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      1. Hey guys, I have not fished at the Cape yet but am very keen to give it a try. I was thinking shallow tempest but not very sure how to fish it. Do I throw bait and if so how deep, throw lures or even plastics? Any advice would be great.
      2. Today i went fishing for awhile at Bluewater creek north of Townsville fished with some slim swims nothing but 5-8cm mangrove jack nipping the tail . I seen some bigger fish which at first fought were decent sized jacks but even if I hooked one there was on no way I was landing the jacks on 6lb braid and leader I chucked out a few pieces of bread crust to see if there were bream this far down the creek as it leads to the ocean I seen a couple splash’s near my bread and As I had a closer look I seen it was tilapia that were smashing my bread not mangrove jack I Quickly rig up a small hook . put a piece of bread on and after a few cast I hooked a decent tilapia I quickly killed it and put it in a bucket. the tilapia stopped biting after that for about a hour then more tilapia came through and picked up my bread . I got 4 tilapia in about 40 minutes . A boy my age came down and we fished for a bit nothing took the bread they shut down again we went for a walk closer to the bridge and he managed to hook a tilapia after dodging a few turtles
      3. G'day all, I'm after some sunglasses for fishing, must be uv rated, tough etc any recommendations I know they'll cost. I mainly fish off my kayak, estuaries on the gold coast, cheers in advance, john
      4. It appears that technically you can still go fishing @AUS-BNE-FISHO ....... I love this quote: “There’s no reason for anyone to be taking the boat out unless it’s for essential travel to get to work, to and from your home, to local shops for provisions or catching fish for your family". @Old Scaley - the only problem I can see with the above statement is if they check our esky contents ........ I wonder if 'trying to catch fish for our family' is sufficient ............
      5. Took my son and my grandson out for a fish this morning.It was a costly exercise, my grandson hit the end of the rod he was using while trying to net a lousy catfish for his father. Result rod overboard and poppy $200 out of pocket,last 2 trips he done with me only cost $30 each time for tangled braid.Anyway we had a good morning with bass, yellabelly,catfish and even a lungy. Dino P1000359.MP4
      6. Hi all is king island worth a paddle in the yak come snapper time?? Anyone had good success? chers leon
      7. Hi everyone Just going to do two more reports, both donut sessions. Hopefully I can manage some OK ones this weekend if I manage to even get out! The first session happened last week. I went down to the local park, despite the weather looking very depressing. It was a high tide, so not quite ideal, but in a couple casts I had gotten a frog-mouth pilly and some OK prawns. There was some young guys fishing there (20's), who said they have caught one river perch. I had to put my lines in off the jetty, so i put one up on the mud bank, one near the mangroves, and one in the salmon spot. I kept throwing my cast net and also hoped the rain would hold off. Not long after, I did a higher throw. There was a screw sticking out of the jetty pylon, and yep, my net got bloomin' caught on it! I wasn't even tall enough to take it off, but luckily the other crowd was departing and noticed. One of them came down and gave me a hand to get it off. I kept fishing, but instead of having a line up on the mud bank I changed to a line next to some of the pylons with as live prawn. It almost immediately got an OK hit, but there was no connection. I moved my lines back up onto the wooden pier and put the cart under a tree. It started raining at this moment, so I just waited for a bit under shelter. There were no fish though, and there weren't even any picker nibbles! It was a very quiet day, and unfortunately it stayed like this for the rest of the time. My dad did come down at one point and caught some better prawns in the cast net. I sent these down in the cod/bream/flathead spot to see if anything was down there, and apart from pickers I got nothing Later, my mum came down and made me come home. I kept the lines in as long as possible, but unfortunately no fish. I missed some good hits (or it seemed that way) just as the sun was setting, which where taking whole, big, live prawns. I am wondering exactly what is down there, because as well as cod, bream of all