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      1. Reasonable day at NPD yesterday with Neal who took some great action shots of a couple of swans taking off and Percy having breakfast on a bass that was gut hooked and did not swim off. About 10 of our tally of 45 bass and one yella were caught in 12 feet of water near the stick half way down Koala straight Another 20 at the point opposite the end of Koala straight, We then went downstream as far at the fig tree for nothing and then picked up the rest on the fad at end of Koala straight.
      2. Hi all I went out for another session on the river, this Sunday. It was very quiet. I got no fish. There were also a lot of pickers. I'll still do the quick report though, seeing as though it was a session. I left for the park at 2:25PM, and arrived a bit past half past. The lines were put in, baited with fresh dead prawn. On the first throw of the cast net, I got none, but on the second throw, up came a couple of live prawns. I wasn't getting very many prawns, which was surprising, as when the tide is dead low it's normally a good time for them. I got a couple more though, so at least I had some OK livies. My Sienna reel wasn't at the spot either. I was using my brother's Shinobi (Diawa) on a graphite stick. I dropped it down into the cod spot, and it almost immediately got pickered. I'm assuming there must be hoards of baby bream, toadfish, and other assorted small fish that hang around the pylons as I can never hook them, even with a tiny whiting hook, and they eat my bait immediately. The cod, bream, flathead, salmon, and whatever else is under there must gouge themselves on the baits! I kept getting pickered, and also did some more cast netting. The line out deep had one average looking hit, but I'm assuming it was either a small river perch/picker. I then got some glassies in the net, which I reluctantly pinned onto the salmon line (seeing as though the prawns just kept getting pickered). On the hate scale, these are 10/10!!! I kept fishing through the arvo, for not much of a result. On one of the casts in the net, I got two small silver biddies. One went in the cod spot, whereas the other went on the salmon line. The cod one immedialetly got destroyed, by what I assume were toadfish, while the salmon one remained untouched for the whole session. I was eventually checking the line out in the middle (tide had changed causing it to drift downwards towards the jetty) and I felt some weight on the end of it. I thought I might have a catty on, but as it turned out it was some old line (not mine). I can tell because it had two sinkers - never have I used to sinkers at this spot, LOL. I chucked it in the bucket though, so I can/could bin it. Here it is (I got a photo so it wasn't a pictureless report ). BS After that, I needed to go to the dunny. I really didn't want to, as the ones at the local park are, well, not very good, but I did anyway. Luckily, the one I went in was quite clean. When I came back, my mate only reported one big/good hit on the rod in the channel made by the jetty/boardwalk, which unfortunately didn't hook up. It wasn't looking very good at all, and I was quite sad that it was another donut session. I don't think this spot fishes very well in Winter, opposed to Summer! Towards the end, we saw a piece of someone's pontoon/mattress/something floating along, about 20-30M out. I desperately cast for it, hoping to hook it. Each time, I was about 50cm off! (It wasn't the biggest thing). There were no more fish for the day, and at 5:25PM I had all the gear away and started to leave. Overall, it wasn't a bad three hours out of the house, but it certainly could've been a bit more fun! I hope you all enjoyed this report, even though nothing really happened. Here are the stats for anyone's reference - Statistics of trip - Tide: Last of run out, first of incoming - 9:40AM, 1.7M, high, 3:50PM, .2M, Low, 10:20PM, 2.3M, high Moon Phase: Third Quarter - very close to New Moon Weather: Sunny, somewhat chilly late afternoon Wind: Very light winds Fish caught: - Bait caught: Prawns, glassies, and silver biddies Bait used: Prawns, glassies, and silver biddies (both live and dead) Tackle Used: 10lb, 14lb, and 30lb braid mainlines, 20lb and 30lb fluorocarbon leaders, 80lb mono trace, size 2 and 6 ball sinkers, large barrel swivel, size 4/o suicide and circle hooks, 8" Ugly Stik rod, 2M Rogue Firepoint boat rod, size 2500 Shimano Nasci and 2500 Diawa Shinobi, and size 650 Penn reel. Cheers Hamish
