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      1. Well just about got it planned, going to do a short trip out to Glenlyon Dam during the September school holidays (probably 3 nights from the 24/9). It will be good to have a bit of a fish at a new place, but it is really a shake down trip for my boys, to see if they can survive a long trip to and from the fishing spot, a few days doing nothing but fishing, before the big BRC Awoonga trip in November. Going will be be Rayke1938, myself and my 2 sons. Ray says another of his mates might come along, he has been wanting to fish Glenlyon for ages. Lake was down to around 25% when I was there a month or so back, but still plenty of fishable water! With a bit of luck I might get my first Murray River Cod.
      2. Hi guys, Angus wanted me to post a few pics, so thought I'd put up my recent keepers from Wivenhoe from the kayak, here goes. Nothing too exciting, but was good fun, all taken on lures, killalure fatrat green and yellow and a Jackall TN60
      3. Hi guys i dont know if anyone is interrested but me and some guys are heading up to baroon pocket this sunday. Ive seen there is a load of posts on this dam. So i guess its one you guys fish alot, i know it might be short notice but if anyone would like to join use the more the marrier. we'll aim to be on the Malanie arm of the dam at around 5-5.15am. Thanks Rik
      4. Brian D

        Beeny ponds

        Too tired for much effort but I could manage to wonder down to the local ponds for some fishing R&R. I know I needed a fish to avoid further deterioration my mental attributes. Didn't have to get up early or stay up late, didn't have to battle with the ramp rage or the weather - just a short cruise down the road, put up the chair connect a hook to the end of my rod, add some bread and cast. then pick up the latest fishing mag and start reading. On Sat caught 12 tilapila, a turtle and a huge carp (over 6lbs) that took 2 leaps from the water. Sun got another 11 tilapila and 2 more turtles. All between about 10.00 and 12 noon. Had my fix and feeling happy - only thing is that I was so busy with the fish I didn't get much reading done.
      5. hey guys brado myself and 2 of our mates are heading up to lake samsonvale for a bit of fishing early tomorow morning at about 7-7:30 hopefully get onto a few bass n maybe some yellowbellys reef_raider
      6. Brian D

        Barra Fishing

        Here is an extract from a monthly mag about Awoonga Fishing., Nov 11-18th. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, I found it quite informative. We landed 14 fish out of 20 hook ups in 6 hours, fishing sloping points and their adjacent deeper bays. It was these habitats that produced most of the larger specimens, particularly over the secondary drop offs in 4-5 mtrs of water outside weed bed edges lying off windswept and wave pounded points. Our lure of choice were Rod Gardens Barra Classics mainly 120mm size, switching between 10+ and 15+ depending on the location and conditions, noting that we used with a cast and retrieve method 24kg braid and 30kg leaders.
      7. nabs

        My dam

        Hey guys Most of you probably dont know that i have a dam in my backyard:P Its stocked with bass that are around 25cm long and VERY fun to catch. Recently i havent been getting much but after these last few warm days i decided i'll give it a try this arvo for a quick hour session. Went down at 4:30, started flicking SPs.. and got a few hits and missed fish until finally i managed to land one. I fish landbased in the dam and there are lillies everywhere so there arent many spots to fish. there are a couple of plces where the lillies havent covered up and thats usually where i get the bass. So i hooked that first fish n it went straight for the lillies very fast. it got me in there and stayed there for about 5min before he swam out and i landed him. I kept going and again kept missing hits and dropped a couple of fish until i landed another one which i managed to keep out of the lillies. The lure of choice was a berkley powerbait 2inch grub in pumpkinseed with a 1/16 size 4 jigehad. Heres some pics of the dam and one of the fish.. (they were taken with my phone) [img size=480] Post edited by: nabs, at: 2006/08/20 19:00
      8. ando_04

        nabs dam

        Troy nabs and I, fished nabs dam today from about 6-3. First we started of using soft plastic grubs, we all got a few bass. Laster on in the day we all swiched to sx40's after troys success with them on the bass. We fished out of nabs row boat ( great way to fish the dam). all day we were throwing the lures as close as possibe into the lillies, thats were all the bass were. end total. Troy 18 bass Ando 10 bass Nabs 9 bass ps pics will be up soon. cheers ando
      9. Went to the Beenleigh Lagoons for about 1 1/2 hrs from about 12 - 1.30pm. Got 6 hook ups and landed 4 Tilipia. That's 4 less in the world to breed. I just put em the bin on the way back to the car. A bit of fun with very little effort.
      10. As it's fathers day I think I'll be land based at the local ponds for some Tilapia - or in other words the Mozambique Mouth Brooder or the Black Mangrove Cichlids. I am going to try and unusual method - Long 12 foot beach rod with 1500 series egg beater spooled with 4lb nylon and size 8 hook & no weight. Fish with bread and an open spool arm and once the line starts to run close the spool arm and slingshot the fish over my head and onto the bank. Why the beach rod? To get past the reids and weed beds. Oh well any fishing is good fishing. Happy farthers day.
      11. stingray