sizes, toads, and flatties it seems there are a lot more fish down there. If only it was a bit cleaner... Here are the stats of this little trip, which really wasn't that exciting - Stats of trip - Tide: The tide was running out as I fished. Tackle Used: 12lb, 14lb, 30lb braid mainlines, 20lb, 30lb fluorocarbon leaders, 80lb mono trace, size 2 and six ball and bean sinkers, larg-ish barrel swivel, size 4/o circle and suicide hooks, 6"6' Vemonat?? Graphite rod, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, 8" Ugly Stik rod, size 2500 Diawa Shinabo and Shimano Nasci, size 650 Penn reel. Bait used: Live prawns, dead fresh prawns, live frogmouth pilchards Fish caught: Zilch Bait caught: Prawns and frog mouth pilchards Weather: Gloomy, sad, overcast Time fished: 2 something until 5 something Overall Success Rate: 20% - crap everything Here is the next report, unfortunately, also another donut. Tis one was a bit more interesting. My high school, on the Brisbane River, actually has a fishing club running. Since I have school band on certain days, I decided to do it on Friday - with the 9's-12's. I came 20 minutes early, with two rods, a little sack of gear, and a cast net. I was told just to keep a rod and the sack of gear, which was unfortunate. I was now using servo bait... for about the first time in yonks. I dropped my line down nder the jetty, and hoped for a cod or bream. It was quite rocky and deep, making it not so ideal for cast netting. In my experience, you want muddy, shallower areas for good bait. Looks like I will be doing a before-fishing-club-cast-netting-session next week! It wasn't long before I got some small nibbles, but they were just small. This kept happening, and I just kept fishing. It was only going to be an hour session. By about the halfwayway mark, no one had caught anything. I had an average hit which may have had a bit more size to it, but it didn't hook up/I didn't strike in time. Someone eventually pulled up an eel, freshwater, which was about 60-70cm. Normally he would've been shark bait but I decided not to bother asking as I would have had to have freezer space somewhere It soon ended, and I went back to get out of the clothes and into school uniform. I kept my fishing rod in the office and then went to class. An OK fish for an 1 hour morning session, that's for sure! Here are the stats of that trip - Stats of trip - Tide: 2:30AM Low, .5M, 8:00AM, 1.6M, high Moon Phase: First Quarter Air Pressure:1024 Weather: Sunny, slight breeze, chilly Time Fished: 7-8AM Fish caught: Bugger all Bait used: Servo Prawns Bait caught: - Tackle Used: 12lb braid mainline, 20lb fluorocarbon leader, size 2 bean sinker, size 4/o suicide hook, Vemonat??? Graphite 6"6' rod, size 2500 Diawa Shinobi. Overall Success Rate: 40% - a nice fish OK, thanks for reading those ones guys. The lone pic (panorama) of the gloomy day will be added later. Hopefully QLD can stay safe with COVID-19! Cheers Hamish
      8. Anyone know a good reel doctor on the sunny coast or north brisbane area . Chasing a drag upgrade for my Calcutta their a great reel apart from the drag
      9. DONUT WARNING - do NOT read this if you are easily bored, or are expecting action photos or descriptions of epic piscatorial battles.. Haven’t been out for a fish for a couple of weeks so decided today was the day. With snapper off the target list at present I decided on a lizard hunt, using lures and plastics only. With the wind forecast to get up in the Bay and a lunchtime low tide, I thought I might pick up a couple down at the mouth of the Brisbane River. I started out at Boggy Creek, tossing plastics up onto the sand banks and hopping them back to the boat. Did this for an hour or so then decided to have a troll along the edges with hardbodies. Not a touch, so moved back to a couple of spots that have produced previously. Same deal, no touches. Headed closer to the mouth and fished the channels and banks in front of Nudgee for nothing. Tried trolling along the wall at the end of the port for zilch and called it a day. I guess the solunar tables were right - today was a poor day for fishing. Still, the wind was better than predicted so it was a beautiful day to be on the water. Next time I will take back up bait as usual. Interesting that a few boats were fishing in areas where the target species would usually be snapper, but maybe they were targeting cod? Anyway, we all have a donut from time to time, but it has been a while sine I haven’t had a single touch in 4 hours of fishing. Tight lines everyone.