      3. Well I took everyone’s advice and headed out for a fish today. Left from Pinkenba Boat Ramp near the mouth of the Brisbane River. There was probably half a metre of chop most of the way, up to three-quarters of a metre the closer we got to Tangalooma. Had a look at the wrecks then decided to drift from Cowan Cowan Point out towards Bulwer. Ended up drifting all the way to out past Comboyuro. Did a few drifts back and forth past Bulwer for a net result of one huge toad fish. And this was over the same ground I used to catch quite a few decent reef fish. Mind you, that was forty years ago! Anyway, Bulwer has now joined my ever growing list of unproductive grounds. Oh, for one bloody spot where you can actually catch a decent fish. So frustrating! The weather itself and the boat were beautiful though. The boat ate it all up, just as @ellicat said it would. Still a bit choppy on the way back, but still managed to go past the eighty kilometre an hour mark that the speedo goes to. Might have to change to mph or knots for future trips! Anyway, that’s my report for what it’s worth. Lol. cheers Greg
      4. I traveled all the way down the dam and back and had to work hard to get 21 bass, trolling,casting and jigging. Dino
      5. Can’t believe it. Just finished organising a trip out in the bay tomorrow because the forecast was great and just checked now and it’s changed. What are 10 to 15 knots south to south-westerlies going to do to the bay? Do you think it’s worth still going?
      6. Hi all I know it's a bit late but I'm going to put up three more reports. I didn't catch much in any of them, but all of them I had an OK time and at least I did not donut. The first one of these was from the 7th of July, and then the next few a bit closer. Sorry I've been slack, and also sorry that I'm doing another 3 in one, but now it's back to school I'll probably be back to only one or two sessions per weekend. So, I arrived for the first session earlier in the morning. Before seven. I did a couple throws of the cast net, for some live prawns, but the tide was still a bit high and fast. That was why I didn't get to many. They were deployed on the line, out in the deeper water, as well as the one in the cod/bream/flatty spot (if you haven't already, read session #37 - I got a good flatty in that one and it will give you more context in future reports). My line began to go off soon after, but it was not a normal strike. It was like the fish was just nudging the bait. I picked it up and set the hook though. At first, it was a dead weight, but then it took on OK run. After that, it was just more fun. Run, run, run! Heavy, heavy, heavy! While it was only a weird catfish in the end though, they sure do make good practise for fighter proper fish. I hope to get a few more of these buggers to fine tune my technique on fighting fish (if you've seen me, you'll notice when there's a biggun on, I'm often shaking in surprise/worryness, and then not playing the fish as well as I could be). I also noticed the weird white spots on the fish, which you can see if you look closely. In an older thread, I have heard about the red spots (a parasite) on catfish. Never the white ones. And also, the colouration on these fish is weird, also. A normal forktail catfish (salmon catfish) is silver, like many I catch. These ones seem to fight better, but look browny, and have bad spots on them. Anyone know what the go is with these? I might also say, solo netting is a hard job. First of all, I had to grab my net and walk him down to the jetty (involved a bit of 'oohing and arring' because I was stretching to reach it). Then, I had to bend under the railing to the jetty, to get to a spot to net him. Finally, he kept swimming under a branch stuck on the jetty. I eventually got him up though. LOL. Then everything went dead. I got a few more live prawns, but even they stopped. It wasn't looking good also, because, like always, my hands were freezing. I guess cotton gloves don't work when you use them for cast netting . Luckily, a very kind lady gave me a plastic bag and told me to put it on my hand to keep them dry. It certainly worked, but my hands were by no means warm! My friend was coming down as well, so I didn't want to go home. The bite was quiet for the whole time I was waiting for him. No hits whatsoever. I mainly focused on keeping warm. I also noticed that we were beginning to run out of bait. I couldn't manage anything in the cast net, so I just kept one line out for extended fishing time. This line got nothing the whole time. The most likely reason we were running out of bait was pickers, and since I only had some prawns left (I didn't really want to use them all but had too) I was preparing to