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      1. I think that the doc told me no fishing for 6 weeks after getting a new shoulder but looks like i cannot count as it is only 5 weeks. Originally I only went as an a observer with Rick and Joy but when we got out onto the dam i found a rod and reel in the bottom of the boat so naturally had to try my shoulder out. first fish I caught was only a bass just over 34cm but I was happy with that. I took it easy and only caught 12 fish all day whilst Rick and Joy were kept busy. Final tally for 3 of us was 12 yellas and 50 bass and 24 redclaw. Was good to get the yellas and tag a few for the tag gestapo
      2. Fishing reports seem to be a bit scarce lately, so I had better do my bit. Ran into Joe at the ramp couple of days a go, who sells lures .long story short I purchased 2 for 20 bucks, a red one and a purple one.Red one outfished the purple this morning 5 to 3.They are J & M LURES. All up this morning managed 43 bass and a 55cm yella, using hardbodies trolling and casting spinnerbaits to the edges. Dino
      3. Braved the wind yesterday and glad I did,it was a good session.First fish was a yella on a frenzy hardbody, then stopped off at spot one for 30 bass.Headed off then for some jigging , casting and trolling.Managed to get to 71 bass and 2 yellas overall with one yella over the 50cm mark.Some days are diamonds, some are sxxt. Dino
      4. Finally north east winds started today after 10 months of south easterlies, so the beach is going to fire in the next few days. Hit the beach late afternoon with live mullet and managed a new PB at 116cm. My wife took the video; its a bit too long and gets boring sorry! Was released healthy. WhatsApp Video 2019-10-08 at 6.56.10 PM.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2019-10-08 at 6.54.03 PM.mp4
      5. Well with a friday off work and with a wet and windy weekend coming, i pondered the thought of heading to Mud for a quick solo session. Checked the radar, didnt look too bad and besides the weather bureau always seem too early in their predictions. Lol So hooked the tinny up, grabbed the rain coat and headed out. ZERO trailers at the boat ramp, yep its official i'm the only mad idiot. Conditions ended up being not too bad across to Mud's western side. Arrived at spot x, hit spot lock on the minny and enjoyed the serenity while looking back at brissy's ominous weather. Anyways, landed a couple of good eating size snaps around the 65 cm range. Headed home before dusk, made it safely back and happy i went afterall. I should add that although wet, the forecast was only for 10-15 easterlies.
      6. Headed out saturday even though it was raining, I like the first day of rain and it didnt let me down, 52 bass and 4 yellas, trolling casting and jigging. Not quite as good yesterday only managed 36 bass and no yellas mainly trolling and casting, mixed it up a bit with some different lures.I like to grab a couple of lures off the rack at home and give them a run just so they dont get jealous.Some from yesterday. Dino
      7. Recently tried Zman.. WOwwww, I used to go by gulp always but they dont last one bite, Zman seem almost indestructable, And you can scent them
      8. Finally got an answer re location of defined boundarys. Cheers Ray The boundaries for the new closed waters to protect Mary River cod are below. These closures apply now. New waters closed to line fishing (or possession of a fishing line) to protect Mary River cod during spawning from 1 August to 31 October in the following locations: Coomera River and tributaries upstream from the junction of Guanaba Creek and Coomera River (includes Guanaba Creek) Albert River and tributaries upstream from the junction of Canungra Creek and Albert River (includes Canungra Creek) Stanley River and tributaries upstream of the Somerset Dam Full Supply Level (above Neurum Creek and Stanley River junction) Running Creek and tributaries (top of the Logan River Catchment) Christmas Creek and tributaries (top of the Logan River Catchment) Mary River and tributaries upstream from the junction of Six Mile Creek and Mary River, including Six Mile Creek and excluding Baroon Pocket Dam, Borumba Dam and Lake MacDonald (from dam walls to full supply level for each). Other changes specific to freshwater fishing include: Australian bass possession limit in SIPS impoundments increased from 2 to 5 Mary River cod possession limit of 1 in stocked impoundments expanded to include Wyaralong Dam, Ewen Maddock Dam, Caboolture River Weir, Robina Lakes, Lake Kurwongbah, Enoggera Reservoir and Lake Manchester Murray cod and Mary River cod size limit simplified to minimum 60 cm with no maximum Tinana Creek and its tributaries upstream of Teddington Weir wall closed to all forms of fishing to protect Mary river cod Murray cod seasonal closure changed to 1 August to 31 October each year As discussed just now the closure maps will be available soon on the Fisheries App so you can see where they apply.
