a school of bass but we finally found a couple of migrating schools behind the island that we were able to follow before losing them. We had 45 fish by 9.30 and when we knocked off at 11.30 we had only increased the tally to 54 bass,1 yella and a forky that percy enjoyed. Cheers Ray
      4. Didnt take me to long to realize that the edge bite was just not on, but it did take awhile for the fish to get hungry enough to take lures on the troll and hang onto them. Must have missed at least 8 fish when I started trolling, they were getting off halfway to the boat.Lucky they got hungry and I was able to get 42 bass, 2 yellas and one mongrel forkie, oh no forkie season has started and will keep going till the end of Feb. Dino
      5. Hi all, Just heard my stejcraft boat is still on track for completion just prior to Christmas. Excited! Anyway, I am trying to pick the best ski tube to suit my needs and thought someone may be able to help. I have selected three so far, all totally different. See photos. My sons have some very big friends (120 to 150 kg). The boat will have plenty of power to pull them but looking for the most suitable solution to pull two or three of them at a time. Also the last pic is of a tow ball which you put between the boat and the tube. Has anyone any experience with these and are they worth the $200 asking price? cheers Greg
      6. Got up early and went for a walk out at the dam, first cast a nice bass, then walked 10 ft and picked up a lure, bit more walking and got a second bass, then 10ft away was a second lure. I thought gee this is OK, But the bass stopped and the lure finding carried on.Ended up with 2 bass, another lost at the weeds and 6 lures found, worth $80. I walked about 4 ks I'll know all about it tomorrow.I keep forgetting that as far as I walk I have to walk the same distance back. Dino
      7. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone had ever had any success fishing the Stanley river near Woodford. I have been there twice with the hope that I would hook onto a Mary cod. It is a beautiful and scenic stretch of river which is hard to access by foot and kayak due to the dense bankside vegetation. Any news or advice would be much appreciated. Cheers.
      8. A day at the zoo, lots of animals and birds.Heaps of pelicans,then I get round the first corner to see 2 young bulls fighting, a female cow went-to them and let out a big mooo and they seperated, next I seen a few deer, to far away for a pic,Then I saw a wild dog chase some pelicans on the bank, I saw this dog about 6 months ago as well.Then my old mate the turkey when I got back to the ramp, he is hard to keep out of the boat. Anyway on the fishing front, several bass trolling and finished up with a few on shrimp, then home before I burnt to a crisp. 43 bass no yellas. Dino
      9. At 8 am the wind started, at 8.30 it changed direction and blew a heap of smoke down from the mountains (see smoke filled mountains in pic), then the sun got to hot to stay. So not being able to find any more excuses I headed home. Tally 59 bass and one yella. Sounder shot shows what I left to go home. Dino
      10. Could not get lures to bounce off bottom.
      11. Hello, To access dams in SEQ like Hinze for example that don't allow petrol motor use, do I need to completely remove the petrol motor from the boat or can I have it trimmed up out of the water? I'd rather have it trimmed up, in case my electric failed and I couldn't get back with my paddles and have absolutely no way of getting back.
      12. Here is a mixed bag of fish like Snapper ,sweetlip, tuskies, and pearlies taken about 8 ks off Double Island Point few weeks ago now. Weather was a bit windy but fishable. Used pillies and squid which they gobbled up pretty quickly so you had to be on your toes...