      10. am planning on getting a 10ft aliminium tinny, am based around hervey bay and would like to take it out to river heads, urangan, point vernon, burrum heads, torquay and so on, i am wondering how well it would handle the conditions in most of these areas, the weight on it would be only either me or me and a friend with some fishing gear, cant get a bigger boat due to storage yet so would really like to be able to make the most out of it till i upgrade but without risking anything going horribly wrong.. cheers :)
      11. Must admit they tasted ok. Just worried my finger and toe nails may fall out. Thanks Neal and Grant for looking after the old bloke.
      12. It was a bit chilly and windy out at the dam yesterday, so I made it a quick session and was home for smoko.Trolling,casting and jigging, I managed 28 before it got to windy and cold. Dino
      13. Today I went fishing at a campground near dotswood at a nice stream/river I used hardbodies for the first 40 minutes nothing I searched around and found a nice hole and seen a few fish Swimming around . kept switching lures until I got my zman slims swims out had a few cast and bang I seen a fish come out of no ware and smash my lure it was a decent fight was fishing for a 2-3 hours moved around a bit had a few breaks in between in total I caught 5 fish biggest one was 25cm and fought like if a bream and flathead had a baby . I’m having another break but will continue fishing in a hour or so and hope I can find some more spots on the river with more fish oh and btw all the fish were sooty Grunter
      14. Scored 4 of these nice looking specimens with crazy sharp fangs off Scarborough in the yak today. Species?
      15. Twas a miserable wet and windy morning out at NPD, it rained the whole time I was on the water. Rain coat usually last for about 2 hours before it starts leaking, then the cold sets in,so soon as I got home it was straight into the shower, followed by a big bowl of home made chicken soup (not like the bought one where the chicken walks through the soup, this was full of chicken.) Managed 26 bass, casting,jigging and trolling and a couple on shrimp. Dino
      16. Even percy had his own rainbow but it did not do him any good as he still went hungry. A reasonable to good day today at NPD with fish caught at the yellow buoy in Koala straight,drop off opposite end of koala straight, Andrews drop off and near fad number 2. We would have done better if we would have had more shrimp. Best bass went 48cm, Tally was 83 bass,1 yella and one tandanus between 3 of us.
      17. Bit cool yesterday but the fish were reasonably warm but scattered with the most productive area being on a 20 to 30 ft drop off opposite the fig tree. The fad ( Number 6 i think) at the end of koala straight also producing a few fish on the last few trips. Grant happy with his PB bass of 48cm.Finished up with 48 bass and 2 yellas on live shrimp. Last couple of trips there have been people flying a drone around the dam so I inquired with SEQ water and received the following reply. Recreation <> To:'raymond kennedy' Thu, 23 Jul at 9:34 am Good morning Ray, Our biosecurity team have advised that researchers for QUT are currently studying deer in the catchment with the use of a thermal drone. They are trying to teach the drone how to recognise deer from other animals. They will be there until the end of the month running a series of flights over the catchment. Kind Regards, Ellen
      18. Well I’ve been trying to get away all year to 1770 and beyond and something always gets in the way but it’s looking like this weekend might be a goer fingers crossed. Anyone else heading up??
      19. Heading out at gentleman's hours today with new member @shaun1800. Hoping for a real mixed bag - some grassies, whiting, mackerel, flathead and the inevitable grinners as well as anything else that happens along. Late report to come.
      20. Boom! just received my yak battery for the sounder I picked up courtesy of @ellicat hopefully wind dies so I can test it out this weekend
      21. I know it has been mentioned many times in posts on this forum but I thought it might be worthwhile to make a separate topic letting everyone know that we have now entered the one month closure for snapper and pearl perch in Qld. A mate who is not on this or other fishing forums called me yesterday to see when we were going snapper hunting and that made me realise that it would be easy to miss these changes. Let’s hope it has the desired effect long term. Here is further info.
      22. Hi all, Just wondering if you can catch mud crabs off headlands? I have a spot off a Cairns' headland and would like to crab it. I am not too sure if the bottom is muddy or not but there is a lot of rocks and areas for the crabs to hide in. Will there be mud crabs there? Thanks and tight lines.