      9. Luke had the day off so I showed him what I do on my day off.We managed to extract fish from the edges and from out in the deep,got them casting, trolling and jigging.Last fish caught we were on our way home when I noticed a log on the bottom in about 20ft of water with several fish suspended at 10ft over it,I said to Luke make a cast way back there, count to 10 then slow wind back.Well on about the third wind of the reel he got whacked and he started screaming and yelling oh and he got a little excited to and landed a nice yella, then I got a bass followed by another yella.Twas a good morning getting 44 bass and 3 yellas.Lukes first fish surprised him he hadnt quite woken up.Also had a few double hookups. Dino
      10. I got a bit of a shock while trolling down the dam, I could not believe the amount of fish I was seeing on the sounder.Lately the fish have been scattered and I have been fishing the edges.I managed to get 56 bass and 3 yellas trolling,jigging and casting,good to see the jigging finally coming back.Then chased home by the heat at 10am. Dino
      11. Been fishing landbased around the Broadwater lately for a feed of whiting. Not in great numbers, but all a decent 30odd cm. Using bloodworms for bait. They are so expensive that if you don't use them all you have to go fishing everyday until they are all gone. Bugger.
      12. Friday the 27th of September we left brisbane early morning and arrived in 1770 just after lunch with 3 boats and 7 crew members. We settled into out digs for the next 10 days while making plans to head out early to the outer reefs the next day. Saturday morning we left the ramp at 5am and headed for the live bait grounds filling our tanks with yakkas and scad. Setting our course north we powered on for the fishing grounds arriving at 9am and dropping live baits we immediately hooked up to good fish landing some qaulity maori cod. The next 2 hours were full on landing big coral trout and maori cod until it went quiet so time to move out to a red emperor spot. The weather was perfect and by lunch time it had glassed out and we were able to run from 1 spot to another like we were on a lake. I dropped a good fish calling it for a good red then my deckie Terry lands a big spangeled emperor it soon went quiet here as well so we moved back to our final area for the arvo. 1 of my live yakkas were swallowed by something huge and sure enough after i got him away from the bottom i coud gain some line Terry slid the net under my big trout going 70cm and 1 of my biggest trout ever. A few more drifts and more qaulity fish hit the deck then my rod buckled again and line peeled with plenty of head shakes. This fish was testing me out and little by little i brought him closer to the boat a 10kg amberjack surfaced and landed on the deck. Time was called soon after as the sun set and we headed for our anchorage where all our boats pulled up for the night. The next morning saw us up early and into the fish again so far we had caught coral trout, spangeled emperor, red throat emperor, tuskies, moses perch, hussar, amberjack, maori cod and coral cod. Just before lunch we made the call to run down to fitzroy lagoon for a snorkel and a few beers before heading for home. We got back on the ramp around 5pm and pulled into our yard finding the rest of our crew had arrived from brisbane swelling our numbers to 14. Plenty of beers help the fishing tales get better by the night as fisherman tell good yarns on the drink. The next morning we filleted the catch while the new crew up there went 4wd driving in eurimbla national park. They came back with stories of big barra in the creek but no hook ups stiil they had big smiles and dirty trucks. Tuesday was good enough to get the boats out early before the wind set in so we headed up to bustard head trolling for mackerel. As soon as we got there we landed a school mackerel on the 1st pass then another Spanish mackerel hit the deck soon after. We dropped a few more mackerel then landed a big coral trout on the troll before the wind started and we had to head home. The next day we all went 4wd driving in deep water national park and saw some beautiful beaches, fresh and salt water creeks. We finished at baffle creek where the boys caught some small GTs before we headed home. Thursday just over half our crew went home while the rest of us went 4wd driving again into eurimbla national park up to Turkey beach. Found another awesome creek with rock bars everywhere so we walked the banks flicking lures the had a cob loaf for lunch we whipped up on the back tray of the ute. Friday was good enough to get back out to bustard head and we got another schoolie and Spanish mackerel along with a good gold spot cod. I was fishing with Giffo and he landed a big queenfish that jumped and fought hard. We headed back in around lunch time so we could be ready for a big day the next morning. Saturday morning we set off early for Lady Musgrave island with the best weather so far for the trip as we pulled up just off the island the sounder lit up so we dropped baits down and both boats instantly had hook ups there was a patch of coral cod we had stumbled apon so drifting close to each other we could see these cod coming in thick. Then in another spot close by we caught big red throat emperor and my wife Sheryl caught the biggest 1 of these out of all the boats for the trip she was stoked to say the least. We stayed close by each other only because we could as the fish didn't mind and the drift was slow then both boats starting catching coral trout it was awesome watching each other get these good fish close by. The wild life turned it on also as whales cruised by close as well as 50 plus turtles sunbaking on the surface along the reef edge all close by and soon enough the sharks made a visit eating the back half of Sheryl's big cod she fought up. This was a big tiger shark that then cruised around us for the next 10 minutes and came back form time to time chasing any released fish from the boat. The fishing went around 11am so we went into the lagoon for a snorkel seeing plenty of amazing coral and fish even a turtle had a swim next to us I found a bright blue star fish to show the wife. We had some lunch then left the lagoon for another quick fish before heading home where the other boat crew had to head home for Brissy only leaving Lance Sheryl and I for the last night before we headed home ourselves the next day. Definitely a top 10 days we had up there with plenty of new reefs and national parks we got to explore we are already planning another trip like this next year.