        Hi Guys going to try out Boonah way on sunday in one of the dams there or lakes can anyone tell me what SP's work best out that way ? I will have 2 rods bait and whatever . Marek PS: I will be land based Post edited by: stingray, at: 2006/09/01 11:07
      12. What a great sunrise. James, Troy and myself arrived at the boat ramp at Hinze Dam at about 5:30 as the sky was just beginning to lighten. We were not scheduled to board our canoes until ten, but i forgot to tell the fishing bug. So there we were all geared up to throw some lures around until the others showed up. Got some local advice on fishing locations from a champ called Mick who was launching his boat about there to try during the day as well....thanks mate! The first lure i tried was a little laser-pro i had just bought from K-Mart. Flicked it out and BANG would you beleive it, Bass first cast of the day first time i have ever used this lure! Needles to say i was absolutely stoked! Not long after this Brian, Dan and my mate Buck turned up and we moved over to have a flick at another bank. Nothing. Oh well i was still a happy man and plan on getting some more laser pros! (my one from today is retired to thr bottom of the dam ) At about 9:30 Feral and Ray also rocked up with Ferals kids in tow. Then Steve arrived with our canoes. I was very happy to see electric motors! Yay. So off we went in search of Hinze dam Bass and maybe the chance at some Yellas. Not long into the session and the fish were being brought in on a regular basis. Some of these fish were great specimens in excess of 40cm. Unfortuantly there were also a fair few banded grunter about. However these were easily tolerated with the good number of Bass. After a while most of the boaters and Canoers drifted away from each other so i cant account for what everyone caught sorry. (Thanks for doing a seperate report Ray or i might not have known about Andrew going in the drink ) However i can give the basic run down of the captures for the immediate group i was fishing with (Buck, James, Troy and Me) Angus: 7 Bass for the day. Buck: 1 Bass for the day. (First bass ever). James: 6 Bass and 1 Banded Grunter for the day. Troy: 5 Bass for the day. (First Bass ever). (ALL RELEASED ) Brian let me know your and Dans and your final score! While on the lake I also witnessed at least another 15 odd bass and an Eel Tailed Catfish caught. All in all an impressive day and a great introduction to Hinze. I want to thank specifically Steve Wilkes for guiding us about the lake and showing us some top spots. I would certainly reccomend him if anyone plans hitting up Hinze. I will going again soon! This is the bass i caught first cast. Good fishing all. Angus [img size=336] [img size=336] Post edited by: Angus, at: 2006/08/21 08:20 Post edited by: Angus, at: 2006/08/21 10:12
      13. Well what a great day we had. Enjoyed meeting new faces ( just hope i can remember you all) Did you see feral sink the boat funniest thing i have seen for years. I nearly had an asthma attack trying not to laugh at the expression on his face as the rear corner of the boat sunk and it began to fill. Lucky it was only in 12 inches of water. And the battery in my camera was flat what a photo it would have made in bush and beach. Moral of the story is 130ah deep cycle battery, electric motor ,esky,and feral are all to heavy for stern of 8ft tinny. Solved problem by moving battery and feral to bow of boat. Its now actually faster than my boat with a 55 and 65 motors so he will be able to beat me to the pick of the spots when the north pine opens up again. We only boated 2bass between us 36cm for erin and 39 for alex. We packed it in a bit early as it started to get a bit choppy and ferals tinny hasnt much freeboard at the bow. Thanks guys for a wonderful day and hope for many more with you ray
      14. Brian D

        Aussie park?