      23. Series of action shots of a Hinze eagle taking a barred grunter taken by Neal last week.
      24. Reasonable day at NPD yesterday with Neal who took some great action shots of a couple of swans taking off and Percy having breakfast on a bass that was gut hooked and did not swim off. About 10 of our tally of 45 bass and one yella were caught in 12 feet of water near the stick half way down Koala straight Another 20 at the point opposite the end of Koala straight, We then went downstream as far at the fig tree for nothing and then picked up the rest on the fad at end of Koala straight.
      25. Hi all I went out for another session on the river, this Sunday. It was very quiet. I got no fish. There were also a lot of pickers. I'll still do the quick report though, seeing as though it was a session. I left for the park at 2:25PM, and arrived a bit past half past. The lines were put in, baited with fresh dead prawn. On the first throw of the cast net, I got none, but on the second throw, up came a couple of live prawns. I wasn't getting very many prawns, which was surprising, as when the tide is dead low it's normally a good time for them. I got a couple more though, so at least I had some OK livies. My Sienna reel wasn't at the spot either. I was using my brother's Shinobi (Diawa) on a graphite stick. I dropped it down into the cod spot, and it almost immediately got pickered. I'm assuming there must be hoards of baby bream, toadfish, and other assorted small fish that hang around the pylons as I can never hook them, even with a tiny whiting hook, and they eat my bait immediately. The cod, bream, flathead, salmon, and whatever else is under there must gouge themselves on the baits! I kept getting pickered, and also did some more cast netting. The line out deep had one average looking hit, but I'm assuming it was either a small river perch/picker. I then got some glassies in the net, which I reluctantly pinned onto the salmon line (seeing as though the prawns just kept getting pickered). On the hate scale, these are 10/10!!! I kept fishing through the arvo, for not much of a result. On one of the casts in the net, I got two small silver biddies. One went in the cod spot, whereas the other went on the salmon line. The cod one immedialetly got destroyed, by what I assume were toadfish, while the salmon one remained untouched for the whole session. I was eventually checking the line out in the middle (tide had changed causing it to drift downwards towards the jetty) and I felt some weight on the end of it. I thought I might have a catty on, but as it turned out it was some old line (not mine). I can tell because it had two sinkers - never have I used to sinkers at this spot, LOL. I chucked it in the bucket though, so I can/could bin it. Here it is (I got a photo so it wasn't a pictureless report ). BS After that, I needed to go to the dunny. I really didn't want to, as the ones at the local park are, well, not very good, but I did anyway. Luckily, the one I went in was quite clean. When I came back, my mate only reported one big/good hit on the rod in the channel made by the jetty/boardwalk, which unfortunately didn't hook up. It wasn't looking very good at all, and I was quite sad that it was another donut session. I don't think this spot fishes very well in Winter, opposed to Summer! Towards the end, we saw a piece of someone's pontoon/mattress/something floating along, about 20-30M out. I desperately cast for it, hoping to hook it. Each time, I was about 50cm off! (It wasn't the biggest thing). There were no more fish for the day, and at 5:25PM I had all the gear away and started to leave. Overall, it wasn't a bad three hours out of the house, but it certainly could've been a bit more fun! I hope you all enjoyed this report, even though nothing really happened. Here are the stats for anyone's reference - Statistics of trip - Tide: Last of run out, first of incoming - 9:40AM, 1.7M, high, 3:50PM, .2M, Low, 10:20PM, 2.3M, high Moon Phase: Third Quarter - very close to New Moon Weather: Sunny, somewhat chilly late afternoon Wind: Very light winds Fish caught: - Bait caught: Prawns, glassies, and silver biddies Bait used: Prawns, glassies, and silver biddies (both live and dead) Tackle Used: 10lb, 14lb, and 30lb braid mainlines, 20lb and 30lb fluorocarbon leaders, 80lb mono trace, size 2 and 6 ball sinkers, large barrel swivel, size 4/o suicide and circle hooks, 8" Ugly Stik rod, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, size 2500 Shimano Nasci and 2500 Diawa Shinobi, and size 650 Penn reel. Cheers Hamish