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      1. Hey everyone! Just an update. It's been a while since I've drifted onto here, but it crossed my mind. Plenty of familiar members and many new ones it seems! What a community. Anyways I work for QFES now at straddie part time after over a year of training and study, and also a barista on the side. This leaves lots of spare time for fishing and gardening (I try to be self sufficient with about half of my meals). To aid in this I've purchased a brand new offshore kayak weapon! Coulda bought a boat with that money but it falls into place with my sustainability project; I can go out for free if I'm hungry A few pics from recent times
      2. Yes took Bruce the neighbour fishing this morning,its his third time this year, last year he only managed one trip, with all my ailments.Anyway we had a nice morning with 26 bass landed before we ran out of shrimp. Its the worst I have seen the shrimp supply in the 20 years fishing out at NPD. Dino
      3. From Wynnum Manly historical society. Cheers Ray Southern Queensland Oyster Industry Summary of Paper presented by Glen S Smith at RHSQ meeng 22 October 1981. The oyster industry ourished from the 1870’s to around 1920, peaking at the turn of the centaury and declining from 1910. The edible Sydney Rock oyster (Saccostrea commercialis) was found on the wide inter-dal ats in southern Qld. At that me oyster shing was the most organized of the shing industries. In 1891 21,000 sacks of oysters worth £29,100 were exported from southern Queensland to Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. 1824 – 1863 (Oyster Act) From rst European selement in 1824 the oyster beds were over-exploited and decimated. There was no licens- ing, regulaon or control. Everyone helped themselves. Most exploitaon was not for food but for the producon of lime to make mortar to construct the houses and buildings of early Brisbane 1863 Aenon was drawn to the wasteful pracce of lime burning and on 22 September 1863 a Bill was introduced to the Legislave Assembly for the protecon of oysters. Penales for burning live oysters were either a ne of up to £10, or imprisonment for up to 3 months. Oyster gatherers had a fee of £5 to lay down oysters on dened oyster beds. Dredge oysters were found in the mid 1860’s below low de and collected by means of a dredging basket aached to a boat. The oysters were larger, tasted beer and brought top prices. 1870 There was a realisaon that the 1863 Act did not give enough protecon.. Very large quanes of oysters were being exported to southern markets and the dredge beds were being dredged out. A closed season was suggested. 1874 A more comprehensive Act was introduced concerning the leasing of the oyster beds. In 1874 the rst aucon of dredge secons was held in Brisbane providing revenue to the Government. By 1884 Moreton Bay was divided into 39 secons, extending to 2’below low water mark. The leases ran for a 7-year term with an annual fee of ve pounds. Moreton Bay Oyster Company was founded on 11 August 1876 and was the largest company in the Queensland oyster industry unl the 1920’s. Premiers Sir Arthur Hunter Palmer and Sir Thomas McIlwraith were shareholders. However the 1874 Bill was inadequate. Lease me of 7 years was too short. . In 1882 Captain C S Fison dues in- cluded being Inspector of Oyster Fisheries. But he spent considerable me administering the expanding oyster in- dustry, from the NSW border to Noosa. He presented the rst oyster report in 1884. His reports were used for the framework for the 1886 Oyster Act. By 1886 there were 178 oyster banks covering 5000 acres with as average of 70 acres per lease. It was felt that the 1874 Act needed updang to remedy the praccal administraon defects of the old Act. The Act of 1886 saw 14- Cont. on next page Issue 124 ABN 49 071 835 845 I ISSN 1835-8500 (Print) ISSN 2652-1083 (Digital) August 2020 9 Cont. from previous page year dredge leases. There was a reward for persons discovering new dredge oyster beds. Oysters had to measure 5cm to prevent banks being stripped of the small oysters. NSW did not put any restricons of the collecon of oys- ters unl 1868, ve years aer Queensland, so their beds were in poor shape. Moreton Bay was used for maturing and faening the young oysters from the northern spat catching beds of the great Sandy Strait region. Here in Moreton Bay the oysters grew more rapidly and developed a beer shape than if allowed to remain in the northern beds. In 1905 the coastal steamer “Lady Lamington” carted14,000 sacks of cul- ture down to Moreton Bay for re-laying where 12-18 months’ growth produced oysters in prime condion. On 13 April 1889, to encourage the blossoming industry, 26 reserves for oystermen were gazeed around Moreton Bay, ranging from 5 acres to 40 acres. Oystermen were allowed to camp, build houses and fence-in small allot- ments, so long as they paid their annual licence. Prior to this many unocial camp sites had existed. A small school was established in 1890 at Currigee on Stradbroke Island and some me later a second school at Coombabah, 11 kilometers north of Southport.. These were the two largest camps and were composed mainly of Aborigines and coloured employees of the Moreton Bay Oyster Company. Disease brings disaster Mud worm disease rst appeared about 1880 in oysters in the Hunter River of NSW. If the Sydney markets were glued, NZ oysters were stored in the Hunter River to keep them fresh, unl prices rose again. This storage was thought to be the source of the disease. The disease was rst noced in southern Queensland in 1895 on the banks at the mouth of the Coomera River in the lower inter dal and dredge secons. The disease, caused by a small red worm, is harmless to man but made aected oysters unacceptable. The disease spread rapidly through southern Moreton Bay and by 1899 the number of secons had dropped from 36 to 18 and the number of banks from 421 to 292. Over one hundred banks were closed temporarily. Many men were thrown out of work By 1903 the industry was relavely sound again and by 1905 the southern part of Moreton, in the Broadwater, was almost free of the disease and relaying of oysters into the secons was resumed. Pumicestone passage at this me was suering badly from the eects of the disease, which was not dispersed unl 1925. The disease never went further north that the Maroochy River. Oyster men became very cauous in their operaons and largely aban- doned the dredge secons which were more suscepble to worm infestaon. Mud worms were not the only detriment to the oyster industry. Various oods such as that in 1893, destroyed whole oyster beds, as de levels and currents were altered. Similarly the breakthrough at Jumpinpin on Stradbroke Island in May 1898 disrupted the industry. During the decade from 1901 – 1910 the industry reached its peak for the number of men employed banks leased and boats licensed. The greatest part of producon came from the banks. Dredge oysters comprised only 20%. The value of the shery was around £12,000 per annum excluding local consumpon and about £2,000 was collect- ed in Government licenses and rental fees. From 1910 there was a gradual decline. No single cause could be idened. In 1913 a ve-man Treasury Depart- ment commiee was set up to report on the industry and to redra legislaon.. But measures introduced were too late to help the ailing industry. Mud worm disease had de-stabilised the industry. Pests, disease, predators, compeon form NZ markets and man’s mistakes all contributed. Oyster thes were a major problem in some areas. Oystermen thieved from each other’s beds. The public helped themselves!. There were few inspectors. Occasional nes had lile eect. Oyster men were recent to expend money on oyster banks over which they could not keep a watch. Large companies aempted to monopolise the industry to force out the smaller growers. By 1936 Qld was imporng NSW oysters, this being a major contributor to the decline of the Qld industry. Today Qld oyster producon is only 1/10 of that produced in the peak years. The majority of oyster bank licenses are now employed on a part me basis. Oyster operaons are restricted in Tourist areas and near sewage oualls. Apart from the occasional place named aer an oysterman, the remnants of some oyster camps and a few old men’s memories lile remains of the once thriving industry.
      4. 38 bass between 32 and 43cm today the westerly made it a bit hard at times. Be careful on the ramp if you have to go knee deep as it is quite slippery if you are wearing crocks. Shrimp have improved since I moved the traps into around 6 feet of water. Cheers Ray
      5. Hey Guys i am going for a camping trip at the tip of Cape Moreton and was wandering if there are any land-based fishing spots for tuna, trevally, Macs, and other large pelagic species. I was going to throw some hardbody lures. I was thinking that fishing off the rocks was where to go. Am i wasting my time throwing lures off the rocks? Any response would be greatly appreciated!