        When is aussie fishing park on? Does any know the web address? Post edited by: Brian D, at: 2006/08/21 16:05
      15. After my taste of fresh water i decided on a new trip. Im going to hit hinze in three weeks time on the sunday. Check this site. Who wants in? Angus
      16. Heading up for some fresh water garring and mulleting on Sunday morning. I will also be trying some Placcy's and Hardbodies as well and see if i can rustle something up. HAve a good weekend everyone fishing. Ill put a report up on Sunday arvo. Angus
      17. Well it was back to forest lake to pick up where Ash had left off yesterday. Good news and bad news. Good news: There are lots a good fish in the lake. I caught a Bass on the first cast on bread! Bad news: As soon as Ash and George got there two bicycle police informed us that we cant fish in the dam. How dam annoying. I could actually see the bass schooling in the channel as well as gar everywhere on the surface. Ash, George and I weer still keen for a fish however so we did something i had been wanting to to for a while. Opened the referdex and randomly chose one of the many waterholes and lagoons that soround that area. After driving to a likely looking spot we were set, and as soon as we got there we saw some big surface action. We named this loaction \"Lake Leb\" after our comrade George (being that he is Lebanese). Not long after we had cast out and ash was onto something. Turned out to be a medium fresh water eel. I was on soon after with a small fresh water eel. What was interesting about this place however was the ammount of surface action. I tried bread on floats but to no avail. I would really like to know what it was as some of the hits were far larger than any gar i have ever seen. (Freshwater mullet maybe)? Anyway we might try this place again and try and work out what they were. All in all it was good we salvaged something from the evening. However now that i know how many fish are in Forestlake and not being to fish it. Grrrr. Good fishing all. Angus Post edited by: Angus, at: 2006/08/05 10:41
      18. Hey Guys... I thought about this a few months ago but was waiting for a sooner date to let people know. If I got a group of people that were interested in having a day (or night) fish at the Aussie Fishing Park at Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast, i could contact dave who works there and i speak to regularly and ask if i could get a group discount. Species in the park: The main species is Barramundi. After Barra is probably Bream and Mullet. These fish are not small either i have caught my bigest bream there at 45cms and my 3rd bigest bream. My bigest barra there is wel over 7kgs and 90cms and jordan has caught a big mullet there around 1.2kgs and 45cms. If you are a bream fisherman the mixed species pond is a brembo paradise! Also there are many other species that have been stocked in the park like: gt's, golden trevs, jew fish, snapper, mangrove jack, massive estuary cod, flathead, whiting and moses perch. There is pretty much every species you would find in the wild just some are more common then others. Catching a small fish in the park usually is like catching something big in the wild. Some things are just wierd in the park... We have found the best bait to be floated prawns for mullet... yes u heard me prawns for mulet They supply pellets when you enter and its 2 extra $ for every other packet you buy. You can buy frozen baits like prawns and pillys and the rest of it or you can walk 50m to the maroochy river and cast net for live bait as you can cast net in the park. Me and jordan usually use jigs with bread or crushed up pellets in the park to catch herring, gar, mud skippers and if your lucky a bream. the regular prices for daytime in barra season are: $40 for adults (17 and over) and $22 for kids (16yrs and under) offseason prices are much cheaper not too sure on adults $28 i think it was and either $16 or $18 for kids... They also have evening and night time fishes on certain dates... the evening fish is an extra $20 for 2 or 3 hrs extra (6pm til 9pm) this is the best time to catch barra at the park... the annoying thing is normal closing time is 6pm so a normal day normaly finishes with catching lots of barra and its hard to leave! the all nigthers are $75 and are on 1 friday nite a month... last time i did an all nighter i got 10 barra 1 bream and dad got 1 bara and a mulet... even though he wasnt suposed to be fishing since he didnt pay... shhhh i lent him a rod while no1 was looking we pitched a tent and stuf to store all our gear... i fished there for 28hrs straight that night (i could have fished more if school permitted) and it was the 2nd most productive time ive had ther... the most productive day was a 9hr session in the day... me and tom got 12 barra each! also in december they hold a comp called the barra classic.. its usually around the 6th of december... you can win awesome rods, reels and lures and gear... plus a trophy im certain i could get the price brought down if we got a group going. if anyone is interested let us know and shal contact them as you can proably tell i could talk for hours about this place its truely an awesome and fun fishery... though i must admit ive had 2 bad days there where i didnt catch anything one was in the off season and one was in the season... all up ive been ther about 20-25 times cheers, troy
      19. Arrived Kirklea at 7 am to find boomgate down. Contacted ranger via intercom and was given pin number for the day. Note 1 Ranger said please ring day before if planning to arrive before 7.30. Note 2 Dont be like me and forget pin as you will need it to get out also' Ranger told me he caught and released over 40 bass on sunday at queen street using jackall mast vib 60hm in pearl chartreuse so sucker me forked out 28 bucks for one. We fished from 7.30 till 2pm and not a touch. Used feeder crays, shrimp ,jackalls both plastic and hard bodied, soft plastics,spinnerbaits and hard bodied lures. Saw heaps of fish on the sounder in the old river bed and around trees at queen st but couldnt entice a bite. Spoke to a couple back at the ramp and they had caught one yellowbelly on shrimp in the trees upstream of kirkleigh. They said fishing was good last week but had gone off. Still had a good day and maybe next time the fish will be on the chew. My mate is staying there till Saturday and will give me a ring if the fish come on the bite. Ray
      20. Going fishing at kirkleigh aprox 8am wednesday. Mate went up there today for the week so hopefully he will have the good guts on whats on. Taking live bait ( feeder crays) and probably will troll hard bodies.
      21. dropped into wivenhoe on the way to esk on friday am. One boat was out on the water in the rain but not in sight. The ramp has been improved since my last visit. Crusher dust has been laid and fill has been added to end so there is no longer a big drop off at end of ramp. The ranp is quite ok if you have a 4wd but a bit iffy with an ordinary car. You would probably have to retrieve the boat onto the trailer and chock the trailer wheels lower the jockey wheel, and disconnect the trailer and then drive the car up to the concrete end of the ramp and then tow the trailer up to the parking area. This works ok as i have done it numerous times at both wivenhoe and sampsonvale using my kia rio.
      22. Went to Baroon Pocket with 3 mates in 2 boats this am. Arrived at 6.45 and luckly the ranger had the gate open. I went upstream to look for fish we saw on the sounder on sunday. Tried along the steep bank on the lhs above the powerlines and no fish on the sounder. Found some on a couple of points and tried with soft plastics and small redclaw ( purchased from petsuperstore at capalaba. I usally use saltwater yabbies but it was raining yesterday my next choice is shrimp from the superstore but they were out of stock but at least with the redclaw the spangled perch dont like them) About 8 am switched over to trolling hard bodieds and nailed 5 bass in about 20ft. Then went looking for mate and found him trolling hard bodied mlures in about 20= 25ft of waten on bump in front of yellow windsock in front of rangers sheds. He had caught 6 and had tried with fly rod and got several hits but no hookups. Only one fish went legal (31cm and released) between all of us. Knocked off about 11am. Had a good day - beats working and the bonus is that Johnny Howard pays us not to.
      23. Feral