go home. We ended up staying 'till a bit past eleven AM, but by then the bite was really shut down and nothing was happening. I went home, planning to go out the next day. Here are the stats of that trip (not very accurate as it was ten days ago) - Statistics of trip - Tide: 6:50AM, Low, .4M 12:20PM, 1.7M, high Bait caught: Prawns Bait used: Prawns, live and dead Fish caught: Catfish Tackle Used: 10lb, 14lb, and 30lb mainlines (braid), 20lb fluorocarbon leaders, 30lb fluorocarbon leader, 80lb mono trace, size 4/o suicide and circle hooks, large barrel swivel, size 6 and 3 ball sinkers. Size 1000 and 2500 Shimano Sienna and Nasci, size 650 Penn Reel, size 2500 Diawa Shinobi. Overall Success Rate: Now, to the next one. It was the following arvo, and this time there was a crowd. I brought my normal fishing mate, plus one from school, plus the previous report's one, and he brought two of his mates. I got down to the park with everyone a little bit past quarter past two, and within about 1 minute of having the first line in out deep I saw it getting pickered. I began to reel it in, and realised I was on. There was no fight whatsoever, but it was good to land one straight up. I was hoping we'd just pull in a bucket-load, but we only ended up getting that one. It was OK size, quite fat - When released, I called it for a floater, but he swam off eventually. It seems they don't have the strength to swim off opposed to barotrauma/trauma from handling. I'd assume that os why it is such a timid fight. My friend's line/reel wasn't in tip-top condition when we were at my home, so while I was there, I wiped the bucket tonne of sand out, gave it a quick oil, and straight-away, it worked better. It is only a Jarvis Walker combo, but as you'll see next, it stills catches! His line was just getting nibbles, so I informed him so. I was the only one who noticed, actually, as no one else was looking. He started the fight, and in about a minute I saw an eel... Hooked in the butt! It was fouled all over the line, and since I still hadn't gotten any livies, I just chucked it into the live-bait bucket. After I dispatched it (not very well, it kept alive!), we kept fishing. Here are some pics first though - I managed some live prawns after this. The bite was still very quiet though.. like it had been on the other sessions. My friends' friends headed off, seeing as though they were bored. The salmon line was still untouched, and when I checked, pickered. I kept waiting though, and in between the bait checks and cast netting throws, we still weren't to cold/exhausted. I gave the salmon line one more bait check, and I felt a bit of weight. It only took me a sec to realise I was on to a piece of crap, and I very quietly pulled up a catfish. It gave my friends a surprise when I got it. LOL. He was flicked back (my friend insisted of having a photo which he now uses for his profile piccy, I'll have to catch him something OK he can actually use), and I kept fishing. There were no more fish landed for the day, and while there were a few more prawns it became pretty dead quickly. Once it was dark (ish) we started to pack the gear up so it was an easy leave when we had to. We headed home shortly after and called it an OK day... Here are the statistics of the trip - Stats of trip - Tide: 1:00PM, 1.7M, high, 6:45PM, .4M, Low Bait caught: Prawns Fish caught: Catfish x 1, Eel x 1, Perch x 1 Bait used: Prawns, live and dead Tackle used: 10lb, 14lb, and 30lb mainlines (braid), 20lb fluorocarbon leaders, 30lb fluorocarbon leader, 80lb mono trace, size 4/o suicide and circle hooks, large barrel swivel, size 6 and 3 ball sinkers. Size 1000 and 2500 Shimano Sienna and Nasci, size 650 Penn Reel, size 2500 Diawa Shinobi. Weather (general): Slightly cloudy, little wind Overall Success Rate: 40% The final report was about as exciting as getting bored to death! I arrived in the early arvo with a mate, and it was wet. I prefer this weather because it is nicer to be in, but rain generally isn't to good in my fishing experience. I got out a prawn and in about ten minutes the line was getting hits. I picked up and realised I was on. The small perch came up no problemos. It was released, but I was still hoping to catch something a bit bigger... I kept fishing, and while I was getting a couple prawns, nothing was happening (except a bit of rain). It wasn't' the most boring thing ever, but I will say it certainly could have been more fun/exciting. The next couple hours, I just kept throwing the net/talking. It is kind of lonely when you seem to be the only one around, especially when the weather is so gloomy. There