      13. Decided to stretch the new knee out a bit this morning,went for a walk landbased. Soon found out it needs still more time and exercise to come good all together.Anyway picked up a few bass and a yella this morning and Luke and I got a few bass and a yella friday. Dino
      14. Aother good day in the PRFMA area at NPD with 40 fish boated by 9am and stopped fishing at 11am with a tally of 72 bass and 3 yellas . We did our 8 redclaw pots on the way back to the ramp and. were pleasantly surprised with a good feed, Got home and put batterys on charge and came inside and had a cold beer and enjoyed 16mm of rain. Cheers Ray
      15. I see people are always cutting fishes throats to bleed them. By doing this they are actually cutting both sides of the pump and they wont properly bleed out. It does work to a degree BUT there is a better way that is more effective and il explain why. Do the usual bat over the head to knock em out or brain spike. Then lift up the Gill plate and cut thru a whole set of gills on one side with either a knife or a set of snips, Whatever you have. Cut where the gills U curve the most (near their pectoral fin area). Then if your boat permits put the fish in the live bait tank or bucket of water , or for say a tuna strop rope their tail and hang over side for 5-10 mins to bleed out.. watch out for seals and sharks. After 5-10 mins then put your fish in the ice salt water slurry in eski. Fish are best quality when left in icewater slurry for few hours to set before filleting. By cutting their throats you are cutting both sides of the pump. (heart) It will keep beating but wont be causing any flow of blood. BUT By cutting the gills the heart keeps pumping for 5-10 mins and keeps sending the blood to the gills to be re oxygenated. Thus eventualy pumping nearly all the blood out through the cut gills.. By putting in water (not ice water) the blood wont congeal and allow a close to full bleed out. Head down if able. Then into eski.. This way they are also not rolling around in an eski of congealed blood to. yuk. Water/ice slurry will be a light red /pink Next time you catch 2 of the same species, say king fish, or spanish mackeral, Do the old throat cut on one and Gill cut on the other. Allow a full 10 min water bucket bleed out. When you fillet compare the meat and it will become apparent the difference. The fish will also freeze alot better and taste better once defrosted. .Taste better in general especialy if you sashimi it. Hope this helps someone. Especialy if you catch tailor.. but should realy be applied to any fish. Dunno how much better it could actually make Aussie Salmon though. Guess theres always room for improvement there. And you get a better dead fish photo, no throat hanging out.
      16. The new Fads " fish attracting device" are being deployed today offshore from the sunshine coast right down to the gold coast there was 10 in total originally set to go in but we may see a couple of extras. The dolphin fish are thick off south east Queensland now so they will find the Fads quickly and give us fishos more choice offshore. The Queensland government is set to make an announcement by Friday and their coordinates for the Fads will follow. It's good to be in the know on this project ( its not what you know but who you know) as I have been waiting eagerly for this to happen what perfect timing.
      17. Hi there. I am fishing the noosa river off a bbq boat this Saturday and would like to know if I could purchase fresh yabbies/ nippers for bait anywhere in Noosa in the morning (30 Nov 2019) Thanks!
      18. Like Ray my first catch was unwanted,new rod, new line and I hook a tillie on a spinnerbait.Lucky the fishing improved, picked up several trolling as the edge bite was not on and finished up finding a school, where it was absolute bedlam on the bass, started off with 2 rods, but had to cut back to one rod as the action was that fast.Finished up with 61 bass and one yella,left them biting as run out of shrimp and it was to darn hot. Dino
      19. Been trying unsuccessfully to catch a legal Mud crab for a couple years now, and with Christmas coming up I thought i'd have another try at them. Apparently they come in around Yeppoon / Port Alma when conditions are suitable, im just wondering what baits work best? As I've used mullet, whole & half etc, (cut a bit to let juices flow), Chicken frames, mackerel heads & reef fish frames from the seafood shop, Roo tail & even a tin of cat food. But nothing has worked. Any other suggestions?
      20. Shaq

        queensland Bait

        Can I use catfish flesh as saltwater bait for beach or rock fishing
      21. As my xtrail is still keeping auto electrician mystified I conned Rick into taking me to NPD this morning. I started the day off by immediately crowning myself the tandan king.This was to be the only fish for 2 hours before we found a few yellas and one bass on the floats . Then behind the island for a few scattered bass before moving to spot lock 1008 where we found a school of ass to increase the tally to 43 bass and 5 yellas. Redclaw were very scarce with 13 redclaw out of 8 pots. Might be because the pots have not been done for a week. Cheers Ray