        Baroon 23 7 06

        Last trip with the Captains boat today. Well we got nothing, although we saw heaps of fish on the sounder. Fished some good structure and a couple of good holes for only one timid little bite. Then to add insult to injury, spotted a Bass taking something off the surface only 20 foot from the boat on the way back to the ramp! Had a good day though, except for a shower at the end of the trip, was a very pleasant day. Going to have to suss out lake Kerwongba for some shrimp trap areas before the next trip.
      24. Well last trip to Baroon today. Old man is coming up to retrieve his boat, so we are going out for a last trip. Have really enjoyed having the boat available, as have the kids. Hope to get a few, there is a report on Ausfish of a bloke being their last week, he reckons he got 60 Bass. Never heard of a haul like that. Be nice if they were on like that today! But I will be happy with a few, thats all it takes to make me happy!
      25. Well Bass were on the chew today for me, I got 5 on soft plastics, but my Mate Ferg got none on hard bodies! I had dissed the .25mm Penn 9lb line onthe reel in favour of some .20mm diawa 6lb, the penn line was crap, floated on the water like grannies knitting yarn. The Diawa line worked a treat. The fish were not super huge (32, 35, 37, 37, 39cm) but they went like trains. Hardest fight I have had from Bass. They were very fat and full of agression, probably the squally rain bringing them on the bite. I think poor old Ferg was overwhelmed by the lack of interest in his hard boy lures, particulary as I was very lucky getting 2 of the fish. The 39cm was just to powerful for the 6lb line and screamed away into the snags, rod was just about doubled before the drag was releasing, I had it as tight as I dared. He wrapped me around something, and I thought that was that. So I just let out a few yards of line to let it go slack whilst looking for the knife to cut it off (we were drifting), when the fish unsnagged itself and made a run across the dam into open water, where I could work it. Took me nearly 5 minutes to land it. The other lucky one was just before we left, Ferg was joking that a good looking snag must have a fish there,we had time for two more castes, he would caste in first, to stir it up for me to follow with the soft plastic. Which we did. But as I caste, I noticed I had picked up a loop on the reel, so instead of retrieving, I stripped line off the reel over the side to clear the loop. Ferg was disgusted to see that as I wound the line back on after clearing the loop, that a 32cm fish had grabbed the plastic on the drop from the caste! (Thats him holding it in the last photo in the lakes photo section)