      6. Decided to hop on the ferry from Macleay Island to Karragarra Island this morning a couple of hours before high tide. My mum and her friend came along to keep me company. My mum's friends husband headed out on the bay in a mates boat to a special spot. I fished one of the little beaches. Landed my first flathead. Just over 45cm. No fight whatsoever - wasn't even sure there was a fish on the line. After a while going up the beach and getting no bites I returned to the spot where I got the flathead. Mum wanted to go to the toilet so I went with her. Her friend asked if she could have a go so I cast for her. Briefly told her what to do if she felt anything on the line and left. Came back to her jumping up and down about not being able to kill it - she landed a decent sized Bream. Anyway line was all tangled around my reel and had to give it up for the day. Travelled back to mums, scaled, gutted fish. Awaiting her friends hubbies arrival he had been out for hours longer than us. Thought he must be filleting at his mates. But they had no luck. I feel a little better about land based fishing now!
      7. After being in lockdown for a week I was keen to get back out to the dam, a little to keen. First of all Ibroke a tooth off at the gum eating my toast, then when out at the dam, I pushed the boat off the trailer to a great bang, I had forgot to lock the trailer to the towball (could of caused an accident if came off on the way out), Then lucky I had my wide back belt on as my trailer is very heavy, first attempt I lifted it up and because the chain was still attached it ripped it out of my hands, so had to lift it again ( at this moment touch wood my back is still OK) then to top it off when I caught my first bass the blxxdy camera was flat, what a day. Anyway on the fishing side, Iwas going to save the shrimp as I am taking the neighbour out through the week, but after all that trouble I said to myself buggar the neighbour and used the shrimp to catch 24 bass.In at 11am and home by 3pm to watch the footy. Dino
      8. Mitch and I are heading out to Glenlyon Dam next Friday. We'll be chasing yellas and murray cod. Hopefully we'll get onto a few to enter into the Suburbs of Origin comp on Sunday, but unsure if we'll have wifi reception so may not know the secret code in time. I could always keep one alive and put it in my pond to catch again, @christophagus ?? haha Checked the weather today - it was 9 degrees at 11am. We'll be camping this trip so the fire will be welcome when we get back from fishing each evening. A little bit of excitement is creeping in. All rigged and ready already. One for yellas and one for the cod.
      9. Hey All, First post, I was wondering if anyone has crossed jumpinpin bar recently and how deep was it? I haven't crossed it in 6 years since I nearly stacked it there and am planning to go when the weather fines up. Cheers,
      10. I rocked up to Cooktown jettie around 5pm with some servo sardines/phillies and some small suicide hooks a type of fishing I rarely do .went with some people that were staying near us .took my 6lb braid and leader setup and my 3-8lb rod first cast got a fish line snapped second cast got a big butter bream no photos for that one .3rd cast got a huge run and a few headshakes after a 2 minute fight I landed a decent queenfish and then another cast after that got a slightly smaller one . A few cast later I land some small Moses perch . After that the bite slowed down and the light did to it was now dark I spotted a big squid I casted my phillie at the squid it picked up the bait and ate It I set the hook as I’m bring up the squid I pull the hook on it and it flops back into the water I go back fishing for fish now as I drop my bait into the dark water I wait and then get a massive run I set the hook and get a massive run and huge headshakes bigger then the queenfish also note after I caught the queenfish I switched to 10lb leader to avoid losing fish after another big run I pull the hook on the fish but some bait is still on the hook a cast in roughly where I lost the fish get a run and set the hook I feel nothing I bring my line to see no hook left it snapped the line clean I retie and bait up and quickly get another run I bring up a pike . After that not much action then all of the sudden I go to bring up my bait I feel like Im stuck to the bottom at