was a bit more isolated rain over the day, but later it stopped fully. I also kept having fun with the pickers right in the shallows. I would drop it down (hoping for something sizeable) but then get pickered like no tomorrow. I actually managed to pull a little toadfish up, which has a very distinctive vibration in the fight. It let go before I officially 'landed' it though. LOL. The day was over as quick as it started, and I left at dusk. It was a bit of an effort, but all these sessions were certainly worth it. Here are the stats of this trip, too - Stats of trip - Tide: High, 1.7M 1:40PM, Low, .4M, 7:30PM Fish caught: Perch x 1 Bait caught: Prawns Bait used: Prawns (live and dead) Time fished: 2:00PM-5:15PM Tackle Used: 10lb, 14lb, and 30lb mainlines (braid), 20lb fluorocarbon leaders, 30lb fluorocarbon leader, 80lb mono trace, size 4/o suicide and circle hooks, large barrel swivel, size 6 and 3 ball sinkers. Size 1000 and 2500 Shimano Sienna and Nasci, size 650 Penn Reel, size 2500 Diawa Shinobi. Overall Success Rate: 30% I hope you enjoyed these reports. I doubt I'll go out tomorrow if I'm still feeling bad. At least that eel will make some good bully baits in the Summer (can't wait, I'm going to try for a bully on my 1000 Sienna!). Thanks for reading. Cheers Hamish
      7. Hey guys, What lures have you guy had success on for medium-large size pelagics off the rocks and surf? specifically targeting GT/Mackerel/Tuna/Kingies/Austraia Salmon. Did some research and found that the following are pretty decent: - Halco Roosta Poppers - Halco Max 13 - Rapala X rap long cast - Spoons Would love to hear what you guys suggest. Cheers!
      8. Hi, All, Headed out into the bay the other arvo in not so good conditions looking for a few early season big bay snapper. Grab some live baits headed to some slightly deep water for the bay. Got set up and started some drifts. Around 4pm I hooked a good fish that ran pretty hard and dropped the hooks cold, so we marked that spot and proceeded to drift this area in hope of another bite... another 1&1/2 hrs later and finally enticed one to grab a livie and keep the hooks in it. Few seconds after hooking mine .my mate hooked up as well. . Few moments later my mate netted my fish, then I his followed , put my fish in the esky and release his hoping for an upgrade later in the evening. Managed another fish similar size which was realised also as we had plenty for a feed.... About 7.30pm headed for the ramp in solid 15knot southerly. Cheers Josh <><
      9. Arrived at noon to a lumpy NPD, which didnt seem to worry the birds as they were out in force.First cast on the spinnerbait produced a nice 50cm model and things just got better from there. Managed to find 3 schools and never even got a third of the way down our area.Finished up with 3 close or over the 50 mark in amongst 44 bass and 2 tandans, Dino
      10. Hey guys, I'm heading to Moreton with family this weekend. I don't have a boat of my own but was thinking to hire one of those 4hp tinnies from the resort and try some offshore fishing. I read a lot about good spots around the north and south end of the island, but I imagine the tinny will be lanuched near the resort which is right in the middle and I dont think I could take it that far with fuel being limited. So my plan is just to take it out 2-3ks into the bay directly from the launch area (weather permitting), does anybody have any suggestions around any specific spots along the west coast. What kind of line and lures should I use? Cheers
      11. Hey legends, So as part of my recovery I am shouting myself a trip on a charter boat out of Townsville for a 5 night live on board fishing trip. They focus on the outer reef in remote areas. They are good operators and we always come home with a stack of fillets. This time I am hoping to lay off the booze a bit and target larger fish (yet to see if this will come to fruition). While trout and RTE are great to catch I really want to focus on trophy sized fish. I don't mind if i go all day without catching a fish if it sees me catching one monster fish for the trip. My current plan is to take lots of large bait jigs and an aerator and fish lots of large live baits both under a float and on the bottom. Also take large knife jigs for deeper water and put live baits on these as well. I only have 40lb overhead and 40lb spinning set up. I am happy to purchase more gear. What should I get to stop the really big ones getting back into the reef? What reels can pack a punch but don't really burst the budget? Tips tricks techniques to catch the big ones please. What else can I do?