      22. Hi all, Had an awesome week on Moreton last week. Took the barge over on Saturday 19/10, weather was average at best, we even had hail on the way over! The squalls moved out to sea just as we arrived and we quickly set up camp at north point before the next storm came through. After the storm passed, the sun kind of came out and the ocean glassed off. No time like the present – kayak was launched with the aim being to get a couple of dinners for the next few days. Conditions were amazing and in short time 2 nice pan sized snapper and a school mackerel were on board and I was heading back to the beach before the next storm arrived. A LOT of plastics were lost to school mackerel, at one point I was right in the middle of a bust up with a heap of schoolies, tailor, a few small sharks and even some snapper racing around smashing into the bait. Awesome to watch. Crumbed snapper for dinner followed. Sunday morning presented a 30kn SSE so after a bit of a lie in, we headed down onto north point beach where the wind would be at our backs. First spot wasn’t all that sheltered, however, the first flathead of the trip was landed – a nice mid-40’s model that was released as dinner was already well in hand. A move to another spot provided both more shelter and more fish. 5 more flathead were landed and released, 3 of them going over 60cm long. Awesome session, could easily have filled the freezer but was happy to release them to fight again another day. Mackerel in a thai red curry for dinner was superb! Monday the SSE was still up around 20kn but was forecast to drop through the day. Another lazy start and a mosey down to North point beach showed the wind was up but the ocean was flat. Kayaks were launched and a lovely paddle along the back of the surf break featuring dolphins, turtles and 1 nice 42cm snapper for me. The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the beach, a few more flathead were landed and released. We headed up to the lighthouse on sunset for happy hour. Tuesday morning I awoke early and it was totally still. We had a quick breakfast and launched the kayaks again in idyllic conditions. We were greeted by a pod of dolphins, a few turtles and even a manta ray. I landed one nice snapper but could barely get a plastic near the bottom without being snipped off by the school mackerel. I put a slug on to have a bit of fun and caught 4, the last one was hooked up around the gills so wouldn’t release, I shared the fillets around the camp site that afternoon. Wednesday I headed out kayaking early again, this time I bagged 3 nice snapper and another schoolie that was kept at the request of some neighbours. We then jumped in the car and headed for Tangalooma for a snorkel, timing it with a tide change for best water clarity and least current. Highlights were two wobbegongs and a huge blue parrot, generally a very good snorkel. On the way back I found middle rd block by a fallen branch, when I picked this up to move it a squirrel glider jumped out of the end and climbed up a nearby tree and then glided away. Can’t believe it stayed in the hollow during and then after the branch falling! Thursday morning I elected to sleep in and we then headed over to our favourite spot on the island where I landed a very nice tailor off the rocks (released) and then spent a few hours looking in rock pools and relaxing on the otherwise deserted beach. We headed back to camp for a late lunch, conditions were not perfect but I went for a final kayak and nabbed 3 nice snapper – should have been 4 but had to pay my taxes for the week which was a good bit of fun getting towed around for about 15 minutes before the teeth inevitably won out. Friday morning I headed up to the north point rocks early and had a spin for tailor. I landed 10.2 tailor, the 0.2 coming when a huge Spanish Mack decided to grab a hooked tailor, narrowly missing the treble on the back of the slug – part of me was disappointed, the other part quite relieved. All tailor were released. Friday afternoon we had a fish with some pippies for dart and landed a couple, pretty quiet as the northerly was ramping up by this point. Saturday was pack up day – good thing too as the northerly was 20kn+ at sunrise and only set to increase. We packed up and headed right down to the southern end of the island out of the wind a bit for a final swim, chill out and picnic lunch. We watched a 2-2.5m hammerhead cruising in over a shallow bank and through the south passage bar – likely heading in to birth some pups. Then all too soon, that was it, back up the beach and across middle rd and onto the barge home. Some photos from the week are below, might throw some video footage up on the you tubes or grab some stills out of it and add them soon. Cheers, Benno <’><
      23. Gday all, just Joined the forum but been a avid reader since arriving to Brisbane from OS 11 months ago. I am taking my family to Noosa for a holiday and am hoping to catch some sandies land based! Never been to Noosa before and can’t seem to find anything online, hoping to get some advice here. We are staying close to Hastings street if that helps. Thank you in advance. Luke.
      24. G'day all im looking to take my brothers kid (6 years old) out for his first ever little fish as he has recently discovered fishing videos on youtube and is in love with the idea, does anyone know of any easy access spots in the goodna area that i could take him for a flick? doesn't matter what species are about i will even go for catties i just want the young fella to have a bit of fun, landbased only as my wife wont let me get a boat haha cheers for any help you can give lads sam
      25. Hi All Thanks to "Andy Fishing" on youtube my Son wants to do an overnight "Jungle" hike and camp to find some sooties ect. Ive scoured the net for locations but all I get is "Google Earth is your friend" Turns out, Google earth is not my friend and I can't find anything with it. Im not asking for your secret spots but maybe a tip in the right direction, we are prepared to do the leg work. We travel full time and are currently in Cairns based and moving to Macaky over the next couple of months and will be in Mackay till February. Cheers