first I thought it was a snag but this snag started moving and then running and then I started walking around the jettie like a mad man as I have no control over this fish after a bit of walking around the jettie walking closer to the fish as it was moving fast along the jettie Like I said I had no control over this monster I it started get closer to another jettie I tried pulling but it was useless my drag was super tight and it was still running eventually my braid just snapped . Some people said it was a crocodile another said it was giant grouper but what ever it was I didn’t move it by a single inch it was giant after packing up I go pass the spot where my line snapped and I see this giant probably 2 maybe almost 3 metres grouper . And I’m pretty sure that was it and yea I didn’t take any more photos after the Moses perch .fishing session ended at 7:50 overall a pretty decent session I was the only one that caught fish on the jettie besides a bloke catching a few pike and some kid catching baby Moses perch
      11. The weather is looking too good to miss out on this week. So Monday @Old Scaley and I are heading out, Tuesday @Leosonfire and I are heading out and on Wednesday @shaun1800 and I are tagging up with @GregOug and decky and heading up Curtain way. Tuesday is showing up as an 'Excellent' day for fishing according to the almanac, with Monday and Wednesday showing as 'Good' days. Hopefully with 3 days on the water there will be something to show for it (other than an early tan) and the reports will keep those who have to work entertained.
      12. Hey guys My mate (who is a keen paddler) has been pushing my dad and me to go for a paddle with his dad and him for the last while. Dad hasn't been available recently, as he is busy with work and cub scouts (he's a leader), but this week he decided to do it! We met at the local park and after I had caught some live bait we left. The livies consisted off prawns, mainly smaller buggers, but there were a couple OK ones in there too. I had three rods - one with a simple running sinker rig, one with a swivel, and one with a special hardbody lure (more on that later). They looked appealing to me, but not so much to the fish The plan was to go to the nearest bridge (a bit over 3 clicks away) so we set off. The tide was going out, and we were going downstream, so it worked quite well. Quickly, we were at the large feeder creek that we have named 'Three Pylon Creek', as there are three pylons at the front of it. I need to fish it more, but the few catfish I have pulled up from there fight like bloody salmon! We went down the bend next, and then saw my school pontoon. I won the bet against my dad as well as he thought we weren't going to reach it. Sooner than later, we were at the bridge. There is actually a sandy beach there, so we put the lines in the yak and waited with our live prawns. My friend and dad (and friends' dad) starting having some races in the kayaks while I just kept fishing. I had one throw of the cast net eventually but to no avail. There was a drop off just on the edge of the bank, which I hoped would make the fishing better. It was a bit weird taking one step then getting knee deep, but it was only a scouting mission. This spot seems like it would go OK to fish from a rising/run out, and tie up to one of the big bridge pylons. Hopefully then we could catch a big salmon, or something along the lines of that. You'd have to think there'd be big cod sitting near the pylons too.. The set up #relax I think it's a bit eroded here!!! It is also worth a mention that this place used to have a ferry terminal or something along the lines of that. I have read on this forum people have caught threadfins here, but on the jetty that was here prior 2011 floods. If anyone wants to know the bridge, I'll just PM you... but anyone who's been on for a long time might know from this hint - Cobia. My dad gave the net a couple throws too, and it seems there is a lot of bait there. In two throws, he got a bunch of big glassies, some mullet, bream, and even a little whiting! Soon it was time to reel the lines back in, but just as I was about to reel the light one in it got some nibbles. I missed them though, and when I retrieved the bait it was now headless. Oh well! The salmon line still had it's larger prawn perfectly intact, so it was a bit disappointing I couldn't