      12. Seeing we have a whole month of no snapper fishing I was thinking of hitting up the winter whiting to use as baits when the snaps are back on! What do you think Of the plan? Surely snaps can’t resist after a good mating session. They need to get there energy back up and running Any tips on good whiting spots legends?
      13. After reports on FB about winter whiting on the chew headed over to rous/small ships channel. Launched from Manly @1st light (6ish). Tide was running out at start of session but turn of tide was only a few hours later. Have found that ideal scenario is first light, incoming tide and either wind or current pushing our drift about 0.5-1knot so our guess was the bite would be hot around from 7 to 9am So we pulled up in the middle of spot x and we were straight on. For the next hour and half the action was non stop, between me and my partner we ran three rods, two in the water and one in the boat with whiting to be dehooked and rebaited. We started with peeled prawns but bite was too hot and swapped to squid which was being readily taken as well as Berkeley red worms. (I run 3 droppers). Action was hectic and as we were out at first light only a handful of boats around. By about 9am we had 60 in the bucket. By this time quite a few more boats probably grown to 30 boats. Even with all the boats we could see everyone was catching just not at the same rate from earlier in the morning. We decided 60 was enough to fillet and also we like to our whiting fresh. We left the the whiting still on the bite but I was was keen on having to constantly adjust my drift with so many boats around. Could have continued fishing but Back at the ramp by 12pm no ramp rage to be seen . Sorry no photos other then what we cooked up for lunch. So good and fresh as.... Tight lines. hweebe
      14. Getting monotonous starting off each report the same Had to search hard today with only scatted fish found , Just finding isolated fish on the sounder and dropping down a live shrimp. Found 3 yellas and 2 bass and a tandan on point opposite koala straight on the way back to the ramp which brought the tally up to 38 fish for 8 hours on the water between 4 people.
      15. Hello everyone, I have received an offer for my Shimano TLD 10. The person would like to trade a Daiwa Saltist 40LDh. I would like to trade but the person has told me of a problem. I will be going to have the reel in my hand in a few days but want some tips. They have told me that when the reel is under full drag, the handle moves backwards. Is this just the anti-reverse bearing failing? I can replace that with ease if so. Also, any other tips for buying used reels? The reel appears to be in good condition from the photos. There appears to be no salt corrosion on the outside. Thanks and tight lines.
      16. Looking at going fishing at bribie, preferable south near and around bongaree. But I hate buying bait so I’m hoping that I can use my yabbie pump. Anyone know really good spots local to there where yabbies are very active. Willing to drive a little bit from there to find a spot. And if you also have any advice on where to fish around bongaree that would be perfect. Cheers
      17. I love wetting a line but have always struggled to find time, particularly since becoming a dad. Well, like a lot of people I was made redundant from my job recently so suddenly I have plenty of time for fishing. I moved to wynnum about 6 months but haven't really had much luck in any of the recommended spots. It would be good to explore some new spots and try to learn a thing or two (still struggling to figure out the bloody soft plastics). So if anyone's keen to go for a fish somewhere (happy to venture out to redcliffe etc), let me know.
      18. Another day for searching at NPD yesterday. 20 bass in first 2 hours searched over most of the dam in next 4 hours to add 5 fish and went back to the first spot to bring the tally to 39 bass and 1 yella Just beat the rain when we knocked off.