      13. A few of us are heading up to 1770 for a week during the school holidays starting from Saturday the 28th of September to Saturday the 5th of October. We have booked a house for the week and will be fishing the close and wider reefs depending on the weather. If anyone is interested in coming up and getting a house or just heading straight out to the reefs fishing post here and we can plan our trip on this thread. So far we have 2 boats and crew going with a few more boys to get back to me. This time of year is quite stable with the weather and we hope to get out to the wider reefs chasing red emperor, coral trout, red throat emperor, cod, etc.
      14. Arrived to a nice overcast dam, so I had to work fast to get a few from the edges before the sun showed its ugly face and the heat drove me home.Picked up a few trolling and casting, even managed a lean 50cm yella. Dino
      15. Having been away for 3 weeks I was pretty keen to scratch the itch and get back on the water, so I was super keen to get a call from “the dentist” (he can’t be identified because he was on a day off work with industrial diarrhoea) suggesting that we head down the Pin area chasing muddies and whiting on Thursday. We needed to be on the water at high tide so we could get the pots up some skinny water to spot X, and then needed to stay on the water until the next high at about 6.30pm to get back to the pots. So it was a long day, but quite comfortable with overcast sky as long as we could dodge the persistent northerlies. We flicked some hard bodies and plastics while we waited for yabbie banks to be exposed, but no flat fish were playing the game. We loaded up with yabbies and went to a favourite whiting spot. Pretty soon the dentist had a 35cm whiting over the side and we thought “game on”. They were a bit hit and miss and we tried a few different spots as the tide moved and the wind blew. Lots of bream around and we kept a few of the bigger ones as well as 8 good whiting. The dentist landed a spotted grunter so we had at least hit 2 of the target species. At our last spot before heading off to get the pots, I had an unusual bite, then fish on. Nah, it’s a snag. No wait, the snag just moved. A minute later and up popped my first stargazer, one of the dentist’s favourites. So a new fish for me and hence a PB. Happy days. Not long after I had another unusual bite. After the initial hook up, the fish seemed to anchor itself on the bottom so we called it for a ray. I thought this was a pretty big Ray for the area as we often catch the small blue spots around the Pin area and this was a lot heavier and had a lot more go in it. After a prolonged battle where I wasn’t being too careful, we finally got a glimpse of the “ray” near the boat. The dentist called it for a brown Morwong and it was a big fish! That made me sit up and take notice. All of a sudden I was very very happy that I had changed the braid on this reel the day before and had brand new 6lb with 10lb leader. But were my knots up to the task, and would that size 4 whiting hook that was already bent do the job? The fish came close to the surface a number of times before I could get his head up so the dentist could slip the net under and drag it into the boat and I was one happy little fisherman. We bled it immediately and checked the weight on my boga grips - right on 10 lb in the old money so a pretty good fish for the estuary. Shortly after we headed off to grab the pots. No legal muddies but a few that were only a mm shy of being in the esky, so they will live to be caught another day. Got back to the ramp at about 7.15 where we were greeted by the Fisheries boys. Good to see them out and about at odd times. Overall, a successful day with a good esky of fresh fish and 4 sand crab for our troubles. Last heard, the dentist was recovering well and expects to return to work on Monday when any hint of sunburn has gone.