just chuck it back out. The 3Km paddle back to the park was nice and relaxing, and I didn't have any back pains like I did on the way there. I paddled for the whole time straight, which got us there a bit quicker and allowed us to compete with our mates in surf skis! I chucked the lines out back on the jetty, and once again, no fish. The one is the cod spot got pickered though, but I guess I won't know if it would've been worth fishing this arvo. We left for home then, and I gave the yak a quick hose off and put the gear around the side to pack up tomorrow. On a side note (thought I'd tell everyone), we got a new car! The suba is gone now though, so that is a bit sad... The only thing is with the new car, we hate the smell of the leather? Or something like that. I was just thinking as well, there are a few different yakkers on the forum! @Leosonfire, @Cavvy, @benno573, @samsteele115... (probably more I can't think of right now). Maybe a social trip to Wello Point or something along the lines of that guys? (Or anywhere better for our locations..) I hope you all enjoyed the report, and let's hope that we don't have to go back into isolation due to COVID-19 or something along the lines of that. Here are the stats of this report - Stats of trip - Tide: High, 9:50AM, 1.7M, Low, .3M, 3:50pm, High, 10:40PM, 2.4M Moon Phase: First quarter moon, nearly full moon - lots of run Air Pressure: 1026 Tackle Used: 12lb, 14lb, 30lb braid mainlines, 20lb, 30lb fluorocarbon leaders, 80lb mono trace, size 4/o circle and suicide hooks, size 6 and 2 ball sinkers, custom made hardbody lure (approx. 3-4cm), size 2500 Shimano and Diawa Nasci and Shinobi, Size 650 Penn reel, Ugly Stik 8" rod, 6"6' Vemonet rod, Rogue Firepoint boat rod (6"6'). The hardbody lure was given to me by a good friend's dad. I was at his party, and since his dad makes lures, he made one for me! I will post a picture up when I get the chance. It is a deep diving hardbody, probably good for bream, bass, and maybe even lizards! Bait used: Live prawn Bait caught: Prawn, mullet, glassy, whiting Fish caught: - Time fished: 3 (something) until 4 (something) Weather: Glassy, no wind, moderate temp Overall Success Rate: 70% - a good scouting mission Cheers Hamish
      13. Found this in the courier mail, 3 fisherman caught with approx. 52 snapper with a catch weight of 61kg. fish caught from either Moreton Bay or Offshore Moreton/Straddie.
      14. Went to Western arm this morning with Hai and Mark. Ended up with 48 bass with only a few around 40cm. Someone needed 4 of our shrimp traps just cutting the ropes off and leaving them dangling from the trees.It is a while since we have rebaited the pots and the shrimp were very dark and large.Most of the fish were caught among the trees on Ians Island and the entrance to bass bay. Cheers Ray
      15. Slipped out to the dam early this morning to have a few cast to see if I could hook my lost rod. No luck with the rod but the bass were hungry.Lucky I had been saving shrimp for my outing with my son and as Ihad a few left over and a few more in my pots I decided to make a morning of it. Managed 54 bass with one 50cm and a couple nearly 50cm and the rest were all OK as well. Dino
      16. Well the stars aligned today, the weather was great, sunny day, sea was flat, the missus wasn't working so we left Bribie Island headed out to Hutchinson Shoal. Got to Morton Island and headed out to the Shoal, about 15 minutes from reaching it, the motor just went into limp mode. No warning or alarms, wouldn't go over 1600RPM, temps were fine, water coming out of the tell tail, plenty of fuel and oil, nothing. So radioed the VMR and told them we were returning. So did a U turn and limped home, at a blistering speed of 3.5-4.5Knots all the way back, at that stage it wouldn't rev past 1200RPM, my missus reckoned she could walk home faster, you know the saying "are we there yet!" 3.5hrs later we reached the ramp. Not happy Jan!!! We had the motor checked out about 8 motor hours ago and also the impeller changed, pulled the cover off it at home but no obvious clues, oil bottle full and no loose cables or anything, so looks like it will be back to the mechanics. Even threw out some lures on the way home but no takers. The only alarm we got was about 2 hours in on the way home and it was a single long beep of about 5-8 secs and then nothing else.