      19. Hey all, Got out the other arvo before the wind was forecasted to blow again from the south Headed for the Northern side of Mud hoping to get a snapper for a feed whilst the kids are on school holidays. Anchored up about 3pm and put some burley out and set some baits. Tide was running just nicely to float some baits back in to a little bommie in 8m of water. Didnt have to wait long as I was floating the 2nd bait back it got picked up by a good fish. Set the hooks and this one ran straight for the boat, few tense moments with the rear anchor but managed to get the net under her and fish on the deck. She went 6.1kg and about modn80cm Quick picture and straight to the esky. Decky and I thought to ourselves. Could be a hectic session. Next 2hrs nothing but catfish, 5pm came round and the wind has died off and the tide was ripping so we started cleaning and sorting the boat before dark to make the trip back to the ramp... As normal. You take your attention away from fishing and my rod goes off again. This fish ran hard for the bommie and had me tied up on 30lb gear for a minute but managed to get him out . Netted and straight in the esky. As by this stage im late for a 6.30pm appointment. . Glassed out bay made it to the ramp bang on 6pm and home at 6.30 as promised for the wife. pic below of the 2nd fish, one on the rod trying to get him back off the bommie and got a nice one of the sun setting just before hook up. Cheers Josh <><
      20. Had to be home early so had to make it a quick session.Got a few on shrimp to star with then manage to jig a few, troll a few on spinnerbaits and a couple on hardbodies, then back at the ramp by 10am with a tally of 38. Dino
      21. Only been a member for a few weeks and everyone is so helpful and positive! Absolutely loving it
      22. Went out for a Saturday fish around the southern bay islands, hoping to pick up some snapper before the season close. We ended up picking up seven snapper, with five just under sized at 34cm, and two a little over 40cm (no pics sorry). I also caught this 50cm fish. At first I thought it was a mulloway, except its tail didn't look quite right. I also thought it might be a teraglin, but then I thought its head wasn't quite right. Either way he put up a good fight, especially when he got next to the boat. I took a pic and let him go on his way. Any ideas what this fish is? thanks Matt
      23. Went to Somerset dam for 5 days after I got back from 1770 so I have had a big month off work and loving getting out and about again. Took the missus out there in the caravan with the kids joining us over the weekend and a few friends with their van as well. We got a few redclaw and did a bit of fishing but mainly just chilling around camp. We burnt about a ton of wood and cooked some mad feeds in the camp ovens. Already got 2 more big trips booked with the van down south so more reports of our van life to come. Here's some photos out on the lake.
      24. Hi all Today was the day I had my charter for my b'day. It was at the Gold Coast, around the Jumpinpin/GC Seaway area. I was fishing onboard Coastal Spot Fishing Safaris, which is owned by Thomas Seabach. It was my third time going out with him. We certainly had our hopes high, as each other time it had been great fishing. Here is a link to their website - I went to bed early last night so I could wake up early, as we were driving there in the morning. I managed to wake myself twice over the night, once at 11:00PM, and the other time at 3:30AM. My clock eventually went off though, at 4:30AM. After preparing everything, we were out of the house by five. It took a bit over an hour to get there, and we were eventually at the Runaway Bay boat ramp, waiting for Thomas. He got there, at 6:30AM on the dot, and we were on the water at about quarter to seven. The first part of the day was to catch live bait. We motored into the first location, and saw some rises, but unfortunately after he did a few casts of the net we had nothing, so to the next canal we went. Yep, you guessed it - nothing after about 20 more minutes in this canal... We finally found an OK spot, up one of the side canals. As well as herring, there were some big mullet being chased, and something really big chasing them. Jack? Trevally? Bait was eventually caught, which consisted of some big herring and a lone silver biddy. We motored out to the first spot, the GC Seaway (mouth). It wasn't very nice here, but I was feeling OK. I dropped the first bait down, and in about ten minutes, I got a good hit. It either spat the hook, or I pulled the hook, but