      16. Second hand report. Joy and Rick did well today over 60 bass and around 9 yellas,2 tandans and around 60 redclaw from 7 pots. Best yella went 53cm. Dino also did well. I am in deep withdrawal aprox 2 weeks to go when i can take sling off. Cheers Ray
      17. Past the shrimp traps and kept going, havnt needed them lately, fingers crossed. Lucky the bass were in an eating mood, managed to get them trolling hardbodies, trolling spinnerbaits and casting spinnerbaits.Headed home when it got to hot. Dino
      18. Extract from email from LAFMA Please refer to the QBFP Update below from Coby Walker, A/Senior Compliance Officer, Qld Boating & Fisheries Patrol. This was to be included in the September Issue of FFSAQ News. Lloyd Willmann, FFSAQ Media Officer QBFP update: Why have closed waters when there’s no flow? G’day again from the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol. Time to get into some nitty gritty about specific issues. This month I want to focus on regulated waters, or closed waters as they are commonly referred to. While regulated waters is the legal term used in the Fisheries Act, we’ll stick with closed waters throughout this article. Why do we have closed waters? The simple answer is that most of our native species move upstream and downstream regularly, given an appropriate flow. The most common and uniform fish movement is when fish want to spawn and they head upstream. After their spawning migration, they will head back downstream. Barriers such as weirs and dams prevent these natural movements and large numbers of fish tend to gather above or below the barriers. So we close these areas to all forms of fishing to protect any masses of fish – this is particularly important if fish are in spawning mode. It’s just common sense really. So why are the closures maintained when there is no flow? We are in a drought, there has been no flow at most dams for years, the fish are not gathering at these barriers, so there is no reason to protect those areas – is there? Yes there is. Firstly, sometimes the fish do still gather near those barriers as it may be the deepest water or the upstream end of a hole. Secondly, we find that many fishers are opportunistic and ‘follow the crowd’. Many of the people we catch in closed waters offer up the excuse that they didn’t know and only fished there because they saw other people fishing there earlier. So to ensure fish are protected if and when they gather on mass, we have to protect these areas all year round. Not because the fish are there, but to ensure there is a clear and consistent message that the area is out of bounds and not to fish in there, no matter what the fish might be doing. You can help by educating your local fishers (especially the young ones who may have never seen fish gather on mass) about the need for closed waters and the need to stay out of them. We generally have advisory signs at the boundaries of each closure, but these are not compulsory – they may even be out of sight at the 100% level (some distance from the water’s edge) or they may have been vandalised or torn down. You can’t rely on them being there, so it’s best to take a cautious approach around any type of dam or weir. The most common closure on a weir or wall is 100 m upstream and 200 m downstream. There are a couple of areas around the state with customised distances that may differ from that, so again, encourage your fishing fraternity to check the rules at before they head out to an unfamiliar area. We’d appreciate it if you could share this information with your networks and contacts. If you would like us to cover a specific issue in these articles, please contact the FFSAQ Media Officer. Cheers Coby Walker, District Officer Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol ( Warwick ) Coby Walker A/Senior Compliance Officer, Qld Boating and Fisheries Patrol Department of Agriculture and Fisheries ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T 07 4542 6770 M 0408 884 033 E W Hermitage Research Facility 604 Yangan Road, Warwick QLD 4370 Customer Service Centre 13 25 23 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn! Download the free 'Qld Fishing' smart phone app from Apple and Google app stores.
      19. Do Redclaw live in Awoonga? I've been led to believe they do but yet to see any.
      20. Been having a bit of trouble with the wrists winding in these NPD brutes. So I got myself a new baitcaster rod, a 8ft with a long but I can stick under my arm. I can also cast it a mile using both hands and dont have to worry about backlashes as I have a SLX DC Shimano reel fitted to it. I managed a 50cm bass for the first fish on it, when I got a double hookup trolling spinnerbaits between spots. Managed 41bass with most on spinnerbaits and a few on hardbodies. Dino
      21. A wet bum to start the morning off, then later strong winds made casting uncomfortable. Fishing was fair, plenty of bass and 3 nice yellas,spinnerbaiting,chatterbaiting and trolling. Dino
      22. g'day everyone ive just recently gotten into fishing as a way to get out of the house while im out of work and im looking for good land based spots to fish in and around the north pine river, ive no specific fish in mind to target as i just enjoy catching them then letting them go. any advice for some good spots would be much obliged. cheers sam
      23. Hi Does anyone know any good spots for fishing in the Bribie passage we are staying there over Easter and will be taking the tinnie 4.3 Fishabout that I recently bought and converted to a centre console, so we planning some sea trails and a fishing trips to plunder the local fishing stocks, but more likely feed the local fish.
      24. Hi everyone. Next week I was planning on trying out a few creeks in the south Burnett region, chasing Aussie bass and yellowbelly. I was wondering if anybody had ever fished Proston weir as I would like to go there for a flick. Not sure if it would be weedy at the moment, or whether it fishes well. Does anyone know anything about the weir?
      25. Took a trip to the western end of the dam (NPD) just to see what the action was like.Managed to get into double figures on the bass and one yella.Change of scenery was nice but the fish were scarce.Went as far up the dam as possible, where I found the weed totaly blocked any advancement.This weed can change hundreds of meters overnight, depending which way the wind blows. Dino