      17. Evening all Hope your weekend was a little more fruitful than mine Took the tinny out last night. Great tide/moon phase. Had perfect sized live mullet and live prawns for bait. Drifting top and change of the tide in known Jew and Salmon territory. Unfortunately, spent more time watching the footy on Kayo than reeling In the fish. Just wondering if the affects of the deluge SE QLD received a week still has an effect of fishing. The Logan and Albert river get quite ‘fresh’ after rain, with the fresh water working its way down stream. Just wondering if people take previous rain into account when fishing local rivers? cheers Cam
      18. will be spending abit of time at urangan peir but sometimes i do like to venture off and have a flick somewhere else more secluded, if anyone knows anywhere that i can do this id be grateful to let you know and im still learning alot so you dont have to worry that ill take all the fish. i do prefer in the bush more then on a jetty so if anyone does know any creeks or anything like that where youd be able to walk up a fair bit and keep casting along the water thatd be great even if id have to travell abit i dont mind. also wouldnt mind a few hints on some lures or bait they may be helpfull around any of theres areas aswel and the kinds of fish that hang around, not looking after anything massive. cheers
      19. Went to NPD this morning with new AFO member Neil Stratford and Grant.As we had no shrimp left over from last trip we had to resort to trolling lures to where we had our shrimp traps. Grant managed a lone bass on a yellowy looking thing with hooks hanging out of its bum. By the time we had done our shrimp pots we decided it was not worth while heading back upstream to try some of our usual spots so we headed over to the drop off opposite our traps to find someone already there pulling in bass regularly. We tried around them and pulled around 10 bass before deciding to go downstream to try greener pastures. We found a few small schools but as soon as we hooked a fish they would move. We only went as far as the fig tree and returned upstream to only add a few more fish to the tally. Final score was 24 bass ,1 yella and one tandan. Best bass probably only 42cm. Grant and Neil both caught tagged bass. Cheers Ray
      20. Hello all, I am going fishing at Flinders Reef in a few weeks and was wondering how to fish it. Should i throw poppers and stick-baits towards reef, troll or bait. I am really hoping to catch larger size fish such as Dolphin Fish, GTs, Macs, tuna and any other large pelagic species rather than small whiting and bream. Would really appreciate any advice given. Thanks
      21. Next week’s weather is looking good. Seeking interest in a exploration trip of Moreton Bay on Monday. Anyone who doesn’t like speed need not apply.
      22. Hey guys, I have not fished at the Cape yet but am very keen to give it a try. I was thinking shallow tempest but not very sure how to fish it. Do I throw bait and if so how deep, throw lures or even plastics? Any advice would be great.
      23. Today i went fishing for awhile at Bluewater creek north of Townsville fished with some slim swims nothing but 5-8cm mangrove jack nipping the tail . I seen some bigger fish which at first fought were decent sized jacks but even if I hooked one there was on no way I was landing the jacks on 6lb braid and leader I chucked out a few pieces of bread crust to see if there were bream this far down the creek as it leads to the ocean I seen a couple splash’s near my bread and As I had a closer look I seen it was tilapia that were smashing my bread not mangrove jack I Quickly rig up a small hook . put a piece of bread on and after a few cast I hooked a decent tilapia I quickly killed it and put it in a bucket. the tilapia stopped biting after that for about a hour then more tilapia came through and picked up my bread . I got 4 tilapia in about 40 minutes . A boy my age came down and we fished for a bit nothing took the bread they shut down again we went for a walk closer to the bridge and he managed to hook a tilapia after dodging a few turtles
      24. G'day all, I'm after some sunglasses for fishing, must be uv rated, tough etc any recommendations I know they'll cost. I mainly fish off my kayak, estuaries on the gold coast, cheers in advance, john
      25. It appears that technically you can still go fishing @AUS-BNE-FISHO ....... I love this quote: “There’s no reason for anyone to be taking the boat out unless it’s for essential travel to get to work, to and from your home, to local shops for provisions or catching fish for your family". @Old Scaley - the only problem I can see with the above statement is if they check our esky contents ........ I wonder if 'trying to catch fish for our family' is sufficient ............