no hook hooked it. I was told it was most likely to be a jew, because of the strike. Bugger! I really wanted a legal jew today. Something far smaller began picking it after, and I set my circle hook in the mouth of a bream. It wasn't that big, 26cm, but we like our bream, and while we get little meat off it, it is still good. I quickly pulled up another one, but it was to borderline to keep so back he went. My dad had still gotten nothing - surprising. This spot we normally pull up lots of big, solid, breambos but right now, it was quiet. At least i got something! I started to feel sick, and since it was just us onboard, and i was told to go back if I even felt slightly crook, we reeled our lines in and went to drift for flatties. My dad's line actually had a small one on, which turned out to be a sand flathead. Cool! That was the first one of them I've ever seen. At flatty spot number one, we managed a grand total of... Nothing! The guide was flicking a little blade, while we were still drifting. He managed a couple though. A flatty, one or two centimetres under legal size, and a flounder, which unfortunately spat the hook as it was coming into the boat. The next spot was similar for us, but there was still some action. Thomas was getting the odd hit on his lure, and while I was caught off guard my line went off. I missed the strike completely though, and lost what would've been an OK fish. Sigh! The last spot we shot off to was another flat area. Thomas said there is good structure, weed patches, that is. That means it's good for squid, as well as flatties. We started our drift, and down went our live herrings. It was quiet for quite a while, and we had some choc-chip biccies, but then I got a hit. I struck hard, and probably started pulling up my catch to eagerly. It just so happens this was a squid, and the second it saw us, it dropped the hook . It was apparently an OK one too. (Thomas saw it). I love calamari. That was disappointing. We kept up the drift though, and in the last five minutes of the days session, I struck, and I WAS ON! Woohoo. A short fight ensured an OK flatty coming up, which looked very borderline legal. We measured it, and it was 38cm... Ahh, that was disappointing. One keeper for the whole day! It wasn't happy to see us - tried to run away from the boat twice! (On the surface!). We got back to the ramp, and I took out the left over herring (not many) for freezer baits. We chucked the bream and herring in the esky, and after saying thank you and our goodbye's to Thomas, we went on the journey home. It really was a nice day out. Just enough wind to keep us at a good temperature, good boat, good food... The only disappointing thing was that we struck out on the fish . Me looking depressed with a 26cm keeper I cleaned the fish when I got home, which is pretty hard when it is so small. In hindsight, I should've scaled, gutted, and just kept the rest of the body on the maximise meat but I knocked some fillets off and did a dodgy bone removal job. I need to improve my filleting! (Tomorrow's dinner) Here are the stats of the trip - Trip stats - Tide: High tide, 8:35AM, 1.26M, Low tide, 3:10PM, .37M Moon Phase: 56% full, so not the strongest run Tackle used: I'm unsure on most of it, but we had large-small ball sinkers (depending on current), small circle hooks, and small lines. Fish caught: Yellowfin Bream x 2, Sand Flathead x 1, Dusky Flathead x 2, Flounder x 1 Bait caught: Herring and biddy Bait used: Herring Water Temp: 17.5 degrees Celsius Air Pressure: 1017 Overall Success Rate: 50% - A good day out at least Hope you all enjoyed this report, because it'd done now. We certainly didn't do as good as expected, but at least we got onto a couple of fish in the whole day. Sadly for me, my hols are over, but they's been great fun, with lots of fishing... Oh yeah, and there are still three mor BR sessions to be reported (not that they are that exciting though). Cheers Hamish
      25. Thoughts on a block of wood / sleeper or one of those rubber keel rollers? My boat and trailer did not come with any support but have always said i need to get around to it. Have thought about the tilt support arm but the Yamaha Owners Manual clearly states: "Do not use the tilt support lever or knob when trailering the boat. The outboard motor could shake loose from the tilt support and fall. If the motor cannot be trailered in the normal running position, use an additional support device to secure it in the tilt position" This then becomes a question of what is a "normal running position" before a support arm is required?